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Integral Courier with AES encryption - Total Lock 2 GB

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4 Reviews

Integral Courier with AES encryption - Total Lock - USB flash drive - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB - translucent blue

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    4 Reviews
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      12.10.2010 18:36



      A great data key.

      Although I have other data keys that can store much more data, I tend to use this one all the time because it´s such an excellent, reliable product that feels really intuitive to use and allows for quick, efficient storage and back-up of data.

      I´ve had mine for four years now and it works as well as if it were brand-new. The device has a removeable cap, which could be seen as a negative, but I like it - it fits on securely and stays on in a bag or pocket, and features a little loop (the same as the one on the key itself) which you can use to tie a cord onto, making sure you don´t lost the data key.

      You plug it into the USB drive of your computer and it quickly becomes recognised and allows you to move your data around easily. Although 2 MB doesn´t sound like a lot, I don´t think you´ll use it up unless you store large files or lots of data - I tend to keep word files and photos, and always have lots of room. If this isn´t big enough, other sizes are available.

      Although it´s not a particularly important thing, I really like the look of the product - a sort of translucent blue which is quite distinctive and find that the design is good - it´s a good size and shape, and fits easily into your laptop and leaves space for other things (I often have a wireless mouse plugged in and there´s room for both side-by-side).

      Overall, I don´t think there are any negatives with this product, and would always recommend this brand.


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      18.08.2010 23:50
      Very helpful



      Good flash drive

      This 2gb memory stick is used by myself to store photographs on rather than having them take up memory on my laptop, so far it has a number of albums on it and it is still going strong with just less than half of the memory still available.

      It is a simple small flash drive and is blue in colour, the one drawback to it is that the removable lid is easily lost, at least the one I had was, a few times I noticed that the lid had come loose while it was in my pocket of compuetr bag and finally it got lost permanently so that is a drawback as now the important docking usb is exposed and at a higher risk of damage. It can be secured to a key chain by means of a loop at the opposite end to the lid.

      It has a plastic casing so not the strongest flash drive around however it is reasonably priced and I paid £12.99 for it.

      Once it is installed into your pc for the ffirst time you are promted to input a password and each time you use the flash drive you will need to enter the password, this is to enable the encryption protectopn, not something I'm worried about with family pictures but may be useful for other personal data.

      I have found that it is really quick to load having used it on three different laptops and it uploads data pretty quickly as well. It certaionly does the job it is just a shame that the lid is so useless and easy to loose.


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      16.08.2010 22:53
      Very helpful



      Useful cheap device for your second back up


      The 2GB version of this flash drive - a convenient means of transferring files between PCs (or Macs!) using USB ports - are no longer widely available, though can be picked up on Amazon (via an independent retailer) for under a fiver.

      The price breakdown (RRP / Amazon price) for models with larger storage is as follows:

      4GB (£13.79 / £18.05)

      8GB (£23.19 / £12.24)

      16GB (£40.16/ £19.24)

      Though initially unimpressed by a different model of integral flashdrive (the flexi drive which folds back on itself, the two pivoted components having a habit of working their way apart) I was given this one for free and thought I'd give it a go (the functionality of the memory component of the previous edition having been perfectly acceptable).

      THE LOOK:

      Semi transparent blue body adorned with the integral brand, component number and amount of storage embossed in white. A hook at either end for attachment to keys etc... (though probably not to be recommended as it doesn't feel particularly robust) and with a lid that will click onto the opposing end during use. The lid does have a habit of popping off when it's floating around my handbag though...


      1. Advertised as reading at 12MB/S and writing at 3MB/s though I'm not sure it ever quite reaches these speeds it is relatively rapid.

      2. Password function with US intelligence standard encryption means that you can be sure that sensitive documents won't be compromised.

      3. Two year warrantee - useful since you're more than likely to need to try to take them up on this. Unfortunately cracked casing is put down to wear and tear, rather than the fact it hasn't been made particularly well in the first place!

      4. Works with Macs and PCs.


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      03.07.2010 12:33
      Very helpful



      A small and stylish memory stick, which is secure and provides ease in use

      Integral Courier with AES encryption (2 GB)
      This little USB flash drive has the capability to store a high number of pictures music and other data. For the purposes of the review I will not be discussing how many pictures the flash drive can hold as this depends on many variables regarding the picture, for example size and pixels.

      However I can tell you that 2 GB can hold around:

      380 Songs 204 minutes of video 136 Audio books 43,532 e-mail files

      Which is masses of information. One thing to remember when buying any type of flash drive is that the more memory you want the more it will cost. I'm hoping the above will give you a good indication of how much data can be saved on a 2GB USB and will stop you for paying more for unnecessary memory.

      You can see in the title that this USB comes with AES encryption lock which in simplistic terms means that it has similar security as used in the US military to ensure that you data does not fall in the wrong hands.

      The USB is a dark blue in colour and is transparent. The shape of the USB enables you to attach it to a key ring.

      On the first use you are promoted to enter a password which you must remember and enter every time you use the memory stick. If you happen to forget the password then the down side is that you everything saved on the USB will be deleted in order for you to gain access to it.

      Generally the detection rates for this USB are really fast (it works as soon as its plugged in) access to saved files is really speedy with no delay

      the USB stick comes with a removable lid, which can get lost very easily.

      Generally its a very stylish and small Memory stick, with excellent security and gives ease of use.


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  • Product Details

    The Integral Courier is a stylish, translucent blue USB Flash Drive that is enhanced with 256 bit hardware based AES encryption, allowing for advanced security of confidential data (Windows OS). The USB Drive is Dual partition - Public and Private (for confidential files). Cap stores in base when Drive is in use. The Flash Drive allows end users to transfer files from PC to PC. .

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Integral Courier with AES encryption - Total Lock - USB flash drive - 2 GB
    Product Type: USB flash drive
    Storage Capacity: 2 GB
    Interface Type: USB 2.0
    Encryption: 256-bit AES
    Enclosure Colour: Translucent blue
    OS Required: Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty