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CnMemory MicroX Pro 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2008 10:04
      Very helpful




      Where does one start with such easy to use technology as this? I guess the key thing here is that if it costs you any effort at all then the product isn't doing what it's supposed to. These USB memory sticks should be plug-in and use, no muss no fuss. And basically that's what the CnMemory is - no fuss.

      USB memory sticks are so handy and much better for the environment that burning information onto CDs all the time. The 2 GB available on this memory stick is more than enough to copy albums easily and transfer them from one computer to another (within copyright regulations only of course!!!), share photos from a trip with friends, and naturally take any documents that you need to transport wherever you need to go. I have tried copying a movie onto here though that I had downloaded on another laptop, but it wouldn't fit. Therefore if this is your purpose you will want to look for a memory stick with more space. For day to day purposes though the 2 GB is plenty I find.

      In terms of use it couldn't be simpler, just plug it into the USB drive of your computer and the file appears on your desktop - then drag whatever you want to save in there and voila! You must remember to properly eject the device before removing it from the USB drive though otherwise you can damage either the memory stick or the data you saved on there. I guess these are probably designed for PCs but I have a Mac and it works absolutely fine. As I said before, you shouldn't have to think about this sort of technology, it should be completely intuitive, and in my experience - this is!!

      At around 5 pounds, it isn't a huge investment to get one of these. The size is very small and there's no hook on this model as some others have for keeping it attached to something else - which I guess means that you might lose it more easily if you're careless, but like I said it isn't a huge investment so probably not a problem if you do lose it.

      In summary, I've had no issues with this at all and would heartily recommend it.


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