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Kingston DataTraveler I G3 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2013 15:27
      Very helpful



      A great little portable ubs memory stick

      Kingston DataTraveler I G3 4 GB


      The idea of having a portable hard drive is that it is easily portable memory which stores all your personal stuff from your computer such as work, photos, applications and other files. You can easily carry it around and use it on any computer with a USB connection - take stuff from home to work or from country to country without having to take a computer or clog up the computer with unnecessary things to store . It is also a back up for things you would not want to lose. We have a number of different external hard drives and keep photos and other information stored on both in case our computer crashes losing everything.

      Apart from the portable hard drives I also have several of these small pen drives which connect through the usb point on your computer. I tend to use these for transferring things from one computer to another. I have also sent photos on one of these to someone else as they really are so cheap these days.

      You can get desktop hard-drive which are bigger and need an external power supply but usually have more storage capacity. But my Kingston DataTraveler I G3 4 GB mini hard-drive has a storage capacity of 4GB which does most of our transferrable storage. It even copes with big lots of photos transferring between the computers once we come back from our trips.

      Kingston make a number of different sized usb pens and they range from 1GB as the smallest to a pretty large sized 32GB, with other sizes in between. As I said I have is the 4GB version and am pretty happy with it and can't see me needing anything bigger for what I use mine for. I also have a 2GB from a different brand and had a 1GB Kingston which I gave away with some photos on it a month or so ago.

      This little pen drive is really compact. It is made of hard moulded plastic and has the name on the front and grippy grey ridged bits along the edges. The cap is separate which is a bit annoying as you have to remember to replace it after use. I don't have a problem but my step son who regularly borrows mine because he has misplaced his is always misplacing my lid.I am a bit fanatical about keeping my stuff in good condition and the lid protects the usb connection so I think it is important NOT to lose it but he thinks it is irrelevant!

      The pen is about 7cm long by 2cm wide and about 1cm thick, which means that it can be popped into a pocket or handbag and takes up little room. It does also mean that it is easy to misplace. I keep mine on a lanyard and that way it is harder to lose and I can always recognise it when others pretend it is theirs!

      I bought mine online but can't remember now how much I paid exactly, but it was around £5 as it was many months ago from Amazon and today this is selling for under a fiver now so great value really for the convenience.

      All I did when it arrived was cut it out of the sealed plastic wrap over card, plug the pen directly into my usb socket on my laptop or computer. The computer found the new hard ware installed it and then I was able to transfer files by just sliding them across or 'sending' them to the pen drive.

      This little gadget works on compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP / Apple Mac 8.6+, 9.0+ and OS X. It is not compatible with Windows 95/98 It is handy that it also works on Macs as my step son constantly borrows mine which is a bonus for him but annoying for me as I have to nag to get it back each time!

      Taken from the product listing
      - Compact Modern Design
      - Protective Cap
      - No Drivers Required: Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, - Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac 8.6+, Mac 9.0+, Mac OS X


      When my pen drive arrived from the Amazon it was in a padded envelope on a cardboard backing with a hard plastic seal which I had to cut off.

      With any item that you connect to your computer you must always be aware that you must never disconnect while the gadget is transferring data (Photos from camera or data like this to the hard drive). Finally when it has finished transferring always make sure you use e the "Safely Remove Hardware" option and then disconnect the portable hard-drive from the system.

      It is a tiny compact and smart little gadget . It is very light and easily fits in a handbag or jacket pocket. It is really quick at data transfer and is quiet and also does not seem to get hot at all but then I do not transfer huge files as this is only 4GB of storage.


      I can't find the manufacturer's warranty but fortunately so far - 14 months - I have not had to test this facility out.

      Thank you very much for reading this review and I hope it may be of some help to someone looking for a small hard drive for storage or backup or just share files and transfer data from one computer to another.

      I have been very happy with mine and would be happy to buy another from this brand.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my user name.

      © Catsholiday


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