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Slendertone System-Abs Abdominal Toning Belt

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16 Reviews

Designed to tone abs through electrical impulses, the effectiveness of this is very questionable. It can be very uncomfortable to use and for the price, it may be more advisable to get a gym membership instead.

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    16 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 11:35
      1 Comment



      Would never recommend

      I would recommend people save their money and buy a gym membership because this product doesn't work.
      I found it to be uncomfortable regardless of which setting you choose. If you place the belt a little bit too high or too low then the feeling is akin to childbirth.
      After the first use I had an overwhelming feeling of dread before attempting it again, far more than the dread of going to the gym.
      This is a completer torture device but not in a productive way.
      It leaves skin red and itchy, like a burn, regardless of how much of the provided gel you use.
      I imagine you would have to use it 10 times a day to feel/see any sort of results.
      For the time and money, I say just do regular situps.
      The only positive thing I found after use, was that my posture had improved. This could be good for people with lower back problems, to strengthen their core. But for people hoping to shed pounds or enhance muscle definition this is not for you.
      I was determined to perservere with this but after 60 days I noticed no difference at all.
      I only ever used this on my abs. I wouldn't dare to try it on other muscle groups.
      I would not recommend this again.


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        17.07.2013 18:43
        Very helpful



        Stick to the conventional sit ups and hard graft in the gym. Save your money!

        *What is it?*

        The slendertone abs belt is a belt that velcros around your waist and when turned on sends electrical pulses through your abdominal muscles causing them to tense and then relax. It basically replicates doing a sit up or a crunch. They are not cheap at around £100 but come complete with pads, manual, carry case, controller and controller charger.


        The belt control allows you to pick a strength and length of your workout. There are 6 pre set programmes which range from 10 mins to 40. You can use the controller to control the strength of each contraction, it can control both the left and right side of the belt individually. The manual also comes with a recommended 6 plan which takes into consideration improvements you should make in this time. The belt should be used around 4/5 times a week for maximum results from my experience. There is a male and female version of the belt, I am unsure of the differences but I imagine potential pulse strength and size of belt are the differences.

        The controller has a mains charger which needs charging every couple of days or so. The belt is extendable due to the Velcro and the gel pads used to teansmit the pulses can be moved to accommodate your body type and get maximum penetration to the abs.


        There is a high level of skepticism about these products which can especially be found on the Internet. My views are fairly simple and I think are fair and accurate.

        1. This product will NEVER give you a six pack. You will need to do a huge proportion of other exercise to even consider achieving this.
        2. The belt will achieve nothing if not used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
        3. If eating healthily and doing regular exercise this belt will help your abs strength and tone, but only to a certain point. It's then up to you to overload doing other activities to improve your physique further.

        Basically you must use as part of a healthy lifestyle to gain any benefits, pretty common sense but you'd be amazed at some reviews online from people only using this, eating crap and moaning they have to six pack. But even then they will seem small compared to the airbrushed pictures on the product box! You can see progression in strength by being able to withstand high levels after a few sessions. But it's never going to give you a chiseled model look.

        I like to think about it as a nice little extra, a bonus on top of your other regime. However it's a high price to pay for such a luxury.


        The pads inside the belt will need changing, they will run out and wear down. These cost around 6 pounds and can be bought from amazon or the slendertone store amongst other places.

        The pads and pulses can cause mild skin irritations but these go as quickly as they come.

        The belt can cause immense pain if used wrong or foolishly, trust me, I've done such a thing!


        Not sure I'd recommend this to a friend, personally I think you are far better off exercising in the gym, which promotes being healthy etc rather than sitting around and waiting on a miracle, that won't happen, with this belt. Put the money towards a Gym membership instead! That said if you are hell bent on purchasing one you will see some results with a decent plan in place. I give the belt 3 stars for its effectiveness.


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          01.08.2012 15:16
          Very helpful



          If you stick with it you'll see results

          After following a strict low calorie diet and losing 2 stone I noticed I still had a flabby stomach and it really bothered me. I decided to invest in a Sendertone System Abs belt. I say invest because it's not cheap to buy at £149.99 in Boots. Plus when the pads need replacing they're £11.99 for a pack of 4. I'd done all this hard work losing weight so I decided what the hell I'll treat myself.

          The good thing about the Sledertone system is it's rechargeable so no more buying endless supplies of batteries to keep it going. The actual system also unplugs from the belt and can be used to power the Slendertone arms, legs and bum!!! All you have to do is buy the belts which are all very reasonably priced.

