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Maxell USB 2.0 Flash Drive 1 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2009 22:09



      If you are looking for a small capacity drive for a good price then this is a great little gadget

      Picked up one of these Maxell USB Flash Drives with 1gb storage following my wedding as we wanted to send the pictures to family members who don't have broadband access and so when we spotted this little flash drive for £4 in our local supermarket my wife and I decided to give it a try.
      Took this home and clicked it into the usb port and saw a little light come on and flash a couple of times then go on continuosly so decided to try and copy some photos from the hard drive and paste these straight to the flash drive which it did without any problems and silently.
      The metal usb plug is retracteable which makes this a nifty little gadget as many flash drives have a lid or something to flip in place to cover this up...the design is simple yet lightweight and this is not one of those little gadgets that you feel will snap in your hands which makes it a great little gadget with a price that is exceptional.


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      23.10.2008 02:04
      Very helpful
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      An overall good little product

      It is a small device that has a USB connection that enables you to store files on it. You simply add whatever file you want to the device once it is plugged into your pc and they are then saved on there as well as your computer should your pc break and you need to reload files back to your pc.

      How big is it?
      The device is about 2 inches in size - the thing I like about it is that rather than the USB bit sticking it has a small button that you hold and slide which then tucks it back inside the plastic cover. This stops it from getting damaged. There is also a small bar that allows you to attach the strap that comes with it should you want to carry it around your neck.

      How does it work?
      Well you simply plug the device into the pc by putting it into the USB port and your pc will detect the device - on this particular one when I then opened up my documents file I could see it listed as a 'removable device' - I simply dragged all my files I wanted to store to it and it copied them over. Once I had copied everything it could fit on it I simply clicked to say 'remove safely' and when it was ready to be taken out it told me! Very easy to use overall as none software to install just plug it in and it works.

      How fast is it?
      Well I am not very technical so I couldn't tell you how good it is in terms of a generalisation against lots of others out there except another brand of pen drive that I also now own (which I'll review separately!) but, when I first used it seems to do OK and it didn't take too long to upload a file to the pen drive. However when I compare to the other I then bought it is definitely slower although I wouldn't really let this put you off the product. It took about 2 minutes for it to transfer a folder with just over 200 pictures in it. As long as it does the job though I don't really mind!!

      The pen drive cost me £5 from Asda and this was actually on offer too - as I mentioned before, I did then actually buy another pen drive from the internet which cost me only £6 more including postage for a 4GB! So obviously if not in a rush to get hold of a pen drive then order online as there are better bargains to be had than what I paid - in fact this particular model I have seen for less than what I paid on various sites so do shop around!

      Overall opinion:
      I am quite chuffed with this product for two reasons - one is that I like the fact that you can retract the USB port and the second main reason is that it held a lot more files that I had anticipated it to! I expected it to hold approximately 400 pictures due to the size of the GB but, when, I actually transferred them I actually managed to get it to hold just over 1000! A huge bonus for me when I was panicking that it wouldn't hold nearly enough of my precious pictures! So for me this product was a fantastic one - yes it's not as fast as other models but if you just need one quick and this was the only one available to you I would certainly suggest you buy it!


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