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V-Fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer

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Manufacturer: V-Fit / Type: Fitness

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2010 08:49
      Very helpful



      A nice item which has actually been used a lot

      ==V Fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer==

      I have to say that this is now the very last piece of exercise equipment that I own and am now reviewing. It is also the largest piece of home gym stuff I own and thus the reason I have recently moved it down to mums and into her spare bedroom to give me some more space in my flat (probably to fill with more useless items I shall never use).

      Having said this, I have had my use out of it especially for the price. I have owned it for a couple of years since we moved into the new flat and seemingly had a lot of space. However as I had just given birth the amount of empty space soon dwindled and was overtaken by baby toys, then toddler toys and more furniture meaning the Cross Trainer seemed to get in the way rather a lot.

      I only paid a little over £100 for the machine but am a little miffed as having looked on the Argos website for this review, see it is now over £20 cheaper than this! However it did have enough space in the kitchen as ours is a very large one and with the hard wood flooring it was easy to push to the side of the room and slide out when I wanted to use it.

      The Cross Trainer is rather big and for this reason I did have to order it from Argos and pay the £5 odd for delivery to my door. This was the only way to get it because it would never have fit in the car and would have been way too heavy as it really does weight a ton to even move from room to room! It didn't really come with much assembly needed, apart from putting the handlebars in and the feet stoppers on with was all straight forward once you worked out what direction the handles need to be pointed in as they have a slight bend to them. They are however clearly labelled with a left and right stickers which made this aspect a little easier!!!

      The little digital timer/clock/display needed plugging in but already came with the 2 x AA batteries inside and it was just a case of attaching the small connector to the pieces which was inside of the cross trainers base. This display is very simple to use and just gives the distance which you have "travelled", calories than you have burned and time spent on the machine. There is the option to scan through all these settings or to have the screen showing just one option. It is a basic little item but it does the needed task and does it well by keeping consistent time.

      The machine itself is easy to use and all you need do is step up onto the feet plates which are situated each side of the main body of the product. You hold onto the moving arms of the cross trainer and as you simulate a running motion the arms of the machine move forward and back as so the feet plates. The wheel type section of the machine at the front is the air fan resistance which spins around causing a slight breeze when the motion of the steppers begins. The faster you go the more of a breeze is created.

      The tension of the wheel, thus how hard you are working your body, can be altered by a screw type cog in the middle of the machine which when turned either makes the tension more and the workout harder or indeed loosened to make both the tension and work out less. This is easily changed even when your standing on the machine moving your legs, albeit slowly. I have really set it to a standard tension which I find suitable for my own personal work out and keep it to that and instead of working harder tend to opt for working out longer.

      The machine itself isn't the most stable of cross trainers I have used especially compared to the ones at the gym. However it does seem to be far better when positioned on the hard flooring rather than the carpet of the bedroom. This seems to give it a better feel when using it and keeps it flatter on the ground. It does still feel secure though and although cheapish in price it does not alter the general feel of it when in use.

      The handles of the arms have a foam type coating which makes for a nice comfort hold when using the machine. I can say that the foam material is rather smooth which makes for easy cleaning but also makes the hands slide down it slightly when they get sweaty at the end of the work out. But this isn't a major flaw as you can still work the machine easily without your hands on the arms so after a minute with your hands in the breeze of the wheel the sweat disappears and grip is okay again.

      Having used this machine fairly regularly for a while in the aid to my post baby weight loss I have only just recently not used it. This is mainly because the summer is here and I would much rather be out walking the beach instead of using this. Plus the fact that it was just taking up to much precious space in the flat. I think having space for this item to be out and ready to use is really important for the amount of use you are going to get out of it.

      We ended up storing it behind the sofa for a while and because the arms come off this wasn't seem and really wasn't THAT big behind there are it is just the width of the cross trainer then which is 50 cm with the foot stoppers taken off.

      On the whole I have to say that for the price and the fact that I have used it and seen brilliant results. It helped me shift a lot of weight (combined with healthy eating and other exercising) and built up my lung strength in the privacy of my own home before taking on to running the streets. It does however feel far better for the knee joints because of the low impact movements of the trainer so in fact it is probably better for you that running out doors.

      It does however have a weight limit of 15 ½ stone which is not THAT much but I would say this is down to the fact that it is not as strong or as sturdy as the ones that you see at the gym but still can hold its own with the correct amount of weight. And of course the more weight you loose the lighter you are on the machine and the less strain it is under! So I suppose the nearer you are to the top end of the weight bracket the quicker the machine will wear and break!

      So far I have had no problems with the machine and can only sing its praise. Its well worth the price and is still going strong well into its third year. I think a score of 5 stars of 5 is in order and a very high recommendation!

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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