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Bestmedia Platinum 16 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2012 16:47
      Very helpful



      Definitely not a flash in the pan... more a flash of genius

      Anyone that has read some of previous review will have no doubt figured that I have a bit of a collection of what are called Flash drive; but can also be called pen drives and memory sticks... they all do the same job and that job is to store all you important information on in a way that you can easily get to it, so long as you have a computer that is.

      As I said, I own many many of these memory storing devices from many many different companies, such as Kingston, San Disk, Crucial, Bytestor and other too, with one of my latest one having the name of Platinum etched on the side.
      With it's full name being the Platinum 177469 USB flash drive with 16GB of storage.

      Firstly, a bit about what it looks like...
      It's about the same size as most standard pen drives, being about 65mm x 20mm x 10mm and weighs next to nothing so that it can be carried around in a pocket without too much fuss. Plus, the way that the little metal cover protects the USB connecter makes sure that it comes to no damage when it's sat in your pocket.
      This one has a storage capacity of 16GB, (or there abouts), but there are others with higher and lower GB storage sizes.

      Now for a few specs about this Platinum flash drive
      It works on most systems, including Mac and even though it is a 2.0 it is backward compatible so that it works just as well, if a little slower, on USB 1.1 too.
      It is plug and play, which means that it can be used within seconds of plugging it into your USB ports, once the drivers have been located, which shouldn't need you to go searching for drivers as they automatically locate themselves. And as it's the USB that power this device there's no need for any other outside power sources.
      It has the standard drag and drop, cut/paste or send to method of transferring data to and from the device.
      When data is transferring there is a reassuring red LED light that flashes at different speeds, depending on the data transfer rate, but if it's flashing you know it's working.
      It has a maximum read rate of up to 10MB/s and a maximum writing rate of up to 4MB/s.

      So that's the technical bits, now for my opinion...
      It looks the part, with the main body being a sturdy transparent plastic so that you can see the interior workings, all the little bits of solder and circuits stuck together like something out of the 'Starship enterprise'. Then there's the little silver metal cover which gently slides, or is it more a curving motion, over the USB connecter point of the device, covering and protecting the entire unit like a child's comfort blanket in a thunderstorm. And on the end of this metal cover there is a small 'nobble' that is designed to house those pieces of string that people have around their necks so that they don't lose what ever is attached to it... (this reminds me of those mittens I had when I was a child that had string attached to them and was threaded through the arms of my coat so that I wouldn't lose them, although I did lose a few coats though so that didn't go down to well in my house).
      The read and write speeds aren't the fastest on the market but there fast enough to get your data transferred at a rate that won't disappoint at all.

      This one I have has a silver covering and a clear transparent casing, but there are other coloured casings as well, which are all transparent, such as yellow, red and even blue. There is a black one but the casing is very difficult to see through.
      But regardless of the colour they all offer the same excellent quality.
      As for the sizes, which we're talking about the GB storage size rather than the size of the unit itself.
      And, as I said, this comes in a variety of GB sizes, ranging from a mere 1GB, which is useful for small files such as written data, to a rather fine 32GB storage, which is more for pictures, videos and the like.
      I like the way that the little silver cover smoothly manoeuvres over the USB connecter, gliding into place with very little effort, yet hugging the connecter with some confidence as you transport it about.

      So, now for the price...
      Well, I managed to bag this one from amazon for a mere £10.00, which is a lot cheaper than the usual £21.00 that it used to sell for; and, after another check on amazon I see that it's now selling for £9.46, which is even cheaper still. (price right as of the 2nd August 2012)

      Is it worth it..?
      I would have to say a big fat yes for this one, especially if you can get it for today's price on amazon. But even if you have to pay full price of £20.00, which is doubtful, it's still worth the money as it's strong, stylish, plenty of storage space and well protected.

      I do have to mention the packaging as I for one am a bit sick and tired of having so much package for such a little thing, (stop it now ladies, I'm not talking about that..!).
      I mean, this came in the standard plastic casing, which is bad enough as they don't recycle that particular material near me. But the large piece of card board that this is attached to is almost the size of my laptop itself, and there's no need for such a piece. Luckily, as it's card board, it can be recycled, but why don't they simple make the card board smaller and get rid of the annoying, finger slicing, 'unrecyclable' in places bit of plastic?
      Come on, there are other methods of packaging these sort of devices these days surely.

      © Blissman70 2012


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        15.05.2009 15:36
        Very helpful



        well made usb stick that is user friendly, fast and strong

        Setting aside the obvious storage benefits of purchasing a flash drive with 16GB, the price for this is also very good. I have found this bestmedia flash stick to take less time to load than others I have used and will actually fit properly into the USB drive in your PC without bending or causing an error message such as 'invalid memory' or 'unreadable'.

        Setup of the device is quick and painless. Just stick it in one of your PC's USB slots and it will install the relevant software very quickly and with little user effort involved.

        The stick itself doesn't have any loss prevention techniques like some of them do such as an attachment for the users keyring or being that bit bulkier however it is compact, made of strong materials and seems to be a popular choice at my university library.

        Overall a good quality, sterdy little piece which holds those vital 16GB worth of songs, files or videos.


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