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Imation Pivot Flash Drive 4 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2010 17:38
      Very helpful
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      Good memory stick

      A few weeks ago work decided to issue all staff with a company sanctioned flash drive for use on work computers and laptops for those staff who needed them rather than using their own, anyway that is how I came to be in posession of this Imation Pivot Flash Drive. Everyone got a 4gb one as standard and if you wanted a bigger capacity you had to justify it and as I could not I settled for the standard issue one.

      Now I'm not the most technical of people but what do like about this memory stick is the fact that it works on a pivot principle so there are no top to loose. you smply pivot it around and the usb part of it is protected when it is not plugged in to your computer. This is a great bit of design and very useful I guess at extending the life of the drive.

      This is a really robust product with a tough outer casing and mine has survived a couple of drops, one of which was down some stairs and also once a colleague sat on it.

      The reason that we were all given them is the fact that they have integrated security features which allows them to be encrypted, it has 4gb of storage space which is plenty for my requirements and it works quickly and efficiently.

      Certainly I would recommend it for its robustness. Not sure about the cost but I imagine you will be paying a little extra for the solid build. In fact the Doyoo advert at the side of this review has them priced at £22.29 so not cheap.


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        15.06.2010 12:40
        Very helpful



        Imation's Pivotal Flash Pen - 4GB

        Information at a glance

        Capacity: (4 GB)
        Colour: white
        Device encryption - USB Flash Drive 2.0 (security encryption)
        Contact brand - www.imation.com
        HQ - US State of Oakdale, Minnesota.
        -- -- --

        Imation - trivia's: (Oakdale, Minnesota) Home of the delicious peanut brittle and fresh syrup pancakes. - Historic feats. In 1947, the company was the first to invent the 'magnetic tape;' for medical imaging.

        Imation is also the exclusive licensee of the 'TDK Life.'
        -- -- --

        'Imation,' two and a half decades ago!

        During the last few months 'Imation' hard toil may have paid off in the world of digi-storage ware. Hence, the successful 'information solution' associate, now partner RFID Global Solution, Inc, has indeed boarded Imation's ship of storage devices. I must add 'Imation' are not known in the 'flash drive' arena as a major league provider, compared with the 'SanDisk's, or PNY's of the data world. Though if I say '3M,' a long lost voice may echo back to you, from the distant past. Yes, 3M was the most prolific of 3" 'floppy drive' suppliers during the 1980's. 3M were so engulfed with huge storage contracts that they ranked up with the once mighty 'IBM' brand; those frightening 12" 'green' screens and huge cursors that took most of the monitor visibility up. No wonder the 3MB floppy drive dispersed with 'IBM.' The two brands emerged as one; they worked in tandem, like horse and jockey. Not many other storage brands at the time had a look in, during the heavy days of IBM; which was one of the biggest corporations on earth. 3M in the 1990's had to change tact as their business model only dealt with the business sector and the Microsoft Windows 95 operation system was aimed at both the home-user and business sector. In 1996, it wasn't a coincidence that 3M re-branded their 'flopped' brand, to 'Imation.' Overall, it was a bold move as sales plummeted for the 3.5" FD - 89mm (floppy diskette) and they had to re-invent their whole business, in-line with new technologies available.

        Today, a new emergence has rolled out a new generation of storage experts, who've evolved in their father's shadow. Learning from the PNY storage business and encapsulating designs that have been sourced out by PNY Technologies. I'm referring to the 'pivotal' hinge that storage company PNY are well-known for. The pivotal hinge clicks into the device with ease and then clicks-out when required, that protects the 'pin.' 'Imation' key-ring 'pivotal' hinged derived by PNY, blue-print models; is the first 'pivotal' flash pen; that 'Imation' has in the 'flash-drive' market-place.

        Contact brand: - www.imation.com

        Pivotal - Flash drive is the size of a Swiss army-knife not including all the contents being used at once. It has the casing similar to a tough 'New Zealand Maori,' this has to be the grandeur selling point on this device. Do not try to bend it; you are more likely to sprain a thumb in trying. Also, pretty savage on the derriere while sat down, so placement of flash-drive while descending is advisable. Tough on the outside, and tough on the inside, hence the security 'Imation' package already installed. In fact 'Imation' claims this flash drive is a 'prize winner.' I can't comment as I'm unaware of whom the prize is from. I can comment that the 'pivotal' is a hard nut to crack, especially if you sit on it. Please do not try this at home.


        Design - conveys a robust outer crust trimmed with the hardest rubber lining I've ever felt. It doesn't have a cliquey finesse that a PNY flash pen has. PNY is all about, squared off 'breakable' engineering; fine, for the non accident prone. Nevertheless, the 'pivotal,' is un-breakable. The device is barely aesthetic; except for the satisfying 'swivel and click' sound. That emulates that sound as if it should be 'norske von turke technique' by famous car model makers. Pity they couldn't address issues such as 'allowed to shape with your derriere.' The key-ring exemplifies the Swiss army knife style and it's not to be messed with.

        Security for the 'pivotal' flash pen is high on the agenda. Integrated security measures have been infiltrated into this device, encrypted to different levels of security; perfect for a business environment, and self assurances for private data uses. Imation Corp, have entrusted a security tracking system called 'DataGuard;' the tracking options will be available for their next generation of 'pivotal' portable storage devices.

        Storage (4GB memory)
        (1GB = 1024 MB)
        (4 Gigabytes = 4000 Megabytes)

        'Pivotal' devices store 4GB of digital data: Files, such as mobi enabled files (MP4) Movie files (MPG, WMV, AVI ) Audio: (MP3) - 4 Gigabytes will store up to seven hours of 'iPlayer' downloads. The standard read speed for a 4GB, is 12mbps (Megabytes per second) A fast connection writing speed via different workstation platforms, ideal for transporting data to and from Windows operating systems and OS platforms. All CPU's must have a USB port/slot available.

        End note:

        Imation, is one of the most business orientated of all storage corporations. Security encryptions and abilities are paramount in their business acumen and ethics. The new tracing technologies in their products are at the cutting edge, so if your tech savvy, it may interest you to know where the next generation of portable device will take the consumer. The 'pivotal' is not in itself ground-breaking of particular different to other devices on the market. Amazon Market place are very competitive with their price marks, so at 25.99 GBP, the Imation 'pivotal' is a fee that requires consideration. However, I only recommend it to the business owner who deems security as a 'priority.'

        I hope the article was helpful.

        Copyright 06101st2thebar


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