          The abs belts fits a side range of waist sizes and is actually quite comfortable to wear. It's a big thick black fabric belt with a velcro fastening. The control system plugs into the belt and you have to place the sticky pads in the marked positions on the inside of the belt.

          The instructions for working the belt are very clear, there are several programmes and you build up the intensity and length of time you use it as you go along. When it's set on the higher levells you really do feel it pulling those muscles and it can feel very uncomfortable to be honest, but I liked knowing I could feel it working my muscles. You can pop it on under your clothes and just go about your business around the house while it works it's magic.

          I used it religiously for a month and did notice some inprovement but nothing drastic. I wasn't left with a washboard stomach or anything like that but I am happy with the results so far. My stomach feels a lot more toned. I am going to invest in the arm pads next for my bingo wings lol.

          In conclusion I'd say it's a very expensive purchase but if you're going to stick with it long term it's worth it. Especially as the system can be used with the other belts for the arms, legs and bum. You have to stick with it and keep it up, don't expect miracle results but it does work.

          **Also published on Ciao under the same username**


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          25.05.2012 16:16
          Very helpful



          Love this product, would definitely recommend as part of exercise programme

          This product is amazing! I'm always looking to tone up my stomach area as it is so disproportionate to the rest of my body but I am terrible at sit ups and too lazy to learn the proper technique to do them. I was always sceptical of things like this so was reluctant to buy one for some time (especially considering they're not exactly cheap at £90) but eventually upon my friend's recommendation I bought the Slendertone Ab belt and have never looked back!

          It works by stimulating the muscles by use of electronic currents and claims that 30minutes is equivalent to aroud 120 sit ups. It is easy to get started as it comes with a detailed book on how to use the belt. Basically you simply need to wrap the belt around the waist ensuring the pads are in the right place (the large one on your tummy, and the two smaller ones just above the hip bone either side). Being Velcro, it is easy to fasten but also comfortable as it easily adjustable.

          I can't really describe the feeling that the Slendertone belt gives me in any other way except strange but addictive. It sort of hurts at first but then I actually started finding it quite pleasurable and relaxing and everyone else I know who has used one has said the same thing. It has 99 settings which vary both the intensity and frequency of the pulses. I would definitely recommend a first time user to start it off with a low setting and then increase it as time goes on! I have worked my way up to a middle-ish setting after about 5 months of having the belt.

          The great thing about the belt is that it can be used at pretty much any time. Now I am used to the sensation, I often wear it while doing housework or getting ready to go out and it is so discreet that it could probably be even be worn out and about (although I am yet to try this!) Slendertone also provide you with possible programmes you could incorporate the belt into such as jogging which I also haven't been brave enough to try yet but does sound like a good idea!

          I'm not entirely sure how it works but it really does! I have been using mine 5 times a week for 30 minute sessions and have seen results in 4 weeks as advertised. After reading many negative reviews on this product, a point to note is that Slendertone never claim that the belt will work if used alone so obviously for best results it needs to be used in combination with other exercises and a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I enjoy going to the gym anyway so combine the belt with general cardio work such as running, cycling or swimming and can definitely say I have seen results.

          So in summary, the Slendertone belt is not designed to be an alternative to exercise full stop and if you're hoping to sit down all day doing nothing but wear this and have a washboard stomach in no time, think again. You will still need to do the hard work of burning off the fat but this definitely works as an alternative to sit ups and to tone up the stomach area.


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          02.04.2012 20:33
          Very helpful



          A high tech solution to crunches but it's not for everyone

          As you may have noticed from my recent reviews I  like to stay fit but the problem is I'm a lazy sod.
          I go to the gym but I don't like it.
          I workout at home, but I hate it.
          I unfortunately know a little too much about how damaging an unhealthy lifestyle can be. Every day I'm either listening to someone lecturing me on the horrendous conditions that a human being can suffer from or I have my face in a book researching anatomy. Ignorance is bliss as they say and I wish I was ignorant. The fact that I have to force myself to workout is 100% down to fear of ill health and not for vanity reasons. I am asthmatic and opposite to what you might think exercise makes my breathing better especially a good cardio workout. One of the hardest and most painful areas to target is the abdominal muscles however if you do get them in shape they do look great and are of course the holy grail when it comes to male fitness. And it's these rectus abdominis muscles that this Slendertone ab toning belt targets and targets aggressively.

          But what exactly is a Slendertone Belt?

          Well it is is a wide, black belt that contains electronics and is controlled by a separate remote control unit that connects to the belt. The front and sides of this belt house replaceable sticky back pads (three in total, a central pad and one on the right and left) that stimulate the abdominal muscles into contracting by using the power of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) The belt is held in place around your abdomen by a good strong Velcro strip.

