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Hama Flashpen Fancy 1 GB

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2008 18:42
      Very helpful



      Hama Flash Pen - 1GB - Data storage

      HAMA FLASHPEN USB - FLASH DRIVE - 1GB - DooYoo REVIEW - dated: 16-09-08
      TITLED: 'Hama the DIY of data storage'
      - Hama UK - a quick-start company profile

      Hama started out in1990 and is known as Hama UK Ltd - The target market was consumer electronics in the accessory division of the retail sector. The timing for a storage company dealing with storage data was perfect, and Hama UK enveloped their whole business model around consumer data. They alone are UK's leading storage data business on-shore on the mainland. with their headquaters based in Basingstoke, their business control areas are London and Birmingham where most of their clients are based.
      Having been early pioneers in UK as a data storage facility business Hama has had lots of success due to having no unrivalled range of products in the UK. they are the only mainstay business in this sector in the UK based on the mainland.

      - Company Information -

      Hama (UK) Ltd. is a registered business in England and Wales. It is compliant to current legislation; their business headquaters are below:
      Registered Office:
      Hama (UK) Ltd.
      Unit 4 Cherrywood
      Chineham Business Park
      RG24 8WF

      - The number of employee's on-site exceed 2400 in the UK and Worldwide.

      Here is the Hama Flashpen USB Flash Drive 1GB

      - USB - The term meaning -
      USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - This is a standard port for computer components to be connected using a single universally read interface socket. Most PC and laptops have these ports available in their masses; however, it determines on the age of the workstation. The device port is to improve the plug-and-play capabilities by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without restarting the workstation, therefore saving time and losing any information through the rebooting process. USB ports are used by external devices such as digital camera's, printers, hubs, extra storage/CD/DVD drives etc.

      - The USB Flash Drive 1GB data storage -
      The external portable drive is also known as a key or a stick as seen above in the title. The length is 2 inches long with a socket at the end which goes into the USB port/hub on your PC. The PC recognises this device as an external device and when slotted in as a driver the PC will display the external drive, with a prompt.

      - Hama Portable Drive -
      The Hama Pen drive is the same size as a pen-knife .The 1GB memory capacity has been available for over 18 months on the high street; it 's usage is for transferring uncompressed media files. It is a very valuable tool when sending data to different locations or moving to via many workstations.

      - Flash Pen memory -
      The Flash Pen 'memory ' is a method of storage speed. All Flash drives work twice as fast as a many other lower specified memory drives. The standard reading rate, well the transfer rate of 28MB's is a rate per second, and that is halved when transfering data from the key to another workstation. The Flash Pen stoke media key can communicate from different digital components -- such as MP3 Players -- Digital Cameras -- Handsets -- and most digital devices. The speed won't be noticeable unless you are transferring a file of over 256MB; then the speed of transferring would be an issue. Flash memory facilities are a lot cheaper than other memory systems such as EECOM products.

      - Price -
      The Hama Flash Pen Drive -1GB is priced at £9.99 (retail)-- 6.5/10 value for money. It is worth a shop around as these types of digital ware such as the Flash storage memory devices as they do go down in price quite steeply as there are a lot of demand for them.

      -Overal verdict-
      This really is the simplest form of digital hardware to use. The 1GB of capacity space stores loads of files but not too many media files. It is compatible for cross purpose platforms PC/Mac - or on Laptops.

      Thank you for reading this review, I hope it was helpful.

      copyright - 1st2thebar 2008


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