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Amacom USB 2.0 Flash Key 512 MB

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2007 16:50
      Very helpful
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      Amacom 512MB Flash Key guide

      **Amacom USB version 2.0 Flash Key 512MB**

      >Amacom is a brand that specialises in Hi-Speed USB connection, due to it's fast Flash drive status, it commands a 5MB per second transfer rate as stated in the description. It is the easiest means of carrying information via different PC networks and workstations<

      - What is an USB? -

      USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - This is a standard port for computer components to be connected using a single standardised interface socket. Every computer has these ports to improve plug-and-play capabilities by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without restarting the computer, therefore saving time and losing any information through the rebooting process. USB ports are used by external devices such as digital camera's, printers, hubs, extra storage/CD/DVD drives etc.

      - The USB Flash Drive 512MB -

      The drive is also known as a key or a stick as seen above in the title. The length is 2 inches long with a socket at the end which goes into the USB port/hub on your PC. The PC recognises this device as an external device and when slotted in as a driver the PC will display the external drive. When clicking on the drive (which is extra storage) the drive which the PC will identitify it as DRIVE E, or DRIVE F depending how many drives your computer is running simultaneously. What is also useful when you have no other USB ports available on your PC is to get an extended hub. Many older brands of PC do not have as many ports as newer PC models. Please note that 'No software installation' is required for the drive to be used. Files can be sent to and from the memory stick.

      - 512MB of Memory -

      The 512MB is the amount of space that the USB Drive has in storage capacity. The device will allow that amount of memory on the key/stick at one time. When the key/stick is full the file will be rejected from the drive and a prompt will state that their was not enough memory in the drive to complete the file transfer.

      The Amacon has many key types; this particular one has a 512MB memory capacity. They all come with a clip type cap which can be used to clip on your person while in transit. It is a very valuable tool when sending data to different locations or moving via two workstations.

      - Flash memory -

      Flash memory is a method of storage that can communicate from different digital components -- such as MP3 Players -- Digital Cameras -- Handsets -- and most digital devices. Flash memory is also a lot cheaper than other memory systems such as EECOM products. Flash Memory is still relatively new and has already made an impact on memory storage maethods.

      During the mid 1990's; Zip drives (portable devices) were used frequently instead; they were 8 times bigger than the memory key with less than a third of the storage capacity. The memory stick is a much more friendlier device for compatibility/ travelling and data storage.

      - Price -

      The price I got mine was £5.99. 10/10 value for money. Shop around as these types of components have always got a deal on.

      *HINT >> Check out the online shop: www.directusbstore.co.uk. the deals are always good value for money and the choice range is very varied<<*

      -Overal verdict-

      The 512MB of capacity space allows many more media files, like WAVS and MP3 high definition sound files to be stored without too many file compression requirements. For years I had invested in software compression applications, before the broadband was introduced. What does help is having the extra file storage facility of 512MB; as the Amacom memory keys are all designed slightly rounded and therefore would not dig into your person if sat on. It is especially very useful if you have more than one on your desktop. The Amacom memory stick is a big must for the office. They are very good value and it doesn't matter if you send one via the post and don't get it back. Ideal for all data storage purposes.

      Thank you for reading this review.


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