          The very first time I used this unit, I started off at the lowest setting as recommended in the user guide / manual. There are thirty settings in total when using this belt and on the lowest setting I couldn't really feel it. This would seem to be a result of doing crunches (sit-ups) on a regular basis. Therefore I could progress to a higher setting straight off the bat. The belt is soft and comfortable to wear and fits snugly around my waist

          There are as you may expect quite a few warnings and precautions when it comes to using this device. They don't recommend you use this on areas that have scars, or moles or growths of any kind. This also should not be used by persons that have an irregular heart beat, or underlying cardiovascular problems and those that have a pacemaker fitted.

          The remote control is connected by wire to the belt hand is simple to use, there are very straightforward easy to understand instructions included in the box. But what I like to do with it is just sit there and let it do its work. A twenty minute session using this belt is said to be equivalent of doing one hundred and twenty sit-ups, all while sitting watching the tv.
          Sounds to good to be true, doesn't it?
          Well I can tell you it does make your muscles work and you can feel it. It's a very strange sensation to see your stomach tighten and realise and to feel it tense, tighten and release all without you actually doing it. Now to explain the strange title of my review. When on a high setting and especially on the highest setting this turns into a form of torture (for me any way) and it then turns into a form of hysterical entertainment for anyone that happens to be with you. We both have tears running down our faces for two very different reasons. Mine are a result of the uncontrollable spasms of my abs and their tears are of uncontrollable laughter. My pain is a result of a strong workout their stomachs and sides are aching as a result of laughing at my performance. That is why I consider this to be a toucher device.

          The thing is, I find the sensation hard to acsept. I workout and I workout hard, I'm used to feeling pain, I'm used to feeling pain related to exercise but that comes from movement. I know that is the whole point of the Slendertone abdominal belt system but I can't seem to accept it, it's just puzzling and a very strange sensation. Maybe if you don't work out regularly and don't associate the sensation with movement you could accept the muscle spasms as they are but I just can't. This however has not put me off using the system, quite the opiate in fact, I have used it regularly for years now and I do see results. I use this system in conjunction with my regular abdominal routine and of course with a healthy diet and lifestyle. That is something you must take into consideration when considering purchasing one of these; they are not a miracle worker. You can not sit on the sofa eating the world with this around your waist and expect to stand up with a rippling washboard stomach. If you are carrying a little bit of weight around your trunk you can tighten your abs all you want, and they will be in fantastic condition but they will never be visible unless you loose the weight. So this system MUST be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. If you use this only three times a week for thirty minutes a time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then have a brake over the weekend and start again on Monday) and do this for six weeks as part of the "Slendertone Six Week Plan" you should see visible results. My stomach was in good condition when staring the routine so I can not vouch for this time frame based "promise".

          The initial payment won't be the end of it as parts will need replacing as time goes by especially if used regularly, the adhesive backed muscle stimulation pads will eventually begin to loose their strength and the sensation will begin to weaken even on higher settings. When this happens you can purchase replacement pads usually in the same store or online site as you first purchased the unit from. These a very easy to replace and just involve you pulling off  the old pads and sticking on the new ones, SIMPLE. 
          Also the rechargeable AA batteries will eventually loose their punch and will give you less use per charge. So they can be bought in the same place as the unit but if you have trouble they are always available with all the other accessories at Slendertone.com.

          Now the entire unit cost me £120 around three years ago but recently the lead on the remote has become loose where the lead meets the remote. Therefor I had to replace the remote, as bad as that is I was glad that I had the option to do this and I did dent need to replace the entire unit at far more expense than just replacing this one part. The fault with the remote was dew to the fact that I have a tendency to tuck it down the side of the chair and this out strain on the lead and resulted in it becoming loose, this was my fault not the products.

          I hate my Slendertone and it hates me, but I love the results so I'm going to have to grin and bear it, through gritted teeth of course.

          Thanks for reading :0) 2night.

          This can be purchased online at :
          Amazon.co.uk marketplace
          For £94.99 + shipping

          The replacement pads can purchased online at :
          For £11.51 with free shipping

          The replacement remote control unit can be purchased online at :
          For £69.68 with free shipping

          And the painkillers to make this bearable to use can be purchased online at:
          Only kidding ;0)


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            03.01.2012 21:03
            Very helpful



            Great tool to better your abs

            Last year as I have wrote in other reviews, I became abs obsessed, so when I heard about Slendertone I was firstly a little doubtful about how well it would work and then, after hearing about a few of my friends who use it and love it, I figured I might as well give it a go.

