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Slendertone System Abs with Controller for Men

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Manufacturer: Slendertone / Type: Abdominal Trainer / Exercise Equipment

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2013 18:07
      Very helpful



      A decent piece of equipment, which may suit you

      Ok now that I have your attention, the title is sarcastic. I bought one of these a while ago after watching so many videos and reading reviews. I thought it would be a good idea to help strengthen my abs as well as build some muscle. They certainly made my abs stronger through some of the more excrutiating workout regimens, but I did not notice any size difference. You cannot TARGET fat loss, so using these will NOT get you a six pack necessarily, but WILL help to tone your abs, strengthen your core and possibly add a little bit of muscle to the area.

      The product comes in a box with a gray, black and golden design. It looks very expensive, and it is - with a retail price of £199.99. I would never pay this. I got mine for £105 at the time new, but now they are a lot cheaper at £83.99 currently on Amazon. If you would like one, buying one second hand is not a bad bet as they are even cheaper and usually in great condition as people use them a few times and sell them on.

      Inside the box is the belt, some sticky pads (one front, two sides), the 'system' controller, a charger and instruction manuals/workout planners. One of the booklets suggests different workouts with the machine which I initially followed. There are different powers and types of stimulation that this abs belt can give you - all through electrical nerve stimulation. It's like having a TENS machine, but for the abs. The belt was easy to put together, and you position the sticky pads on the belt at the designated places depending on your waist size (instructions will guide you here). The sticky pads do stick fairly well to the belt. My system came with some charge so I tried it instantly. I was initially terrified; I have no idea why. I was expecting some powerful electrical shocks, but it was nothing like that.

      It does feel a bit strange at first as your abs contract without you voluntarily doing so. This means you can sit there doing anything - work, reading, (I wouldn't recommend eating) and the belt will work away. Depending on what workout you have it on, it will give pulses of stimulation to your abs via the sticky pads on your tummy. Some workouts do this for a while and then give pulses at a faster rate intermittently to change things up a bit. You can change the power for EACH PAD on the sides, meaning you could work one side harder than the other if you wish although there are limitations in the power discrepancies between sides. This is good if you feel one side is a little bit less toned or weaker than the other, as it enables this side to 'catch up'.

      Although you can do whatever you like whilst the belt is working, it can be very distracting. Especially on the higher power levels, although once your abs get used to the work, you tend to 'zone out' a bit and not realise the contractions as much. After a workout, which can be from a number of custom or preset times (if you choose a set workout), my abs always feel like they have been worked hard. I definitely saw strength improvements quickly and before I knew it (a week or so later), I was ramping it up to full power to blast my abs. In terms of tone, I did notice some better toning around my core, although my abdominus rectus muscles did not seem much bigger. I did feel more slender in conjunction with the toned look - so the product name does hold some truth!

      The abs belt is very easy to use. You simply wrap it round your waist and, using velcro, secure it in place. The pads that stick to your tummy have a plastic covering to keep them sticky, which you should replace after each workout. Eventually these pads lose their stickiness and you need to buy new ones, costing around £10 each. The retail price is £11.99 so it is quite expensive, like buying new razor blades! The official replacement pads consist of the two pads with rounded edges for each side, as well as the square central pad, which fits onto the front of your abs. Slendertone recommend changing the pads every 20-30 workouts, which is every 4-6 weeks if you do 5 workouts a week. This is reasonable, and mine have lasted up to around 30 uses each.

      This 'system' is expensive for what it is, although you can see why. It is made of high quality and mine is still working fine. The system controller is very easy to use with only a few buttons, and it can sit comfortably in a little pocket on the belt whilst you are wearing and using it. The controller is not too heavy so this is not noticeable. The belt itself is quite comfortable to wear and feels very secure, especially once you start contracting your abs!

      Regarding charging, I usually have to charge my system every 6-8 workouts as I usually do the high intensity ones. You simply plug the system itself (detachable from the belt) into the mains and it charges fully within a few hours. A battery indicator on the screen efficiently tells you how the charging is progressing. My system has not loss 'charge' over time and I still re-charge it at a similar frequency to when I first bought it.

      In terms of the workouts themselves, this system features 7 programmes: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, pro, ab power, endurance. They all feature different lengths of times and power settings. You can still manually adjust the power on these workouts if you feel it is too much/too little. You can also select your own custom workouts. The system has built in warm up/cool down features too, so you aren't immediately thrown in the deep end during a workout.

      Notably, this product has a *two year guarantee*, which is a great bonus when paying such a price for an item. This is reassuring. I have had mine for 3 years now and it still works very well. It is clearly a well-made piece of equipment, which you do unfortunately pay a price for! In conclusion, this abs belt is worth considering for purchase if you feel it would suit you. It certainly strengthens abs leading to a stronger core. This is great to keep your back from straining and also in many sports and other exercises. It does 'tone' your abs, by which I mean it makes your abdominal region more slender and brings out a few grooves and points of definition here and there, which may not have been there before (providing you have low enough body fat in the region). In terms of building massive solid abs, these probably won't do it! I use this system in conjunction with training abs doing conventional exercises at the gym, so I cannot comment accurately on this. It comes at a price, and the pads are fairly expensive too. However, you can use the machine whenever and it is reasonably effective. If you have the money and think it would do something for you - I give it the go ahead!


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    • Product Details

      Slendertone System Abs with Controller for Men takes the sweat out of strengthening your abs and brings it all into the comfort of your own home with a simple battery-powered system that sends small electrical pulses to your nerves causing your muscles to contract and release. Slendertone System targets the nerves where they are most concentrated and causes all your abdominal muscles to contract not just those beneath the pads. Effective for a stress free yet effective strengthening programme. The Slen

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