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Kingston DataTraveler 101 4 GB

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Kingston DataTraveler 101 - USB flash drive - 4 GB - Hi-Speed USB - pink

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2011 19:46
      Very helpful



      Kingston DataTraveler 101 4 GB

      I have a couple of memory sticks lying around in the house. Simply because I have a lot of pictures, video's and other important files that I want to keep safe. Once it happened to me that my computer crashed and I hardly had backed up my pictures, so I lost most of them and that's something I never want to happen again! I don't trust leaving my files on the computer anymore and although I'm a big fan of Google and its online storage function, I just don't like the feeling of trusting them with my pictures.

      The problem with these memory sticks is that you start with one and before you knew it you have a ton because everything they are full after you went on a holiday. I always take a lot of pictures and videos when I'm going away so you can imagine that a memory stick is quickly full. These days I do have a external hard disk as a back-up system but these are still handy especially when you want to show your friends and family the pictures.

      This 4 GB memory stick is one of my oldies but still handy even though it only has 4 GB. It's perfect to putting pictures on to show other people.

      The USB stick is from Kingston and for me a well-known brand which focuses primarily on the development of memory products including for the computer. It is known as one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world. A friend of mine had experience with this brand and I've a 16GB USB stick from Kingston which I was very happy about. I am convinced that this is a good brand and I feel assured to store my files on it.

      To get an idea of the size of the product, here the dimensions:
      Width 38.85 mm
      Depth 16.40 mm
      Height 6.44 mm

      I hate when a USB stick is very slow in use but luckily this is quite a fast one. It reads up to 10mb per second and writes up to 5mb per second. Which means that one picture take up to 2 seconds to transfer to this USB. The USB stick is very easy in use since its plug and play. You just put it in your computer and a few seconds later you can already use it. You don't need to install any software, at least not on my windows vista.

      It wasn't really a difficult choice to pick this USB stick because I know and trust the brand. A USB stick is always good to have as back up but also when you need to take files with you to family or friends. This USB stick has enough space for more than enough pictures and videos and is quick in reading and writing the files. It's small and looks good an you don't need to install anything before you use it. All in all a perfect nice little USB stick.


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      30.10.2008 10:54
      Very helpful



      A great little pen drive and a nice colour too!

      If you read my latest review you'll know that I recently purchased a USB flash drive from Asda as an emergency buy because my laptop started playing up and I was worried about losing my picture files. You'll also know that I then ordered a second flash drive to compensate for the fact that the one I bought as a stop gap option was only 1GB. The other I then purchased from the internet was a larger 4GB and was a huge life saver enabling me to store all my remaining pictures that I couldn't fit on the 1GB flash drive I'd already bought and filled!

      What is it?
      Well this flash or pen drive as they are sometimes called is a small device to enable you to store all your important documents on whether it be pictures, word files and so on, so should your pc fail on you they are all safe to then just upload back to your pc. I now keep all my important files stored on this and my other pen drive permanently so I never need to worry about losing them at all.

      What does it look like?
      The USB flash drive is no more than 2 inches in size and this particular model is silver and blue (I wanted the pink but they were all sold out - I will be getting another one though soon in pink!). The pen has a swivel bit on so that you can turn the USB port to be stuck out so you can plug it in and then when you're finished with it you simply turn it so that the USB bit is safely protected tucked under the silver metal bit.

      How does it work?
      It works on a 'plug and play' method which means that you simply plug it into the pc you need to store data from and it should detect the device. Once it has it is ready to use and all you have to do is simply drag files to the folder that shows up under 'removable disk'. Once the drive is full it will flash up and tell you and when you are finished dragging files to it, you simply click on to remove and it will advise when it is OK to remove from the USB port. I had never used one of these prior to the one I first bought recently followed by this one and both worked on the same concept and even I, who is not very technical had managed to do it with no help! You can tell I'm not technical when I didn't even know about pen drives until I freaked out and had to phone my friend worrying about losing my pictures if my laptop died and she asked me why I hadn't already saved them on an external drive to which I was completely confused and so she was the one who told me to go and buy one!

      How fast is it?
      Again I'm not the most technical but, as I mentioned in the other review on my other pen drive I couldn't tell you if this is what the techies would call fast as I have no idea what is and what isn't in terms of advanced technology however, my other one took a couple of minutes to upload a file with just over 200 pictures in it, yet this did it in less than a minute. So in my eyes this is faster and so makes uploading files to it a quicker process than my other but, I'm sure if there is faster I will be told by somebody on here! I can't complain though as I was happy with it so that's the important thing isn't it?

      For this particular model I paid £6.99 which included delivery from mymemory.co.uk. I was really chuffed with this because as I mentioned this is 4GB in size and yet the emergency one I bought from Asda was only 1GB and cost me £5!! So a bargain if you ask me!

      Overall opinion:
      I am pleased with it and I certainly will be buying another - I already plan to get the pink one when it comes into stock as I am always adding pictures to my laptop and so will always need even more storage for them. I like the shade of blue that it is as it's quite bright and funky and so it is nice to look at but, more importantly it does what it's meant to do and it is efficient so you can upload files in minutes. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a flash drive. Another plus is that the brand of it in my eyes is quite reliable - I own other Kingston products and they have never let me down - hopefully this will also stand the test of time for me!


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    • Product Details

      Kingston's family of convenient, compact and reliable DataTraveler USB Flash drives just got bigger with the addition of the DataTraveler 101. DataTraveler 101 contains room for high-definition photos, graphics-intensive documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, term papers, and music that can be stored and retrieved in a flash. Sleek, practical, and attractively designed, the affordable DataTraveler 101 serves the needs of the budget conscious user as well as those looking for significant storage capacity and data protection in a lightweight, compact design. It features a capless, swivel design for added functionality and ease of use.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Kingston DataTraveler 101 - USB flash drive - 4 GB
      Product Type: USB flash drive
      Storage Capacity: 4 GB
      Interface Type: USB 2.0
      Enclosure Colour: Pink
      Software Included: SecureTraveler
      OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP SP1, Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Apple MacOS X 10.3.x or later, Microsoft Windows Vista, Linux 2.6 or later
      Microsoft Certification: Works with Windows Vista
      Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years warranty