            I bought my Slendertone belt for around £90 in Argos and decided on this particular one because it came with rechargeable batteries and I really hate having to always buy new batteries for things, and also because the results from this particular belt are apparently more effective.

            When I first looked into buying my Slendertone belt, it was hard to miss the promises on the box in capital letters of GUARANTEED RESULTS, and this made me rather hopeful indeed that it would be no time until my abs were looking amazing.

            What is a Slendertone belt?
            Generally a Slendertone belt pulses electrical pulses into your abdomen muscles. The belt makes use of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) that pulses through your abdomen causing them to contract and relax and simulates you doing abs crunches.

            How To Use Slendertone
            The use of this belt is quite easy, you simply attach the gel pads to the metal balls on the belt (it is easily shown in the manual and also on the belt where exactly to put them), then you place the bigger square gel pad onto your stomach, and the two smaller ones onto the sides of your stomach, following the guidelines of where to put them on the belt and then you fasten the velco on the back of the belt.
            You then attach the remote control into the socket at the front of the belt and turn it on, you can then increase the intensity of the electrical pulses being generated by the belt by pressing the up and down buttons on the remote control.
            There is in fact a Slendertone 30 day plan that describes when you should use the belt (5 out of 7 days a week) and what intensity you should use on each day you use it, I followed this plan for my first month of use and found it was quite a good way to ease into the use and strange feeling of the belt and also some minimal results appeared after the 1st 30 days, however they were not really drastic results, they were still a step in the right direction. I still only use the belt 5 out of 7 days, but use it at higher intensities now that I am more used to using the belt.

            How it feels
            The first thing that I was worried about when I was buying this belt was how it was going to feel, I especially didn't want it to be painful, but was willing to give it a go anyway to find out. When using this Slendertone belt you feel a strange involuntary flexing and relaxing of your abdominal muscles, it isn't painful, just a little strange to start with. However if you use an intensity that is too high for you it can leave your muscles feeling rather painful and be a bit uncomfortable, however if you build up to your desired intensity slowly, the belt feels fine and I found it quite easy to get used to wearing.
            When you first put the belt on each time, the gels pads feel really cold, which can be uncomfortable but they warm up quite quickly so it isn't too bad.

            The Results
            Well, firstly I will say that Slendertone isn't really a fast fix to get better abs, you will still need to work hard to eat healthily and exercise if you want to see good results, however it is a good tool to help you work on your body.
            Before using Slendertone, I maintained a good balance of exercise and healthy diet but just couldn't get my abs to tone, however when I started using the belt, within a month I started to see some good results, and within 4 months or so my body was definitely more toned and my clothes looked better on me because of this, I also finally happy with my bikini body for my holidays which was an added plus for me.

            Positives and Negatives
            + does work if you use it right
            + is not painful as I had imagined it to be
            + is easy to use
            + only takes 20 minutes per session

            - quite pricey (£90 per belt)
            - you have to replace the gel pads every 3 months which costs more money (they are cheaper if you shop around online
            - you still have to eat well and exercise
            - alone it doesn't give help you increase strength or stamina, you need exercise for this
            - when you apply the gel pads at first, they are freezing because they are water based, but they warm up quickly.

            I really like my Slendertone belt and am very glad I bought it. I lead quite a healthy lifestyle and have found this belt to be helpful in just toning up my abs a bit. I wouldn't recommend this belt as a quick fix, but I used this belt exactly to the manual and have found great results over time. The belt doesn't make you stronger or give you more stamina, but looks wise my abs are looking nice thanks to 5x20mins sessions a week. Overall I would give this belt 4 out of 5 stars.

            *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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              22.08.2011 22:26
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not a bad gadget but for the price it's at, you're better off doing abdominal workouts at the gym

              Most people would love to have a six pack, and they often look for easy ways or shortcuts to getting one. One of these foreseen shortcuts is using some kind of equipment such as the Slendertone that uses EMS (electromagnetic stimulation). There are a few different machines in the slendertone range, but this review will be of the System-Abs Abdominal Toning Belt.

              The kit comes in a cardboard box, which looks rather supreme with a black and golden colour scheme, which is continued with the equipment itself. Inside the box, you will find many instructions including a booklet where you can log your workouts too. There is also the toning belt, a starter set of sticky pads which fit on the belt and the 'system' itself, which attaches to the belt and is used to set the programme and level whilst using the device.

              The belt is easy to set up. You simply peel back the plastic covers over the sticky pads on one side to attach them to the belt. There are sticky pads on the other side, which you can re-apply when not using it so you don't throw these ones away. You attach the pads to the three metal parts on the belt. They conduct the electromagnetic stimulation, which then reaches your body and causes your muscles to contract.

