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Kingston DataTraveler I G3 2 GB

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  • lid protects connector
  • good size for pockets
  • none
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    1 Review
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      12.08.2014 23:01
      Very helpful


      • "lid protects connector"
      • "good size for pockets"
      • "Holds ample"


      • none

      You data is safe on this drive

      Flash Drives, pen drives... what ever you want to call them, they all do the same thing, they help you keep your precious information safe so that, even if your PC goes down, your data is stored in the pen drive. Nice and safe.
      This one is from well known Kingston, so you know it can be trusted. It looks like your bog standard pen drive, being about 66mm long, 10mm thick and 21mm wide. On the end of the drive casing is an eyelet, which is about 17mm long and 10mm in diameter, with this 8GB size having a yellow plastic around it.
      On one end you have the yellow eyelet, with other sizes having different coloured eyelets, and on the other end you have the lid, that fits over the metal connector.

      As for the speeds. Well, it's a 3.0 which means that it should be faster than a 2.0. and it is, much faster. I tested it out when moving files from A to B and managed
      I did a few runs on this with two sized folders. The first folder being a 140MB one which I sent onto the USB from my PC at an average speed of 7Mb/s with a whopping 58MB/s when it came to taking it from the drive to the PC....
      I used the same file using a USB 2.0 drive, in the same USB 3.0 port, and this achieved an average of 2.5MB/s to send from the PC to the drive and 4MB/s when going from the drive to the PC.
      Then, I used a 500MB file, (a mix of documents and photographs), and this achieved a good 8MB/s from PC to drive and a staggering 75MB/s when going from drive to PC, (75MB/s...!!! at some points it was climbing way over the 100MB/s).

      But in the terms that I like to use, and hear really, on how fast I can move a 500MB file from A to B... well, from the PC to the device it took about a minute or so, bouncing up and down with the speeds. Then, when it came to taking the same folder and putting it back onto my PC, this was so quick that I did not have time to start my stop watch... honest. It just moved over as soon as I pressed the button, click... done...

      So this led me to believe that this claim of faster speeds using the new USB 3.0 is actually true... although in order to get these speeds you do have to use the USB 3.0 drive in a USB 3.0 port, other wise it's pretty pointless.

      The price of this is about £3.00 on Amazon as an add on, which is great value for money.


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