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Maxell USB 2.0 Flash Drive X Series 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2008 05:57
      Very helpful



      good one

      Right now everything comes in a single hand, I mean almost everything right now can be hold in a single hand. For example telephones, before they are just available at home or on telephone booths, and they have this wire connecting to a communication cable. But now no one in this world can't have phones, a wireless and very handy phone. Cellphones are the most important communication gadget right now and you can hold it in a hand, for texting or for calling.

      Another one is computers, we all have computers at home for doing projects in school, for playing and for surfing the net. Computers have CPU, monitor, and keyboard that's the main parts of a computer and they are in our house. They also have wires connecting to cables for electricity and for internet network. We store everything here, pictures, videos and lots of documents, this gadget is a must in the house. But now there is a laptop, a very handy computer that you can carry around. Its like a notebook that you can bring anywhere you go, and you can already connect internet networks here.

      And if you want a phone and a computer all in one you can also have it. Right now cellphones have computer access or internet access, you can surf the net, communicate with your friends and have business anywhere. That's the power of technology in 21st century anything is possible and handy.

      And for me another helpful discovery is a USB flash drive, its like a diskette, a diskette is a hard drive before that you can store your documents,or anything that you have in your computer. Its a back up drive that you must have, if anything gone wrong with your computer atleast you have this to save all your projects or documents. USB drive is the more handy version of a hard drive, a back up plan for you if ever you want to be assure that you have saved your documents.

      If you want a stylish and very durable USB flash drive I think Maxwell is a very good brand. Its very light that you can carry around, you can choose how big you want to have 128 MB or up to 2 GB, the bigger capacity it is the more files you can store. I have this one and its very helpful, just plug it in a computer and all the files that you save here will be shown in a computer. Plus its very cheap you can buy it in any computer shop.


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