              The system is connected to the belt and whilst you are storing the kit, the system can be tucked into a little pocket on the outside of the belt (you can also do this whilst using it, or pop it in your pocket, which seems to be a good position). The system is easy to use once you read the instructions. You switch it on and pick the programme - there are 7 different ones of varying intensity, length and general difficulty. For example I use programme six quite a lot now, which provides the strongest stimulation for half an hour and gives your abs a good workout to build strength and some volume. It gives stimulation in bursts of around 5 seconds each, which slowly increase in strength and then decrease towards the end. This occurs for a while before a series of sudden pulses begin (which shocked the life out of me at first). These are of full intensity, come on very quickly and feel quite sharp. Using the slendertone is not painful however - the only pain results from having to contract your abs, not being able to breathe easily if it's on a high setting and also getting cramps from a similar cause!

              Other programmes can stimulate you in various ways to help with endurance or more so strength. When I first used the slendertone, I'll admit I was a little edgy on what it'd feel like. It feels odd at first as you're not used to it. It feels like a tingling sensation, almost like it's tickling you and it feels odd but not uncomfortable. You soon get used to it and build up the courage to pump up the level. The system can go from 1-99 (varying intensity). The intensity I mentioned before is the actual wattage of the electrical impulses on that programme. You can raise the level on each side of the belt. There are three pads - one on either side and one centrally. The stimulation seems to go from the side pads (possibly the center is some kind of 'earth' connection, maybe it does give some stimulation - I'm not sure). You can raise one side's level by only 10 levels above the opposite side as there's no point in majorly stimulating one side compared to the other. However this does give you the opportunity to challenge one side a bit more if you feel your abs are lop-sided or if you are feeling it less on one side.

              So what about results? Well I paid just over £100 for the system and probably haven't used it as much as I should have. There is a 6 week programme that you are meant to try but it suggests starting at level 35 on each side for example on one programme, and I was able to advance quite easily to level 70 or so within a couple of days of using the belt. Now I use it every now and then on the programme 6 to give my abs a good strength workout. It appears to work well and is said to be just as good as doing an abdominal workout at the gym. I would say it's not far off but probably doesn't quite reach the same level as doing a varied workout at the gym with all the equipment available to target parts of your abs.

              I have noticed that my abs certainly show more after using the slendertone; I mean you can feel it really working and even though you are sitting there you can get quite breathless. I would say it certainly helps to build abdominal STRENGTH. It doesn't work as well to build abdominal muscle BULK. It does increase core STABILITY. Overall it does help to tone your abdomen but it won't help to counteract fat much - you'll need a low body fat (preferably under 10%) for any abs to really show through.

              So the system currently costs around £10 less than what I paid, at around £95 on Amazon.co.uk currently. The pads cost £7-10, which I find myself replacing every couple of months or even longer - depends how much I use the slendertone. They do tend to wear out rather quickly if you are using it a lot. The slendertone feels good to use although when the pads run out, it feels more like little electrical shocks than a tingling sensation contracting your abs so you do need to replace them. Sometimes if you are sitting down slouched forward, it may not work as well. Lying down flattens your abs out nicely for it to be used well. If you have a small abdomen you may find also that if it's not positioned well, the stimulation is felt in your bones and you get a tingling on your iliac spines (of the hip) or your costal margin (bottom of the rib cage). This is slightly weird but can usually be corrected if you are positioned properly with the pads in the correct places. The pads can fit all size bodies and on the belt are instructions indicating where to place the ends of the pads depending on your body size.

              Overall the slendertone does work, but not equally in all areas as you may wish. It will help to tone your abdomen if used regularly and properly. The price has dropped a bit but it's still an expensive gadget to simply buy hoping that you'll get a six pack through using it. I'd recommend using this if you aren't a huge fan of the gym and have a reasonably slim body (low body fat) or wish to lose the fat and tone your abdomen as this is when you will most probably see results.

              Thanks for reading


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                01.07.2011 13:51



                Good toning belt.

                I was very tempted to see what all the fuss was about, therefore I decided to pay a high price for slendertone system abs.

                As people have said before this will not miraculously turn your stomach into a 6-pack, but you will notice a difference using this than not. I think results will be different with everyone, as you body will react differently to the contractions, and you can choose the strength (1-99), so you need to find a good strength that makes an effect on your body. It doesn't hurt, but it does feel weird the first few times you use it, but you will get used to it. I also find the measurement of strength a good indicator on how well you have progressed while using this. I have only used this for 2 weeks but am already seeming to have hardened up in my stomach area - this was always my ambition, not to get a six pack but too harden up my loose belly! You need to be realistic before buying this product otherwise you will be let down.

