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Hama Flashpen Mini U3 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2009 14:03
      Very helpful



      Hama House doesn't have any horrors


      Hama House of Hurrahs
      The lost phrase book of USB gadgetries became apparent for me while hurdling through storage concepts and means recently when expressing what is available in U3 technologies. Is it supposedly called a stick or key or pen and I realized quickly that the client hadn't a Dickens what I was talking about. Sending the information via portable device was alien to his grey matter, he didn't know what a FlashPen was. He thought it was a writable fancy pen, so confusion contorted his face rather alarmingly. I quickly explained and thought not to go into the features as not to diverse to much from the original conversation.

      - I'm glad I didn't use the 'Hama' brand as I normally would for those who are at ease with portable devices. I'm also pleased to announce that Hama is a UK firm with an impressive client-base in Surrey UK and London; and other concrete city Birmingham; that started up in 1990. Their clients have that knowing knowledge that Hama can provide data storage solutions across the spectrum without breaking the bank with export fees and other add-ons that we all can do without in this time for wanting more control over spending.

      Hama has built many uniformed data solutions products that are unrivalled in mainland UK. - SanDisk doesn't come near to what Hama products provide customers in after-care support and quickness of service. SanDisk are one of the market leaders in volumn sales performance but Hama has the notable customer care policy that creates trust, UK based clients dare not waver from the added bonuses that Hama supplies due to the HQ location and how fast the response team can comply to storage demands.

      Their HQ is registered in Mainland UK - Address below.

      Registered Office.
      Hama (UK) Ltd.
      Unit 4 Cherrywood
      Chineham Business Park
      RG24 8WF

      2400 employees worldwide
      - For me, the brand is well known but a high percentage of the UK public would not have known of it. Not big on design facilities or innovative proto-type models Hama doesn't sail close to bold gambling concepts for storage, unlike a few well known brands. This is their strong point and why an astonishing stat was published that at least 130 employees per year have been recruited world-wide to cater for the enormous digital data storage demand everyone has relished and taken to their hearts.

      Hama Portable Drive
      The FlashPen model is no bigger than a pen-knife, and sits comfortably in your palm. The device is very user-friendly when it comes to allocating a PC port; the FlashPen allows the USB connector to fit perfectly to any Universal Serial Bus. It is not inter-changeable to what was in their before, the USB connector is that versatile the driver will be computer recognized. It is ideal for backing up your PC files and carrying it to many workstations; making the FlashPen a fabulous office accessory. Portability is a major strong-point.

      2GB of storage
      One of the weaker areas with the memory capacity is it is not that adaptable for many file formats especially non compressed files which are raw in data but takes up far too much space on the FlashPen. The transfer rates is not noticeable slower than other portable media devices but certainly only caters with deludes of smaller data files such as Word documents or Spread-sheets. I tend to have different FlashPens for a variable of uses. - 2GB is for files of up to 1.5MB, just so that you are aware of data capacity. The Flash U3 technology does exactly the same for all notable branded Flash Drives. The rate doesn't necessary fluctuate from different storage capacities. All Hama FlashPen devices have a 28MB's per second rate; that has a 'drag and drop' facility while transferring data.

      The wonders of U3 products is the enabled processes that allows users to off-load digital data from any digital components to the FlashPen such as MP3 Players -- Digital Cameras -- Handsets -- and most digital devices. One thing to remember, is that the transfer rate may look slower when transferring huge files of over 256MB; but actually it is the same rate via to any data transfer, it only looks slower.

      It's U3, no, not the band!
      Something about what makes U3 so manageable and smarter than long gone storage facilities is the fact technology has progressed to a level whereby independent bodies can infiltrate their own add-ons stroke technology knowledge to any device. The main areas that U3 delivers are allowing proactive software to work for three different means. Firstly, to simplify the device, secondly to make the device secure friendly via putting you the user first, and thirdly, simply allowing portability to make a difference to how you use storage on a daily basis.

      What is the RRP?
      This is quite expensive in my view, so shop around - What I do is try and be aware of what storage capacity your looking for first before purchasing; digital storage is now available very cheap, I got this capacity 2years ago and I bought it for 12.99 GBP - However, this facility should be available for less than 10.00 GBP. - Hama are not the most cheapest but they do have a great after-sales service that is based in UK, which is a huge plus point in my opinion.

      U3 Applications
      Security, whether you require a data security to stop other users to view data is available, it goes in different priorities as an option. Media in general, is superb U3 software, that allows the media to be played within the portable device application, that starts off as a prompt. The fact you can read your 'Outlook' mail is a great Windows facility that is very useful. A small editing suite allows users to go to an internet café and chop and change JPEG formatted photos at a whim. Graphic applications can be installed onto the U3 facility as an add-on, the same as smaller apps (Applications) - That seem to cost nothing and yet are very fascinating to deploy. The main super reason to look into U3 technology is the portable device is behaving more like a mobile than ever before. - That could be a good thing, depending who you are talking to.

      - The portable digital revolution is here to stay and it has evolved from the wonders of mobile technology (MT)

      Thank you for reading this review, I hope it was helpful.
      copyright - 10- 2009 - 1st2thebar


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