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HP USB Flash Drive C485w 4 GB

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2 Reviews

HP USB Flash Drive c485w - USB flash drive - 4 GB - Hi-Speed USB - espresso, black swirl

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    2 Reviews
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      31.05.2012 14:35
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't recommend in the fact of other drives!

      Firstly let me begin by saying that if I wasn't in need of a flash drive and gifted a W.H. Smith gift-card then I wouldn't have purchased this! But I was, and I did, selecting what I thought to be the best of a bad bunch.

      This drive, having cost me £10, works out at quite a premium, this being £2.50 for a GB - assuming I even got that due to a true GB being 1024MB - which is a premium considering you can get drives for around £1/GB. This is probably just a premium put on HP because they know people will flock to their well-known brand name. At 4GB it won't hold everything, but I only needed it to transfer and backup various documents between the computers in my house and the ones at Uni, so it was a reasonable purchase for myself. If you're looking for something grander I wouldn't suggest the 8GB HP of the same design/series.

      The design - being swirly, and almost girly - was a put off for myself, even more so the fact that there seems to be no real substance behind the design, it's just a bunch of overlapping swirls. I would have much rather have bought a nice sleek metal flash drive.

      The sliding mechanism, which reveals the USB connection, is great and is very smooth, working well - even after constant abuse at the hands of my idle fingers, which is something my Sony flash drive couldn't handle. So if you're looking for a good, well built flash drive then this is perhaps a choice, however, it doesn't compare to the metal drives for durability.

      The transfer is fast, and doesn't the rate of transfer doesn't appear to be all that much better/worse than my previous Sony drive. I've not had an issue with it installing drivers and not being recognized, unlike a couple of faulty drives I've had the displeasure of owning.

      Overall, this is an overpriced flash drive but fast and durable flash drive, with a notably bad design - or at least in my opinion - so whilst I wouldn't suggest it, can be argued to be a good purchase. This being especially true if you don't mind paying a premium and having a terrible design on show.


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      07.02.2011 18:59
      Very helpful



      A great USB for people who need a USB but don't want to use it for movies.

      Recently , I needed a cheap USB stick. I ended up buying the HP C485w GB. It cost £10 from WHsmiths. I was very happy as it was £18 and much cheaper than all of the other 4GB USBs. Its price may differ now as the was a few months ago I brought it.

      This USB is 4GB but they do come in much higher capacities. 4GB is fine for me as I just use it for a few Microsoft word documents , but if you want to use yours for any type of video document , I would strongly suggest something more than 4GB. 4GB is OK for 1500 photos , 950 MP3 files. This does vary though.

      ***Ease of Use***
      No set up. Just plug in , drag what you want into where is says USB drive and your done !

      The USB is a rectangle shape which increases in size towards the end as you can see in the picture. There is a hole where you can loop it around your neck or onto keyring which is useful. The most useful feature is the fact that there is not lid ! This is great because losing a lid is a death sentence for a USB as all sorts of dirt and grit can easily get into the delicate system. This one , has a slider . When the USB is needed you slide it out and when not , you slide it back where it will be protected.

      ***Personal Opinion***
      A great cheap USB for someone needing a USB but wont be using it for movies and lots of photos and songs. Not so great if you will be using it for movies and or many documents/photos/mp3 tracks. A all round great USB for most!


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  • Product Details

    The HP c485w USB Flash Drive is the must-have accessory for any PC owner. The c485w boasts a sleek glossy finish and a retractable cap less design, so no cap to lose! Designed to compliment your personal computing portfolio, the HP c485w features an exclusive HP black swirl design that matches the most popular HP Mini Netbook PCs.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: HP USB Flash Drive c485w - USB flash drive - 4 GB
    Product Type: USB flash drive
    Storage Capacity: 4 GB
    Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB
    Interface Specification Compliance: USB 2.0
    Enclosure Colour: Espresso, black swirl
    OS Required: Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty