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Emtec Flash Drive C250 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2011 18:07
      Very helpful



      A great way to carry your photos, emergency or not!

      Last week the derelict house on the hill behind us went on fire. There was great comings and goings of fire engines and even a helicopter circled above the flames. Luckily nobody was hurt but it did start a conversation along the lines of, what would you save if you had to make a quick exit? Living and working on boats as we do we are used to the idea of a "Grab Bag" which is the last thing you grab on your way (hopefully), to the life raft! In it are such things as flares to signal other boats, a first aid kit, an EPIRB which is a location finder and other things to help you survive and be found. Fortunately we have never had to do the shout of "Abandon Ship" but what would be in your "Grab Bag" if you had to leave the house? Our list is short, the dog, the passports, my handbag and the Emtec Flash Drive Memory Stick which holds all our photos!

      Photos are such personal and irreplaceable things that most of us would be devastated to lose them and although we are computer dinosaurs we made the effort a few months ago to find out what a memory stick was and went along to our local electrical store to buy one. I had looked on the Dooyoo site and even asked the advice of a guide on Dooyoo thank you blissman 70, and checked up on some prices, so off we went a little less confused than before. You have to remember that at the time we were doing all this in Spanish so it added an extra dimension of confusion. The electrical shop is called Mediamarkt and we asked the least scary assistant to help us. He took us to a stand full to overflowing with all sorts of flash type things and after explaining that it was to store our photos he said to try a 4GB flash memory stick as it would store "muchissimos fotos" and all you had to do was " click y drag " then he left us to make our choice.

      Put a Top on it!

      We had already decided that we would buy the most robust looking one we could get with a top on it that would protect the bit you push into the computer and I had come with a list of this kind and the prices. I spotted Emtec and a few other varieties but the price I had fron Amazon was 25.46pounds. Surely this could not be the same thing, it was selling for 7.99euros! ( I still have the receipt). Anyway it was a nice red colour and had a pull on off top so off we went to the checkout with the blister pack the girl their was also very encouraging saying again " click y drag, no es dificile" she looked about 16 so I think she knew what she was talking about.

      You tube, we tube, we all tube!

      Once home I went into the kitchen to cook the meal and Cpt Springtide, ripped open the blister pack. The flash drive is made of clear red plastic so you can see the insides and is 5.50cm long by 1.5cm wide. The top fits snugly and the slightly curved shape of the edges make it easy to handle. "Where are the instructions" came the cry! "Am I supposed to be born knowing how to do this!" Followed by many naughty nautical words. "Look on You Tube" I replied, "t'is the fount of all knowledge and if our small brains don't understand the first one there are a zillion other versions" Mutterings came from the living room and scribbling of bits of instructions.

      Twinkle twinkle little flash drive.

      Instructions gripped in our sweaty little hands we decided to give it a try on the lap top as it contains the least photos and cost less than the other desk top computer. We pushed it into the USB port (see, looks like I know what I am talking about), and the end of the flash drive sparkled brightly with a red twinkle. We were a bit taken aback as no one had mentioned this, and on we went. I am not going to bore you with the step by step ( sometimes backwards) snail´s progress but we did learn to spot the new icon at the bottom of our screen and how to extract the flash drive safely. At the end of an hour we had cracked it and had even gone so far as to move a whole file of photos!

      My Opinion.

      It is a great little device and if someone like me can use it then it is pretty easy to use. I now have my photos safe and might even buy another, how can I go wrong for that price? I have used it on my desk top computer as well and although the method was a little different from the laptop it was just as successful. I believe the guaranteed life of it is 5years so I have got four to go and if I ever have to leave in a hurry, it will earn a place in my grab bag!

      If you understand these things, the technical details are available on Dooyoo and Amazon

      Available on Amazon for 25.46pounds or Mediamarkt in Spain for 7.99euros!

      5 stars from me.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on Ciao under splishsplash.


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