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Amacom USB 2.0 Flash Key 1 GB

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2009 14:15
      Very helpful



      Amacom - 1GB - Amacom all the people, living for today - JL

      Storage facility - 1GB
      Amacom all the people, living for today - - - John Lennon
      Imagine not having the world, wide web; the www, or not being able to access your digital data onto digital media devices, or even to store it all in one folder onto a USB connective flash drive. It's hard to imagine isn't it. It isn't too long ago that these small devices weren't available for mass market. = Since they have been available the storage companies have let off a vast amount of storage facility products that have consumed the storage market, like a plague of locusts on a field of wheat.

      I've reviewed quite a few digital data products, yet I've not even touched the service, when it comes to the number of sub-companies that are employed to develop USB 2.0 flash drives; since the birth of flash enabled products for seven years now.

      Amacom not having a flash drive!
      Amacom is a small business that has been borne via the mass marketing for data storages. Many small sub-companies have been formed during the last seven years under the umbrella of huge data corporations, who started out producing 22k small micro-chips for blue-chip organizations during the late 1980's. By the mid 1990's the micro-chip potatoes were quickening up in data facilities, thanks to Windows 95, which allowed the first ever computer interface to pick-up external drive information on an easily read interface. The problem was the infuriating drives had to be re-activated on a daily basis. Major breakdowns would drive programmers to absolute despair, as systems would automatically cease-up and crash every hour.

      Flash Drives have been in the making since 2005 now, and the data storage scene has since exploded; offering fabulous deals across the board. It's portability in my opinion won't be matched within the next five years, thanks to USB ports. The only notion that could be introduced is the possibility of wireless connectivity as the flash drive acts like a portable modem as well as a storage device; but that maybe around two off. - The important matter is encryption securities, which Amacon does prioritize, with a hidden info option while transferring data. Amacom, delivers an automated software within the device that allows you to separate private data from normal standard data. All is password facilitated, via DataLock. The software has a 128 bit encryption to allow you to determine a level of high to low security importance.

      Amacom storage of plenty
      I'm a storage man, and I find the 1GB to still be plentiful; as I tend to do a good clean-out meticulously usually every few weeks. I also own many versions of keys, all for different reasons as I believe in a paperless society; as does Bill Gates with Microsoft vision of the future. - Not that many people get the vision and he alone feels he has failed to make the public recognize the importance of what a data storage key can provide an office, which is less clutter and better time management. - Locating information doesn't get any easier. A standard 1GB, still can store up to 6 months of Word data without touching the storage limit. The only storage drain is when digital media files get stored and kept needlessly; with applications left on the device after the transfers to work-stations have been completed. The USB flash drive excellent transfer data process can be transported at whim to any storage device; no other encryption formats are required depending the devices are USB 2.0 activated. The software are in-built so automated prompts allow for the user to be as versatile as possible. Universally recognized on all Mac/PC workstations, therefore there is no requirement for chopping and changing of brands, unless transferring digital data to each preferred device.

      Amacom USB 2.0 = 1GB Flash Drive is ideal for home, educational and business use. Excellent in affordability at 5.99 GBP - The price is droping as the storage capacity ceiling continues to rise and ambles its way through retail outlets. The modern day flash drives are known as keys, pens, and tags. They do the same thing and that is storing digital data.

      * Vista Compatible, just slot it into an USB port.

      The longevity of the 1GB flash drive is uncertain. - Though 1GB is a lot of storage, it certainly isn't for other media data formats other than desktop text files that are non audible. Technology has a shortened lifespan these days and is as fickle as the Sun tabloid. The trend can change overnight. - Judging by the price and the ease this device can be replaced without digging deep into you pocket. - is a sure thing the demise is not that far away for product storage being made obsolete. Better deals are to be available in larger quantities of data storage from Amacom. - Furthermore the flash drive and brand is part of the U3 evolution.

      The downside has to be the lack of size and lack of bleep that doesn't echo throughout your abode when you've lost it. Amacom, more people lose this form of device than any other USB connective device. Sometimes it is about the ease of misplacing the device and what data has been lost, rather than the inconvenience of what the sale price is. This alone brings me to review that the Amacon looks at sales volume rather than lost prevention. In hand it isn't about any concerns about green matters either but about the bottom line. Otherwise a small piece of sound technology would solve the ever bigger problem of constantly losing data at a slight hand. It's all about the bottom-line masking their media marketing campaigns for better, greener living.

      Thanks for reading this review; I'll look forward to your comments.


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