                As always, you should use this product with a healthy diet and exercise. But as I said each person will get different results, so I think it is down to trial, however at the expensive price not everyone may be tempted to get it, so I would say only get it if you can afford it, but you should see a difference.


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                12.06.2011 21:47



                over priced

                First of all i must start off by pointing out that this product should only be used by people who already work out and are serious about trying to tone up. It can not be used as a cheat to tone up without the excercise.

                Im constanlty going through phases where i decide to work out and get back into shape and i found this product and decided to give it a go. As the add specifically says you must be excercising as well as using it im unsure of the actual advantages.

                If your working out your toning up anyway , this product may help slightly however it doesnt do anything drastic and people shouldnt expect too much from it. I cant say i noticed too much of a difference when i was using it. For it to have an effect it would have to be used frequently with excercise side by side , however its quite alot of money to say its the excercise thats doing most of the work anyway.

                Im not a big fan of it.


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                18.06.2010 23:23
                Very helpful



                Requires effort from the user to make changes in everyday life, but a fantastic little helper!

                Well..... I've been on a bit of a personal crusade recently to loose weight and tone myself up. I've tried the usual- stomach crunches/sit ups etc.... then after reading several reviews on the Slendertone System Abs, I decided I would give it a go and see if it had any effect.

                When you first assemble the belt with the gels pads/control unit it looks as if it couldn't tone a thing! When you put it on it transforms into a high intensity object that sends vibrations through your lower abdomen.

                I haver been using the System Abs for 4 weeks now, as well as having a low fat diet. I have noticed a significant difference in how I look and feel. My stomach muscles are certainly a lot harder as well.

                Its not a machine that will turn a 30 stone beast into a 12 stone beach body and does require a bit of user effort as-well in terms of eating sensibly and completing some other exercise, but the System Abs will certainly make a difference in how you look and feel.

                The only disadvantage I have been faced with is that the pads need replacing quite often as they loose the conductivity of them when they become less sticky.


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                10.09.2009 10:20



                overall a fantastic product

                If at first you are a little unsure about this product, then you would be just like me....can it really work? how does it work? will I really see results in the first week? Well, yes it does, and yes you do! Once you get past the initial working out how to use it phase, the belt really is simple and easy to use. The controller is very simple, the battery life is ok, and overall this is a very good product. After about a week, you can really feel your posture change, you stomach is pulling in and I def felt an improvement. I am into my third week now, and as long as you stick at it and use it daily you will def see some postive results. The length of programs are acceptable, and although at first the contracting sensation is a little uncomftable, you will soon have it on the maximum setting and not even think about it! Overall I would give this product an A, and if you look around you can find yourself a bargain to!


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                18.06.2009 12:55



                I would recommend this belt to all friends and family

                I've been using the belt for over 6 weeks now and find it does help, i was very skeptical at first, but when i stopped my training for 8 weeks and just started running thought it would be the best time to get a full and proper review of the product. I have found that the latest model is very easy to use and the new feature of being rechargeable is a great idea. The belt i very easy to use, i use it in to work and on the way home, find its the best way and it doesn't interfere with anything i do, just have to make sure to replace the covers straight after. The different levels seem to be fine, but wish the intensity could go higher. I found after 4 /6 weeks of use i went from the middle position to the smaller position and found that it does increase muscle strength and qty of crunches i am able to do. Will still use it when i got back full training, but probably just once a def. Verdict overall so: -
                Look of belt: Very good
                ease of use: Very easy
                New features: great about being rechargeable
                Does it work: Yes
                Downside: Pads wear out, but for £10 every 6 - 8 weeks it is well worth it.
                Would i recommend it: Yes to all


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                10.06.2009 14:39



                worth buying as long as you do not expect this to do ALL the work for you in order to look your best

                Slendertone system abs.
                This is best suited to someone who is trying to get fit and toned for an event such as summer or wedding - you will need the motivation behind you first to get you in the right frame of mind.
                This device will not work miracles, but it can help you look better faster.

                If you have been eating a poor diet, then change to eating a healthy diet with lots of leafy green and lean protein (make sure it is the right portion size for you to lose weight) and drinking plenty of water is a good start. Then you will also need to do some exercise too, so if you have done absolutely nothing prior to purchasing this, a good place to start is getting an aerobics dvd to do at the comforts of your own home, do it 3 times a week at least.

                Now you are in the right frame of mind and don't believe this device is going to turn you into a size 8 from a size 16, by just sitting there with it on watching the telly. That's good.

