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Mikomi USB 8 GB Flash Drive

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    2 Reviews
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      04.08.2011 11:43
      Very helpful



      A Decent Pen Drive Unless It Goes Wrong

      In this modern age we all store lots of data. When it comes to saving information on computers or laptops we are always told to back things up, simply because technology often fails and you can lose a lot or even all of your saved information. This actually happened to me about five years ago when our desktop downloaded something rather unpleasant and then pretty much imploded taking all my saved files with it. Due to this I have always made sure I try and back up anything I really want to save. For me that includes pictures, videos and documents.

      There are several ways to save information these days but one of the simplest and most reliable ways is by using pen drives. I don't have massive amounts of information so I have found just having a few pen drives lying around is enough to keep my mind at ease. The first pen drive I bought around three years ago was this one, the Mikomi 8GB pen drive. Back then 8GB was quite a large amount for a pen drive, now though you can buy much larger ones. I got this one on eBay and have been using it ever since.

      Another of the advantages of pen drives is that you can carry them around with you easily enough. Thus transferring your data onto other machines if the need arises. The Mikomi pen drive let's you do just that. This one comes with a two year guarantee so it should be fairly reliable.

      The pen drive itself has a nice look to it. As you can see from the image it is a nice black and silver colour, and there is a top that simply slips on and off. This top protects the important plugin section and keeps it from getting damaged. There is also a handy little loop at one end which means you can connect it to something such as a key ring, not something I personally have done but I have seen other people use this feature.

      So how easy is it to use. Well very I would have to say. You stick it into your computer and then simply download information on to it. The device easily plugs into my laptop, it's fits in smoothly and snugly. One thing I will say however about this pen drive is that mine seems to have gone a little faulty. The drive is full of photos that I have saved, about a month ago when I was looking at these I noticed that the last 100 or so have become corrupt. I assume this is something to do with the pen drive, since I discovered this I have not added any more files to the drive. Fortunately I still have the photos backed up on my laptop. But this is a pretty serious issue if this is a problem that starts to repeat itself on these pen drives.

      If you are wondering how much one of these costs then you are looking at around the £8 mark. The have come down in price in the last few years and will probably continue to do so as pen drives with larger memories are brought out. So value wise it is not to bad at all.

      Overall then I would say this is not a bad pen drive but as I mentioned it is a worry that some of my files have become corrupt. I'm not smart enough to understand if this is actually a problem with the device itself or if something else has happened to the files on the drive, but either way it is obviously a worry. So I would have to say this get a 3 star rating, it is simple and easy to use and a good price but there is a chance that it could go wrong and if you are saving important data then that could be a big problem.


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        03.07.2010 19:07
        Very helpful



        Great USB stick for extra storage

        I recently had to purchase a new USB stick after I accidentally put my other one through the wash! (Yes I'm that stupid!) This worked out better as it's a reasonable size and you won't forget to take it out of the pocket of your jeans before putting them through the washing machine.

        The design is very similar to the picture, it's a black and white design so works perfectly well for either man or woman if you're buying it for someone else, or if you want to be colour neutral it does the job. Or if you just don't care then hey, why not go with black? It's two rings at the end are good if you have a lanyard or something. I've attached mine to one so that I can hang it up when I'm done or keep it round my neck if I'm on the move, this avoids future water disasters and you always know where it is.

        The cap is easily removable but it can be a victim of lost property if not looked after properly. It is small so you need to keep an eye on it but I have found it fits onto the other end of the USB stick well (like when you put the lid of a pen on the end of a pen). This is a great solution to keep it from getting lost.

        Data Storage:
        As I have a lot of photos and media files that were clogging up my hard drive I wanted something that would free up the space. 8GB was perfect for this!
        With an 8GB USB stick you can store:
        1000+ Photos
        100+ Documents (depending on size)
        300-500 videos (again depending on size)

        If you're storing movies on your USB stick I would check to see how big the files are as they can take up more space and will reduce what else you're able to put on the drive. It's the same for photos and documents.

        How to use:
        This USB stick is simple to use like most other USB sticks. You simply plug it into either your PC or Mac and it takes a few seconds to install itself. If you're using a PC a analog box will pop up and you get the choice to open the file and view the contents as well as a number of other standard options. Also on a PC you'll find the USB listed under the 'Computer' section of your Documents area.

        This USB stick is compatible with Windows 7, XP, ME, 2000, 98, iMacs and Macbooks and is USB 2.0 which means super fast speeds. This stick is also very light so shouldn't be a problem to carry around.

        8GB USB sticks unfortunately don't come cheap, mine was around 25GBP, but you pay for the space. It's a good design for a USB stick and available in shops such as WHSmiths, Argos and possibly cheaper on Amazon.

        So if you're looking for a stylish USB stick to store large media files, photos or documents then definitely pick this one, it makes a good alternative to an external hard drive and is probably a lot cheaper as well. I've so far had no problems with this device but I was assured that if problems arose I could take it back to the store.
        I think the design is suitable for it's purpose and fits well with most standard black laptop or PCs and compliments other computer accessories well


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