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Bluw USB Robot 1 GB Green

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2009 21:52
      Very helpful



      Meet my new friend, I shall call him Robbie the Robot I think!

      As some of you know I have a houseguest at the moment in the form of my 16 year old nephew who is staying with me while his parents are away. To risk sounding terribly mean, most of the time he is neither use or ornament - although today he gave me a lovely little gift, this USB memory stick which is shaped like a cute little robot.

      To use the memory stick you simply pull the robot's head off (!) and insert the USB bit into your computer as you would any other memory stick. The USB connector is located on the head piece, the body of the robot serves as the case for the memory stick to keep it free of dust and safe in a pocket or bag.

      The memory stick is 1GB which is certainly not the most generous memory on the market, although was perfect for my use today as I needed to swap my photographs from my PC to my laptop. The memory stick held 960 standard resolution photographs comfortably and there was still a little room left on it. My nephew tells me he routinely uses his exact same robot memory stick to carry his music files to school and it will apparently hold around 150 - 200 songs, although obviously this will depend on the size of the music file as this is a variable factor.

      You transfer your files as you would any other memory stick, personally I use the drag and drop method although I believe there are other more in-depth ways of doing this. A very sweet touch is the fact that the robot's eyes flash as you transfer each file, this is purely a decorative measure and to be honest the eyes don't really flash as brightly as I'd like them to although you would probably get a better effect in a darker room.

      I like the fact that this Robot Memory Stick has a keyring attached to the top of his head, to be honest this isn't something I would use as I can't think of a reason I'd ever need to put my memory stick onto my keys but at least it means I can hang the robot up when not in use. One thing worth mentioning here is the fact that if you will be making use of the keyring then do make sure than the robot's body has clipped onto the head properly otherwise you may well get to your destination with a bodyless head! Listen out for the very quiet audible click and you will be fine as this gives a snug closure, if the click doesn't happen then I found today that the body can easily work itself away from the head.

      The robot memory stick is pretty much the same size as any other USB memory stick, a little bit more chunky to enable the manufacturer to shape the robot but this doesn't make him overly bulky in the slightest and really, why is everything getting smaller these days anyway! He's still tiny measuring 3 ½in x 1in x 1/2in so the robot isn't exactly going to weigh your pockets down!

      This USB memory stick is compatible with both PC and Mac computers, so there is really no excuse not to buy one! I have looked online and you can buy the robot from www.bluw.co.uk at a cost of £12.99 - which is rather expensive as I'm sure I only paid around £6 for my old 1GB memory stick although you're paying here for the novelty of such a lovely design. He is also available in other colours such as black or blue, I'm perfectly happy with this lovely vibrant green colour however as it looks so summery and bright.


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