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Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 23:03
      Very helpful



      'UrDrive' needs tarmacking, just by chance I've got some in the van!

      Information at a glance:
      Capacity: 8 GB
      Colour: Red
      Device encryption: USB 2.0 Flash Drive
      Contact brand: Kingston: www.amazon.co.uk

      RRP: 5.99 GBP
      -- -- --

      Inspired by the PNY brand swivel cap, Kingston has adopted their own interpretation in protecting the flash drive's pin-head without using the traditional cap; which use to get lost in transit - one of the pitfalls of USB flash device portability. They've called this device design 'Generation 2' - which is integrated within the 'DataTraveler' brand. Kingston has embarked on a myriad of creative brain-power to come up with a clever abbreviation for 'Generation 2'; they've called it 'G2' - it fits perfectly on the chiselled plastic cover corner; three millimetre squared. Considering the dimensions of the flash device is 5.5 X 1.5 X 0.5 centimetres - (including the swivel pin-head protector). A labelled identity abbreviation was the only option. It reads 'DT101G2'; resembling a dodgy vehicle number-plate. Below the array of letters and digits, looking inferior, alas more important to the user, reads 8GB. Overall the aesthetics simulates a well sucked stick of Blackpool rock accompanied with the cattle grid candy ridges. You would've ascertained Kingston might of come up with a blue-print design rather more user friendly to the derriere, if you dared to store it in the back pocket. The sharpness of the edges leaves cattle grid marks on your supply skin if sat on. A unique selling point; Kingston forgot to mention on their web site. Although you do get free customer service if you have difficulties with the pen drive; regardless what it is. Alas, my mind boggles.


      The cattle grid approach to its design is bemusing; plus its robustness is flimsier than a PNY attaché swivel headed device; in fact it looks like PNY attache's impoverish cousin. What Kingston has been deficient in product design, they've thrown in the kitchen sink when it comes to their 'auto-run' software and affiliated partner's package; without prompting the software application starts up automatically, as soon as the device has been slotted into a CPU USB port. Kingston named the software 'UrDrive' - in retrospect it should've been called 'WhydoineedthisSoftware?' - Yes, that's right you don't really need this 'UrDrive' software, the only reason why it's on the flash drive is to facilitate their partner's affiliations. When you first slot in the device into the USB port the 'auto-run' starts, it takes centre stage, all guns blazing, announcing your CPU system needs security checks, asking you to sign-up with affiliate partners, log-in to the 'UrDrive' package. You're losing out if you don't. Infuriatingly I blurt at my monitor: 'It's UrDrive Kingston - not my drive?' The software eats up 0.56 GB of 'your' flash memory storage - so instead of 8 GB of digital storage, your actual memory facility is: 7.44 GB - nearer to 7 GB than the advertised storage description. 'UrDrive' is an infestation of short-cut URL's, apps, and a 'logo marathon' of statements, claiming you can load music files, load digital photos', and load movie files. The filing system is already installed; 'UrDrive' sorts out all of the types of digital data for you, without any prompting, organising, or personalise file management. 'UrDrive' epitomises a meticulously fussy cleaner who incessantly files away your desktop papers in neat little piles, and you're left exasperated, because if you want all your files in one massive folder of junk. 'UrDrive' can't quite grasp this concept of file untidiness. The interface skin is based on a very early version of Real Time media players, and the icons suffer from an alien-skin renaissance. The chosen 'exe file' icon epitomises a 'Landseer Lion head'; instead it's a vibrant rouge human head block - hardly state of the art design. Once you open up the drive, you'll be please to learn a uninstall 'exe' file exists; this'll uninstall the loathsome 'UrDrive' software. Inadvertently, by eradicating the 'UrDrive' software, your portable drive will have storage close to the advertised storage of 8GB. Eight Gigs is enough memory to deal with all your work/home digital data within reason. Kingston should have this software as an option rather than assuming users will want it on the get go.

      Speed; it's not to be sniffed at.

      As a rule, I usually within the first few days of purchase, I tend to vigorously test the portable drive over a 35 - 40 minute time period, whereby the drive is tested for speed of reading and writing digital data. The data produced is riveting stuff for a flash drive maniac who watches eagerly the average speed of each component, and jots it down. I know you eager to read the results, so here they are:

      Read Speed: 19.52 MB/s (Mega Bytes per second)
      Write Speed: 2.04 MB/s (Mega Bytes per second)
      Duration of test: 39 minutes 56 seconds.

      Over time the speeds could deteriorate due to usage. Compared to other portable flash drives the read speed is at the top end of the portable device speed league (in the top 20% of drives over 2GB of storage). However, the write speed is at the bottom end of the portable device speed league.


      Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac Os X, 10.5; plus good news for those who prefer Linus version 2.6 CPU system. The problem is, 'UrDrive' doesn't run on Mac's or Linus CPU systems. I can hear your disappointment; a good reason to convert to Linus perhaps. On a brighter note there is no 'appzone' formulated add-ons, so great news for users who want their 8GB of storage after uninstalling 'UrDrive'.


      The DT101G2 - 8GB storage device, is a mediocre portable flash device for digital storage - if you can forgive Kingston Technology Corporation, for the futile software and the minuscule key ring hole, presumably if you've a key ring the radius of a very well sucked polo mint - it's highly recommended. In my opinion, it gets 3 stars.


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