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Kingston DataTraveler II 8 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 11:16
      Very helpful




      It's been quite a while since I got this one, this was my second USB flash drive (first one is archaic with only 256MB capacity) and since this one I purchased quite a few more (I like to have them divided - one for uni, one one for fun, one for family...) , all except one (Sandisk Cruzer) from the Kingston family - so this must tell you that I was really satisfied with this one.

      So I bought this one a few years back and the price (compared to today's USB drives with 8GB) capacity was sky high. But I was wiling to pay the price since a lot of my friends bought cheap ones and they broke (nothing more frustrating than having vital information on USB drive and the bloody thing breaks) - at a later time I was given a promotional cheap USB key (freebie from some company) and it broke soon after - luckily I used it for nonsense. I was advised by the salesman that this brand has much quality and that they don't break often. Plus it is extra secure!

      It does not look special, it is normal shaped USB drive with only little detail but if you are looking for something reliable that does not matter.

      It has a capacity of 8GB which probably satisfies the needs of most regular users. I use this one for my uni-work, I store all my reports, assignments, picture material and e-books that I need and get during my education and it still has lots of free space. I'm using it constantly, most of the time daily, for the past 3 years and it still works like a charm. In these past 3 years of intensive use it did not fail me once!

      It has a up to 11 MB per second read speed and up to 7 MB per second write speed. This is a high speed, especially since this one is older USB, it can beat many of the new ones! You will have big files (few GB) on your USB drive in a matter of minutes - we were once given a video presentation of something at our uni and the file was over 4GB, it was uploaded within 15 minutes which I find satisfactory.

      All computers I have used this drive on recognized it immediately, there was no fuss with installation and opening, editing, deleting and writing files on and from the drive was easy.

      I really like this key and the brand for that matter and there is a 99.9% chance that if I will be purchasing another USB drive it will be from this brand. True with the number of drives I own this won't happen for some time, well except if they release one that I will really like!


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      12.04.2009 22:30
      Very helpful



      Travelling memory without the need of a kings ransom

      Kingston are well known for good quality devices and there 'Data Traveller' is no exception.
      I have been using this, together with many other pen drive (aka flash drives) for quite some time now, basically because they are so easy to transport from place to place rather than carting CD/DVDs around, or even an external hard drive.
      The good thing about pen drives is that you can carry what you need, no more, no less.


      It is a small Pen drive (aka flash drive) device, approximately 70mm long by 20 mm wide by 10mm thick, with 8GB of memory, (although the storage sizes do vary).
      It is plug and play, which means you simply plug it into your USB port on your PC and it will be instantly recognised), It transfers data quickly and easily with its Hi-Speed USB transfer rate and is simple to use.


      Microsoft windows NT/ 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/XP SP1 or later/ Vista and MAC OS 10.x or later


      You simply slot it into one of the USB ports on your PC and as it is 'plug and play' you can immediately begin transferring your data with the simple to use Drag and drop system, (or the old fashioned 'send to' method).
      You simply move the required data from your PC file onto the pen drive device, which usually shows up on your PC as an external device (for example F: ).
      That's it, job done, and with this 8GB unit there is a hell of a lot of room for information to be stored.
      The amount will vary depending on how large your files are but 8GB is ample room for most uses.


      No, you don't... this device is proud to say it uses Plug and play... and I know you may here this many times during your time surfing the web, but it is probably the single most useful technology that there is.
      Plug and play does exactly what is says in the tin... you simply plug in the chosen device and you're ready to play... without the need of drivers, so the device can be passed from pillar to post, transferring information without any of the hassles.

      ** IN MY OPINION...

      I have many pen drives, (aka flash drives), of various storage sizes and various brand names, such as Integral, Sandisk, Corsair and others, (one or two of them do come in some rather strange shapes..?). The reason for my liking of Pendrives is as I prefer them to other data transfer devices, they are just so easier than burning things onto CDs or DVDs, and a lot less hassle to carry around in your pocket.
      And this little stunner has to be one of my favourites, not only because of the brand name or the fact that it can hold a vast amount of materiel but because it is perfectly sized to slide into my trouser pocket.

      Before you say it I know all pen drives are basically the same, all offering portable storage for easy transfer of data from PC to PC, and the 8GB Kingston traveller is no exception. This lovely little white unit can hold thousands of images, hundreds of music files and many many videos files so you can transfer them from PC to PC, and as it is 'plug and play' you know it will work in any PC without the need for drivers.
      Using it is just so simple that even my good old grannie has no trouble with it, she likes to keep all her photographs and family videos on hers, (she is quite techno-intelligent for her age really).
      You simply plug it into a USB port on your PC and begin transferring from/to, and with an average write speed of 15MB/s and a read speed on average of over 30MB/s it wont take long to move your files from system to system with ease.

      * In all, a cheap and cheerful unit with ample memory capacity for most peoples everyday use.
      So if you do decide you need a really portable memory without the bulk then this one is for you, and at under £13.00 for the 8GB unit, (or £17.00 for 16 GB unit) it will be money well spent.

      * NOTE: as with many pen drives the caps are easily losable and this unit is no exception, although the cap fits nicely onto the end of the unit when in use, so as not to get lost, (although it can still get lost if you're not too careful).


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