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Imation USB Flash Drive Mini 256 MB

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2010 22:43
      Very helpful



      Excellent brand and I would consider upgrading to a 16 or 32GB version!

      I received this USB stick a few years back as part of a 'care package' (for want of a better term!) that the big retailers put together for you when you purchase a laptop computer (or any other high-value item) to sweeten the deal, as it were. While now you can pick up a 8GB or 16GB USB flash drive fairly cheaply, a 256MB drive at the time wasn't all that bad! I found it was a great help all the way through my student days for carrying my Word documents in and out of University without the need to bring my laptop with me. I found this genius and fell in love with my little Imation friend!

      While I didn't pay for my flash drive outright (although I probably did indirectly!) I found it great value obviously. They are retailing online now at around £3 or £4 but this is because it only holds 256MB. My drive is exactly as it is in the picture - the main body is red and it has a black swivel mechanism in order for you to open and close the part of the stick that you insert into the flash socket in your computer. I prefer this feature over the flash drives that have a removable top protecting the top as it is so easy to lose this separate piece, especially when carrying it about. This would leave your drive open to dirt getting inside and potentially affecting its performance. Plus it easy to open and close - a simple and innovative way to protect your drive without adding an extra part to the product.

      One of the things that I do not like is the colour of the main body. I don't think that red is a very clinical colour and something like all black would be more stylish. The red colour does make it look a bit plasticky - I am sure that there is plenty of choice if you wanted to purchase one so this problem could be avoided quite easily!

      The USB flash drive mechanism itself is fairly basic and works very well. I have never had one problem with the drive working or not storing information properly. It probably isn't as stylish without some of the newer wave drives with technology such as U3 (this can password protect your data) but it isn't like I am storing top secret information on it! I mainly use it for Word documents, work and keeping things like my CV. It does what it says on the tin and it does it well. No frills but certainly no flaws either.

      I do list the storage space as a drawback in the summary but this is probably a bit harsh. I knew that information going in and if I was purchasing it tomorrow say, after reading this review, I would obviously go for whatever storage space that would be most suited to my needs. If I am going to use it to back up my iTunes library, I am going to purchase a 32 or 64Gb model. If I am going to store my CV, a 256MB or 512MB is sufficient.

      I think Imation is a really good brand as this product has shown great reliability and longevity. If anyone was considering purchasing one of their products, I can confidently state that they will get value for money. I for one have looked into upgrading to one of their larger-spaced flash drives in order to store photos etc.

      Overall, a great brand and great little product! A DooYoo recommend from me I would say!


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