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LG USB Drive Mirror 2 GB

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3 Reviews

LG USB Drive Mirror - USB flash drive - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB - reflective silver

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    3 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 20:01



      A excellent performing, sleek USB

      I purchased this 2gb USB when I became a computing student back in 2007. It cost 19.99 from argos. It was more expensive than others of the same storage capacity however I purchased it as I really liked the look of its slim, attractive design.

      Having looked at it in the Argos catalogue I had thought this item was metal, however it is actually plastic. I thought this was slightly deceiving, however I was pleased with it nonetheless. This makes it a very lightweight USB. It came with a neck strap although I never used this.

      When you take the lid of to use it this cannot be placed on the end so just has to be placed nearby. I guess this may be a problem for some as it could quite easily be lost. Wasn't a problem for me however.

      Having been a student for 3 years, I found this 2gb USB sufficient to store all my coursework.

      Overall I've never had any problems with it. This is a very good, stylish USB that works well for everyday use.


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      27.10.2010 01:19
      Very helpful



      Compact and stylish look.

      A lot of people are looking for a USB memory stick nowadays, as they are very useful pieces of kit for quickly transferring files, pictures MP3's etc. When I was looking for one I wanted one which looked good, had enough memory for my needs and that was light and small for easy carriage, I choose this LG 2GB Model. I recall I bought this for around £19.99 about a year ago.

      --Mirror, Mirror...--

      The first thing that you notice about this device is it's unique 'Mirror' coating. It does make it stand out, because it is actually is a mirror. (Plastic type). I have found myself sometimes really using it as a mirror to check if I had something in my eye or to check my under eye bags. (I have a few due to being a partial insomniac). Thats a nice little benefit yes, but I'm sure LG didn't design this to substitute a compact or a shaving accessory. I rather think they did to make it stand out from other memory sticks on the market, and it does. Many USB flash drives look very plastic and cheap, the see-thu coloured plastic is a personal gripe which I think looks awful. Solid black plastic or such like is quite dull and reminds me of PS2 memory cards or Gameboy cartridges . Although there are a lot of great USB sticks out there, their aesthetics are not pleasing to the eye with bulky and lego-brick style shapes. So the look of this flash drive is quite refreshing and kind of 'cool'.

      It is light and has a grey neck-band (printed with the lG logo) which is not an obvious ribbon, so doesn't make you look like a silver medallist from the computer programming championships. It's compatibility is impeccable! I have used it with over 10 different computers and it had never failed to work correctly first time. No additional drivers or software are needed, it just plugs in and off you go. It has a cap that protects the USB terminal, which matches the design of the unit. Unlike some other USB sticks I have used, the cap doesn't work loose or fall off, and fits very snugly onto the stick. While the device is active, it blips a red LED, which is invisible under the mirror coating when not in operation.

      --A Matter of Memory--

      The central question though is how it works in a day to day environment, and does it do a good job at storing and transferring data? Quick answer? Yes, I t does, with a but...

      ...It's memory capasity is good, but that entirely up to you the user, you choose the memory size. It can hold a fair amount of data. Many word, spreadsheet or HTML documents will be stored easily. A entire basic websites coding could fit onto it. (I have done this) This of course does not include video files or special website enhancements such as Flash. On the music files, it can hold quite a bit, certainly a good portion of an iPod's range. I have not maxed out it's MP3 capacity, but I would think it could hold around around 400 tracks averaging at 5MB per track. Of course, at a maximum of 2GB, high quality MPEG or AVI will drain it very quickly, I have put 2 full length near-DVD quality films on it, just, so it's not the USB for you if you need it for video's.

      For data and MP3's, this is a great little device, but now to my 'but' as I said before. This device does sometimes take a little while to get going. The file transfer rate could be a little better, and sometimes does take quite a while for a copy to be completed. This seems to happen a lot more with Laptop's, as the 4 have used it in it behaves in the same manner. This is a shame, because this is the only problem with it, otherwise this is a good purchase and an essential computer peripheral for your day to day copying needs.


      In conclusion I am happy with my purchase of this device. It does what I need it to do, is easy to use and looks really good. The slower transfer rate is a nuisance sometimes, but this doesn't ruin the product as whole. A good reliable purchase at an affordable price.

      Also posted on Ciao.co.uk. Thanks for Reading


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      15.07.2008 16:04
      1 Comment



      Absolutly fab little thing, totaly reliable.

      Great little product. I bought it as I use several computers on several operating systems (xp, 2000, mac, linux etc) and it's plug and play compatible with all of them. Always works well and has never corrupted. The other great thing about this product is it has one side of it is a mirror (hense the name) - so girls, perfect for when you loose your make up bag and just need to check your face, very multifunctional. 2GB is a good size you can carry about everything you need on the go. LG are a very reliable company my old mobile phone was with them and never broke despite many knocks and drops and scrapes so I imagine this little thing will last me a life time (It's already survived being covered in Creme egg!) And its reasonably priced (mine was from Argos for £20) I know you can get other brands a bit cheaper but I feel I have paid what I feel a small ammount extra for great quality.


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    • Product Details

      USB Flash Memory drives are the coolest way to store and move your data. Everyone can now store and transport documents, pictures, presentations, music and video files quickly and easily.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: LG USB Drive Mirror - USB flash drive - 2 GB
      Product Type: USB flash drive
      Storage Capacity: 2 GB
      Interface Type: USB 2.0
      Enclosure Colour: Reflective silver
      Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7