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Memory 2 Go 2 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      28.12.2012 17:41
      Very helpful



      A great little 2GB usb pen



      The idea of having a portable hard drive is that it is easily portable memory which stores all your personal stuff from your computer such as work, photos, applications and other files. You can easily carry it around and use it on any computer with a USB connection - take stuff from home to work or from country to country without having to take a computer or clog up the computer with unnecessary things to store . It is also a back up for things you would not want to lose. We have a number of different external hard drives and keep photos and other information stored on both in case our computer crashes losing everything.

      Apart from the portable hard drives I also have several of these small pen drives which connect through the usb point on your computer. I tend to use these for transferring things from one computer to another. I have also sent photos on one of these to someone else as they really are so cheap these days.
      You can get desktop hard-drive which are bigger and need an external power supply but usually have more storage capacity. But my Memory 2 Go portable hard-drive has a storage capacity of 2GB which does most of our transferable storage.

      Memory2Go make a number of different sized usb pens and they range from 1GB as the smallest to a pretty large sized 32GB, with other sizes in between. As I said I have is the 2GB version and am pretty happy with it and can't see me needing anything bigger for what I use mine for.

      This little pen drive is really compact. It is made of hard moulded plastic and then the metal cover is silver metal and rotates over the USB connector itself. This is great as it does not require trying to keep a little extra cover but does protect the usb connection point. The pen is about 7cm long by 2cm wide and about 1cm thick, which means that it can be popped into a pocket or handbag and takes up little room. It does also mean that it is easy to misplace.

      I bought mine online but can't remember now how much I paid exactly, but it was around £5 as it was many months ago from Ebay not in an auction but a Buy it Now seller.

      All I did when it arrived was cut it out of the sealed plastic wrap over card, plug the pen directly into my usb socket on my laptop or computer. The computer found the new hard ware installed it and then I was able to transfer files by just sliding them across or 'sending' them to the pen drive.

      This little gadget works on compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP / Apple Mac 8.6+, 9.0+ and OS X. It is not compatible with Windows 95/98 It is handy that it also works on Macs as my step son constantly borrows mine which is a bonus for him but annoying for me as I have to nag to get it back each time!

      Taken from the product listing
      - Compact Modern Design
      - Rotating Cap
      - No Drivers Required: Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, - Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac 8.6+, Mac 9.0+, Mac OS X

      * Write Speed: 3MB/s
      * Read Speed: 12MB/s
      * Connection: USB2.0


      When my pen drive arrived from the Ebay seller it was in a padded envelope on a cardboard backing with a hard plastic seal which I had to cut off.

      With any item that you connect to your computer you must always be aware that you must never disconnect while the gadget is transferring data (Photos from camera or data like this to the hard drive). Finally when it has finished transferring always make sure you use e the "Safely Remove Hardware" option and then disconnect the portable hard-drive from the system.

      It is a tiny compact and smart little gadget . It is very light and easily fits in a handbag or jacket pocket. It is really quick at data transfer and is quiet and also does not seem to get hot at all but the I do not transfer huge files as this is only 2GB of storage.


      This has a two year manufacturer's warranty but fortunately so far - 9 months - I have not had to test this facility out.

      Thank you very much for reading this review and I hope it may be of some help to someone looking for a small hard drive for storage or backup or just share files and transfer data from one computer to another.
      I have been very happy with mine and would be happy to buy another from this brand.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my user name.

      © Catsholiday


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        12.03.2012 22:48
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice design

        On the basis that I only paid £2.99 for this memory stick and for that I got 2gb or memory I thought at the time I was getting a bargain and as this has proven to be a reliable memory device that also comes with encryption software if you need it then it has proven to be a great find. What I always look for when buying a memory stick, particularly one I plan to use for work and carry around in my bag, is how well the connector is protected as this is the vulnerable point on any device.

        There are various designs out there and I like anything that does not utilise a lid as I find these are prone to being lost. On this model by memory2go the cover which is metal rotates around to protect the connector, the cover pivits around the centre of the memory sticks plastic body and sits behind it flush to it when the usb is in use and then slides around to sit over the connector when it is not. It is secure and stays in place even when being carried in my handbag.

        It is easy to use as the first time it is inserted into your computer it loads the driver to operate it and then it is just a case of dragging and droping the files you want it to hold. Download speeds are pretty quick and it is compatable with Windows 7 and Mac.

        I certainly cannot find any faults with this device, it is well made and reliable, I have had no problems with it at all and given the price it has proven to be a real bargain.


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          27.02.2012 19:28
          Very helpful



          So much remembered in such a tiny space

          I've a bit of a thing for memory sticks, pen drives, flash drives, what ever you want to call them, but I have amassed quite a good collection of them over the years, with each one being as valuable as any other.
          Anyway, over time some have lasted the trials and tribulations that I have put them through whilst others have taken a turn for the worse, falling apart at the seems or shattering into bits on the street.
          Recently though I have been using a pen drive that I managed to get my hands on at a rather nice price, even if I'd never used anything from the brand that was stamped onto it, this brand being 'memory2go'. but since using this pen drive I am quite impressed with this particular product and the brand name has made a bit of an impression on me.

