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Kingston DataTraveler Elite 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2008 19:15
      Very helpful



      Kingston flash drive 2 GB Guide

      DooYoo Review - 02-10-08
      Company : KINGSTON DATA TRAVELER - USB Flash Drive
      Storage capacity: 2GB
      Titled: here's lots of data storage you can lose on a train!!

      - Background-
      The company is called Kingston and was formed in 1987; they derived from the booming storage data decade from the mid 1980's, and have developed products and become very well informed in regards to sustainable versatility. Their services and products cater for computers, servers and printers to MP3 players, digital cameras and cell phones. During 2007, the company's sales exceeded 4 billion turn-over.

      - HQ location -
      Based in the Fountain Valley, California US - I've been sourced that the company now has a work-force exceeding 4,000 world-wide. It is also known that they have won rewards for being one of the best companies to work for in the US; which was published in Fortune magazine last year (2007) : Being the UK's Asda in top people investor award; it is no doubt that this is due to the highly popular investor in people program regarding to all ethnic groups.

      - In the beginning -
      The data storage company enveloped technology that was born out of a severe shortage of portable device memory chips in the high-tech marketplace in the 1980s, that were at the time installed in the PC and took most of the day to process.. How times have changed! Due to all the time spent installing these components at the time, many data storage businesses started. The founders, John Tu and David Sun were determined to find a data storage solution. They both put their engineering backgrounds to work and created the new 'Single In-Line Memory Module' (SIMM) it was exciting times for the new data storage company and the SIMM was where they embarked on making the fortunes'

      - Data Traveler USB Flash Drive 2GB
      - A bit on what a USB is about -
      The term USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - This is a standard port for computer components to be connected using a single universally read interface socket.

      - What to expect with the portable USB Flash Drive 2GB -
      The portable flash drive is a key or a stick .The length is 2 inches long with a socket at the end which goes into the USB port/hub on your PC. The PC recognises this device as an external device and when slotted in as a driver the PC will display the external drive. An interface is automatically runs when imported it is called an 'auto-run' The Kingston interface then runs as an applet allows you to then use the device and start storing the digital data by 'drag and drop' cursor technology.

      - Flash memory -
      A flash drive is now the main source to all portable memory devices and determines the transfer speed. It reads at a transfer rate of 28MB's per second and that is halved when transfering data from the key to another workstation, the more workstations used simultaneously the slower the transfer rate.

      - Price -
      This Data Traveler flash drive for the 2GB is £12.99 (retail)-- 8/10 value for money.

      - Data protection -
      No U3 technology to spoil your experience
      There are no obtrusive U3 or 30 day free trial-ware application bundles to create novice confusion.

      -Overall verdict-
      Impressive piece of portable hardware; great and easy to use without the any confusing Skpe or U3 The 2GB of capacity space stores loads of files but not too many media files. It is compatible for cross purpose platforms PC/Mac - or on Laptops.
      Thank you for reading this review, I hope it was helpful.

      copyright - 1st2thebar 2008


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