                I don't know what you have read or heard, but it will not work miracles. However by doing so you may be able to fit a little more muscle than you used to if you press your fingers into the fat around your middle, but what good is that? Does it make you look better? NO! You can't see any difference at all...

                So get off your butt, do some exercise, start a healthy diet - no fads or starvation ones as you will lose any muscle you work hard for due to lack of nutrients and most importantly protein.

                It may help you to read a good quality magazine for inspiration and knowledge such as:
                Oxygen (from USA but can buy it in WHSmiths)
                Womans Health
                Health and Fitness
                -these are the best ones you can buy in the UK at the moment and Oxygen is amazing - just ignore the stupid diet tablet ads that will make you ill.

                You will need to use the slendertone 5 times a week like they say and always try to up the anty with regards to intensity, just as you would do if you were at the gym etc...
                If you follow all of these things you will be well on the way, but remember if you want good results it starts from your frame of mind, knowledge in that mind, motivation and also addiction to it. You need to be religious and you cannot mess up. I am a UK size 6 top and 8 bottom and I did not become that way for nothing.
                I am studying dietetics soon and I have always had a strong interest for nutrition, to me, there is no point in exercising at all if you can't sort that out first!
                I have a bike and go for 12 mile or so bike ride on cycle trails, nothing strenuous, but it helps, however I do not do this that often, maybe twice a month. But I also walk a lot. I have ministry of sound DVD that I do at home sometimes. Or I just dance around my house when I do the cleaning. I am not a gym bunny, far from it, but I am just an active person and very very rarely overindulge. I am not one of the lucky ones with a fast metabolism and my weight does fluctuate, I can put on half a stone in a week and lose half a stone in a week. I just keep an eye on the scales every few days and take notice of how comfortable I feel in my clothes, when I notice I am not as comfortable as I was I work a bit harder and eat a bit healthier in order to maintain my figure.
                I use to have the slendertone flex and have now purchased the system abs which I got for £67.99 brand new in original packaging with everything that I needed to get started included, which was a pretty good deal. My slendertone flex certainly helped me achieve a more defined stomach when I had that, but unfortunately after 3 years it stopped working so I purchased the system abs which is the top of the range model and I am yet to begin using it, but I know even if it was only just as good as the flex model I am onto a winner.
                All I want you to do is not fill yourself up with false hope and remember everything needs a little effort for any results.


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                30.04.2009 19:23



                Great product, very effective, just wait for the results!

                I've never used an electronic muscle toning system before and the first time I used Slendertone's System Abs I found the sensation very strange, I didn't actually expect to feel it working at all. I soon got used to it and when the 20 minutes was up and the machine beeped I had forgotten all about it. The next day I could already feel a difference, my abs definitely felt as if they'd had a bit of a workout. Before using the Abs belt I had slacked in terms of exercise and diet, so doing this 5 days a week actually seeing a difference really motivated me to get back into my normal routine of regular exercise and healthy eating. System Abs is really easy to use, it takes no time to set it up and you can wear it whilst driving to work, cooking the dinner or even watching TV! After 4 weeks of using it I can really feel and see the difference. In the past I've struggled to keep my tummy toned and so using this has definitely helped me to achieve a firmer and more defined stomach. I wouldn't exactly say that I have a six pack now but when I showed my housemate she couldn't believe it and wants one now too!


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                08.04.2009 10:04
                Very helpful



                Sound in principle, but does not deliver in reality.

                This is the review I have been looking forward to writing the most. The pinnacle of fitness gimmicks. The machine with the biggest claims but most ambiguous results. Perfect abs, the six pack to die for, this machine will make you more attractive to the opposite sex, you just sit back and let the machine do the work! Ladies and gentleman welcome to the world of the slender tone system abs toning belt, for me the biggest con since smoking was good for you.


                The slender tone is a devise that uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to create a contraction in the muscle. In this case, the slender tone takes the form of a belt that is placed around the waist which will focus on the stimulation of the stomach muscles and obliques (The waist). When the machine is turned on, an electrical pulse is sent to the muscles in question which causes them to contract repeatedly. The contraction is claimed (I choose my words carefully) to be the same as a contraction that would take place as if you were doing a sit-up.

                The machine itself has 30 different user settings, 1 being an extremely light contraction, 30 being a large (and somewhat uncomfortable) contraction. The belt has a handheld remote connected to it to make choosing the programme you want to use extremely easy. The belt itself is made of a neoprene type material and is actually very comfortable to wear. Within the belt there are 3 separate pads that create the muscular contraction.

