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Hama FlashPen Mini 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2010 23:11
      Very helpful



      Hama's Flash Penthouse - Just about enough room to swing a cat

      Hama's Flash Penthouse

      All equipped with all the accessories required that makes this flash pen as mobile friendly as possible; this storage pen is accompanied with a cap flap and customary noose, to wrap around your key ring or trouser buckle. Adjust accordingly for a snug fit; otherwise it could amount to embarrassing dangling; while queuing up at the coffee vending machine. The good thing is you will have room in your hands to carry your coffee in comfort instead of carrying stacks of A4 sheets; the small flash pen device will be carrying the data for you. The 4GB storage facility does include U3 Technology unlike several Hama branded storage facilities, so it is a vital factor to seek out the ones that do provide U3; the 16GB and the 32GB do entertain this facility as will future products. The 8GB storage seemed to have missed out on having U3; so look out for the U3 specification if your wanting to purchase a Hama flash drive product, for portability.

      - Reassuringly, it is great to note Hama is a UK firm that has its Head Quarters based outside London in Surrey UK. They also have a base in Birmingham Warwickshire and Central London. Having been established in storage devices for twenty years and been at the initial seminar when data storage was in an embryo state, Hama has provided data solutions across the spectrum without expanding too quickly or biting off more than they can chew; they along with storage competitor SanDisk have been the mainstay in storage solutions in the UK and have survived two recessions. They did this by not setting the world alight with any gimmicky risky gadgets but with proven device ware that is within their product budget. No big export costs initially they provided a sound business model in and around mainland UK until the global market changed thanks to the internet in the mid 1990's.

      Hama's brand 'Mini' was established three years ago when flash drives were customary available to all consumers, not business solutions only. Styled adjacent to PNY brand 'Mini' who also incorporated the 'Mini' brand in their flash drive series; via 'small device' range. They're marketed to show off their portability, hence, small means small in size not the storage size quota.

      Hama's HQ is registered in Mainland UK

      Registered Office.
      Hama (UK) Ltd.
      Unit 4 Cherrywood
      Chineham Business Park
      RG24 8WF

      Hama employees
      - Worldwide, Hama employs over 2400 people, from shop floor production team to manufacturers. They are not a dab hand of fine wizardry technology or are leaders in product innovation such as Apple or Sony, but have a fine tuned knowledge of how data solutions can solve many everyday matters from business to consumer usability. What maybe a middle size company problem can also be a consumer matter and this is where Hama has excelled in; bringing the market to the retailers and onto us, the consumer. Hama is the second biggest retail outlet in mainland UK alone. It is alleged that Hama employees are given a Hama cap to wear while working in manufacturing the devices.

      The 'Mini' flash pen devices are no more than two inches long, each product has the branding on its main body in clear text, along with the data storage size which is in slightly bigger bold text, in this case it says 4GB. That is very helpful, when filing away storage devices; so often the flash pen is in small text on other brands or even worse just engrained similar to a stamp onto the back of the device.

      Hama Portable Drive - Usability
      The 'Mini' series flash drive allows the device to be recognized way back to Windows operating system ME; Millenium Edition and then from each system update, up till newly employed Windows 7. It also includes Mac systems. All operating systems would recognize the USB driver, when slotting in the flash drive into the USB port. A prompt will pop up and then the 'drag and drop' window enabler will be able to read and write the files to the flash drive to desktop as and when. Updating files has never been easier, the same as all computer system back-ups, and working from multiple work stations. Portability is a major strong-point, with all types of flash drives. You don't have to have an innovative whiz drive, all drives that have U3 technology deploys the same job. It doesn't matter if the pin head has a swivel joint or not, it is up to the user preferences. Hama keeps their devices simplistic and to the book.

      Notably, the main reason why users want the device for its storage facility and reading and writing speeds? - 4GB is not a sizeable storage facility, but is manageable, if your use to using devices as portable trafficking, I mean by just using files to be transported to multiples of workstations without actually being used as a long term storage device; probably one of the weaker points with this 'Mini' flash drive. Another determination on a good flash drive is the transfer rate. Hama is not any faster than most brands of flash drives, the rate is a standard 1MB per second reading and writing rate, it could be slightly less, I wasn't being too accurate. Usually bigger storage facility devices enable a faster reading and writing transfer rate, but it depends what you pay for the device and how reliable the flash drive is. .

      I tend to use different flash drives for allocated uses, mainly for off-loading digital data from digital components to the Flash Pen as storage, if the device caters for 8GB or more, I use this device as a trafficker of data information, via main workstation to multiple platforms.

      Hama Mini Flash Pen - RRP
      For a flash pen that stores 4GB at a price of 15.00 GBP from Amazon marketplace, is expensive. However, I know that it will last me for quite a long time, and that Hama has the best customer care support based in the UK for all their devices, so if I do have any problems with the device, I can be sure that I will be understood. So for taking that in question the price is reasonable. It is nothing like the data ferry device for terms of cash per gigabyte, then again it is vital to prop up English manufacturing businesses at present, so I can't squabble over a few pounds, and paint the Hama wagon coal black and tarnish their credibility on future 'Mini' devices. They're competitive in many ways except their pricing requires a re-think.

      Flash Technology
      When you are looking a flash drive with all the added bonuses, the first matter to consider is security. The Hama Flash pen does have a facility that allows different priorities of data security to be put into three levels of heightened encryption, so that it is protected via other unauthorized users. This has to be one of the big pluses when looking out for a flash drive, Hama does take it seriously and I would recommend the one device up from this 4GB storage; the 8GB. - Flash Technology is ultimately a media fun house when it comes to storing iPlayer downloads onto the flash drive, or any other media formatted files such as JPEGS, WMV and other video codecs; all can be viewed within the flash drive U3 technology applets.

      - Flash drives are changing all the time, watch-out for the updates and keep you ears open for the wonders of mobile technology (MT)

      Thank you for reading this review, I hope it was helpful.

      copyright - 02- 2010 - 1st2thebar


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