          The actual body is made of moulded plastic and the cover, which rotates over the USB connector itself, is made from a sturdy metal it is pretty well protected in case you drop this on some hard ground. As for the size of it, well it's about 70mm long by 18mm wide and about 9mm thick, which means that it fits so easily into your pocket without it digging into your thigh, or poking out of your shirt.

          The pen drive I have is a 2GB version although there are several different sizes, I'm talking GB internal storage size not actual body size, from a nice cosy 1GB to a very handy 32GB, with several sizes in between. But the one I have is the 2GB version, although I am that pleased with everything about it that I will no doubt invest in a larger version, maybe even the 32GB if I can get it at the right price.

          As with all data storage devices you won't get the full size indicated as each device need to take a slice of the memory space for its own little workings and the like, but this only takes a fraction of the space and you'll be left with enough space to store quite a bit of data.

          Using it is so simple as it has what is technically known as 'plug and play' which means that you simply plug it in and it loads its own drivers instantly, so you don't have to go through the rigmarole of loading CD drives or searching the web for what you need. And also that it powers from your PC so you don't need an external power supply.
          When you plug the pen drive into your PC it should come up as an external drive, then it's a matter of using the 'drag and drop' system, 'copy and paste' system or even the 'send to' method, they all work as good as each other. This will get your files onto, and even off, this pen drive....
          And it works on most windows OS, such as ME, 2000, XP, Vista and even 7, plus it works on some Mac OS too, which is a bonus for those with Mac

          So what about speeds...
          Well, this varies a bit, depending on such things as your OS system, CPU speed and other such specs, but on average you're talking 3MB write speed and 12MB read speed, which for a 2.0 USB isn't that bad at all.
          Plus it is back compatible so it can work on USB 1.0 without any troubles at all, although the speeds will be slower of course.

          As I said I have many different types of these pen drives, and have found that some of them hold their own 'problems' shall we say. Such as the drives with the lids, which the lids can easily go missing. Then there's those that slide in and out of the body, but I find that the sliding mechanism on some of these can become faulty and has forced me to actually take them apart to reveal the USB connecter so that I can get it into the USB port on my laptop. But with this type of 'swinging' cover flash drives they have solved both them problems in one go as the main connecter is not only solid, it is also protected by the 'cap' which can't be lost at all... problem solved without a doubt.

          As for the price, well this 2GB version is selling for around the £5.00 region, with the price varying for smaller GB version and larger GB ones.
          But a fiver for 2GB of easily portable storage, plus the fact that the connecter is pretty well protected from damage, is certainly worth investing in.

          In all, this is a cracking little pen drive which solves any problems that caps and sliders may come across, making this a very good idea indeed.
          It has plenty of storage space, fits easily into smaller pockets and is well worth the price you pay for it.

          This came with some built in encryption software but as I didn't need nor want this software I uninstalled it, so therefore I can't really comment on this software, but I can say that uninstalling it was as easy as uninstalling anything on a PC, just click on it and press delete, either that or 'format' the entire drive.
          But do remember that you won't get the full 2GB on show, you'll get 1.9GB, but it's still plenty of storage for a fiver.


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            03.09.2010 15:42
            Very helpful



            Average but does what you want from it

            Memory 2 Go - 2 GB Flash drive

            I can't remember how I got this memory stick, I think I might have borrowed it from someone and then didn't return it (I know terrible!!). It has now been in my possession for quite a while and it has had a rather busy life. As I have mentioned in previous reviews I was a student for quite a long time as well as then progressing to working within the university as a researcher, during that time memory sticks were an absolute necessity to the job. Nowadays if you have to move data about quick and efficiently then there really isn't any better way to do this than using one of these little USB memory drives.

            Personally something I look for in a memory stick is a solid casing that won't be easily damaged. I do look after these USB drives but I do tend to throw them in bags, squash them in pockets and sit on them with alarming regularity. This memory drive by Memory2Go has lived to tell the tale through a lot of wear and tear and usage. It doesn't look as pristine as it began its life but it does still look smart enough to be seen with.

            I also like the fact that this has no lid to lose, because I use a lot of these memory sticks I do find it annoying when they come with lids that are permanently attached. I take the lid off to use it, then get distracted and forget all about it when I remove the memory stick with the data as I go about my daily business. With this cap less design it is one less thing to worry about.

            Furthermore, if I was being very picky it would have been nice to have been able to attach this to a key ring or strap. However, it is nice and small so it does easily fit in most pockets.

            This memory sticks works really well and like most of all of these USB flash drives you don't need any expert IT knowledge to use it, just plug it in, transfer the files that you want, remove it and off you go with your data in hand. I have also never had any problem with data corrupting or not storing properly, this has always been reliable.

            At Amazon you can currently buy this for the bargain basement price of £4.28 excluding postage and packaging (a further £1.99).

            I tend not to buy memory sticks that are under 4GB these days, as I am always amazed at how quickly I eat up all that space. However, if you were after a cheap and reliable memory stick with 2GB of memory then by all means I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one.


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