                THE CLAIMS

                The patented toning technology used in the System-Abs belts ensures all of the muscles in the region are toned (including the rectus, transverses abdomenius and the obliques) to give the entire area a full workout. Just one 20 minute session with the System-Abs belt is the equivalent of doing 120 crunches.

                Quite impressive, so basically you can just sit down for 20 minutes while you watch Eastenders and it will be the same as doing 120 crunches, but without any effort? Sounds too good to be true? What else do they claim?
                Used for just 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, the System-Abs belt can deliver fantastic results in just 4 weeks. For maximum results, combine it with a healthy diet and exercise regime and follow the Slendertone 6 week plan.

                Hang on a second, for maximum results you have to have a healthy follow an exercise regime AND follow there 6 week plan? Hmmmmm is anyone else starting to see that something is not quite right here? So what would happen if you just used the belt and didn't have a healthy diet and you didn't exercise and you did not follow their 6 week plan?
                Let me answer that for you............not much.


                Here in lies the biggest weakness not only of this machine, but any abdominal training. To achieve a 6-pack or flat stomach, it is not the strength or tonality that exists within the abdominal muscles (although this helps), it's the amount of fat that covers them. Even slender tone know this, hence telling you to combine it with a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise AND following their 6 week plan.

                So what is the 6 week plan? Please go to slendertone.com for full details, but this made me laugh the most. The plan has been devised by Ciaran Byrne and Elise Lindsay who are both health and fitness guru's. As an overview, the 6 week plan takes the format of 3 x 30 minute workouts a week which are all high intensity aerobic workouts. In short, they are cleverly designed to really act as a calorie/fat burning workout. The types of exercises you have to complete are skipping, leg ups, half jacks, leg curls, knee and kick combo?s, squats, press ups, chest press, lunges etc etc etc
                The reason I say it makes me laugh is because this is an exercise regime designed to make you thinner (This will automatically make your abs and obliques look better). Why would you need to use the slender tone if you were happy to do all this exercise? They claim you can just sit down and let the machine do all the work in their advertising, yet in reality you have to follow what is an intense workout plan! Somewhat contradictory and I know why. If you just sat there and did nothing else, the machine would have absolutely no impact whatsoever!

                In essence, this 6 week plan is a clever ploy to

                a) cover up the fact that this machine will do very little for you unless you exercise

                b) support they're testimonials for weight loss. What a joke that is, these people are losing weight because they're exercising, NOT because they are using the slender tone!

                I need to make one point clear however. The machine itself does have an impact on the abdominal muscles. Machines like this have been used successfully for the last 40 or so years, in particular by physiotherapists. The impulses have been medical proven to help stimulate muscles, helping in the process of atrophy (the re-growth of muscle fibre). This is particulary relevant in things like knee injury's where the muscles around the knee will have wasted and need a "kickstart". It has also been used successfully for people with back problems. Many of the problems can stem from weaknesses within the core muscle's. EMS technology can help to stimulate these deep muscle's aiding recovery. Therefore the machine definitely has its uses, but has been marketed for the weight and diet community where its not that useful at all. It will not make you thinner!

                Infact, if you delve deeper again, here are some of the testimonials written by the press:

                COSMOPOLITAN "Using Slendertone System couldn't be more convenient-92% of users say is easy to fit in with their daily routine. No trips to the gym, no walks in the rain, no pricey exercise classes, just any time, anywhere, at the touch of a button".

                Well that's all well and good but tells me nothing about how effective it is? The statistics are made to look like the machine is really effective, but it only tells us that its easy to use.

                ESSENTIALS "Too lazy to shake your booty? Slendertone's FLEX BT toning shorts give you an easy 30-minute workout with no effort. Just pop the skimpy neoprene shorts on under your jeans and get a work out as you do chores!

                Well we know that's not true, where's the mention of the healthy diet and 6 week exercise regime? I think this is a definite case of you cant believe everything you read!


                Slender tone £117.44
                Next £99
                Kelkoo £109
                Ebay £51 + £5 Shipping (second hand)


                The slender tone toning belt has its principles built into a system that does contract muscle fibres and does promote the atrophy of muscles. The contraction of these fibres could bring about a slight increase in muscle size. However, the slender tone will not make you thin. It will have a negligible toning effect. Even the makers recognise that without exercise, the stomach muscles will remain hidden behind the subcutaneous fat of the stomach, the devise would really have very little impact hence they're 6 week plan.
                I would not recommend this product. Its an expensive gimmick, with very little to offer. Its pitched to people who like the idea of achieving a washboard stomach without any effort (I would buy one if it actually worked) but in reality, if you sit down doing nothing, the machine will do nothing for you.

                I hope this review helps,
                Kind Regards,



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