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Silva Ex3 Connect Pedometer

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Brand: Silva / Type: Pedometer

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2011 08:01
      Very helpful



      Keep on walking!

      I am probably a bit obsessed with trying to keep fit and one of my daily aims is to walk at least 10000 steps every day. Obviously, I can't keep track of all of these steps in my head so I have invested in a pedometer. In fact the pedometer that I have now is my second, as the first one's battery run out and I could not work out how to replace it. Therefore I bought a new one and this time I opted for the Silva ex3 connect pedometer as it had a number of features that I really liked.

      It is a very small compact size and measures about 4cm x 2cm. It is a great size to fit in a pocket but that only helps if you are wearing something with pockets which often I am not. There is a clip attachment that you can clip to the top of a waistband but this is a bit tight and has fallen off a couple of times. There is however a neck lanyard that you can attach it to and wear round your neck. I have to say that this is wide and noticeable and I don't really want to draw attention to the fact that I am counting my steps. Therefore, (and don't tell anyone) I tend to attach the lanyard around my knickers and then attach with the clip to the top of them - works a treat every time! Also, if I am wearing something quite tight fitting then I have been known to slip the pedometer inside my bra and it is small enough to do so quite discreetly! I've also known someone to place his inside his sock. So now that I have shared all my secrets with you I can get on with the review.

      There is a small digital display on the pedometer and by pressing a blue button this will change to give you different bits of information. Firstly it will tell you the number of steps you have taken every day. This does seem pretty accurate to me although just occasionally I have wondered whether it has registered all of them when I would have expected to have taken more steps than it is telling me. It is never likely to overestimate though so if anything I am likely to take more steps which is probably not a bad thing.

      You can also change the display to show the distance you have covered, the total amount of time your steps have taken or the amount of calories you have burned. I don't take much notice of the calorie count though as it cannot take into account how vigorously you are exercising so the total probably comes out as less that the amount you have actually burned. It is still a fairly useful guide though.

      What I like most about this pedometer though is its memory and the fact that you can download your data on to a website - www.silvaconnect.se - and be able to track your progress. There is an attachment with a USB port that is supplied with the pedometer. You just connect it up and then synchronise your data. The pedometer stores data for up to thirty days so you don't have to do this too often. Also, it will issue a warning if you have not downloaded for a while but I have not had to make use of this yet.

      Once on the website, you can click on 'my performance' and view bar charts for steps, calories, distance and time. It shows each day's performance and I like the way I can click on any day and it shows the distribution of the total over twenty four hours. It's very interesting to see when you are less or more active and to work out why. You can view your performance over a given day, week, month or year and you will also be told what your totals are for that period and it will also work out your daily average. I love all this sort of thing and it saves me from having to work out a lot of it for myself! You can also set your target which is a motivator for increasing your activity gradually.

      There are a couple of other interesting things to keep an eye on through the website. One is 'Walk the World' where you can track how well you are doing compared to everyone else who is using the pedometer and logging in. There is a league table where I am currently position 3615! However I can filter down just to the UK where my position escalates to 241! It's just a bit of fun really! The other area is the Challenge area. This is where you can invite anyone that you know to a challenge which is also likely to increase your motivation. Sadly, I don't know anyone who is signed up in order to challenge but if you are, or decide to get the pedometer, let me know and I will challenge you!

      I bought my pedometer on Amazon. The RRP is £39.99 which does not seem too bad as you also get access to everything that the website has to offer. However, at the moment, Amazon is selling it for only £26.95 (April 2011) which is great value.

      I really like this pedometer and would be lost without it. For me it is a great motivator to increase my activity and that is definitely down to how easy it is to use as well as being able to collate all the data. There are one or two slight niggles but generally I am very happy with it and definitely recommend it!


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