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PNY Attaché 2 GB

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4 Reviews

PNY Attaché - USB flash drive - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB

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    4 Reviews
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      21.10.2011 16:09
      Very helpful
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      Um... its a USB memory stick. And it works. That's about it, folks

      ** Introduction **

      As with camera memory cards, I tend to build up a collection of USB memory sticks that, in truth, is excessive and could do with some rationalisation. However, being the disorganised person I am, I tend to leave data on sticks willy-nilly unless it's actually important, and so I often find it easier to buy a new one than actually to cut down! I've had this particular PNY Attaché stick for about three years now, and I think it was the first 2 GB stick I ever bought.

      ** Looks **

      This is a fairly compact stick, albeit not as tiny as some of the more recent models. Personally I welcome that, as I often think modern components have become rather too small and fiddly for their own good. It's largely a neutral light grey, but an unusual feature is the orange transparent plastic accenting. Yes, orange. I don't know_why_ that colour was chosen, and I'm not entirely sure it works that well, but you won't mistake it for anything else!

      I don't know whether this was standard issue, but my stick was bundled with a PNY-branded black fabric lanyard. This is slightly thinner than some, which means that it's not quite as comfortable as it might be, but given the lightness of the stick itself it probably won't bother you too much. The connector between the lanyard and the stick is rather annoyingly bulky, though, and it's also a bit of a pain to get the stick off it; you really have to force the metal sections apart.

      ** In use **

      This stick did not come with any software installed. No help files, no bundled clip art, no "useful" security software, nothing. This might be a drawback to some, but to me it was a major plus point. One of the first things I do when I get a stick that does have those extra bits and pieces is to reformat it to give myself all the space to use, not just the portion the vendor provides by default! On that note, I've had no problems in formatting the stick (with the free GParted application).

      As you would expect, the PNY Attaché is a USB 2.0 product, which means that it's reasonably fast in use. 2 GB being a relatively small capacity (how I'd have boggled at that phrase even ten years ago!) there's no real waiting to be done unless you're transferring absolutely enormous files, and even then the delay is well within the bounds of the acceptable. When the drive is in use, you get a rather nifty orange light which matches the orange plastic.

      ** Buying and verdict **

      Back in 2008 a 2 GB memory stick was still seen as fairly substantial, and the price matched that: I believe I paid in the region of £15 for mine - not all that expensive even then. Nowadays two-gig sticks are almost considered obsolete, and a browse of eBay turned up the odd example for around the £8 mark. For some reason, though, they do seem to be quite scarce second-hand; it's not for any lack of durability, as like most USB drives the Attaché is very robust. Three stars, as it's an unexciting but solid product.


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        09.08.2010 15:09
        Very helpful
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        A good buy if your on the move and need to transport information

        People on the move who need to take data with them have quite a few options avaliable; from Floppy disk's to CDR's and Netbooks to Portable hard-drives. I am one of those people. Im a teenager studying and in most/nearly all schools have moved along with time and are using computers to teach and learn. There are many coursework assignments that need to be handed in and they expect students to have access to a PC and to have a Flash-drive of some sort. A few months ago I lost most of my coursework because I misplaced my Drive, because of this it put me back a long time on assignments and it was my top priorioty to buy another. So I gave my mother some cash to go out and buy me a decent sized Flash-drive that I could use for transporting data to and from college.


        The PNY Attach'e has a decent sized memory, 2 GB is enough for someone like me who; Types up on Microsoft word, Makes powerpoint presentations, Calculates in excel and designs images in Photoshop. For someone who actually takes an IT Diploma for example, this may not be big enough so have a rough idea of what you expect your coursework to take up in memory. For someone who takes their business on the move then they should look for a MUCH bigger Flash drive maybe look into purchasing a portable hard-drive.

        User friendly

        Once plugging it into your USB port there is no setup required as the computer should detect the device, if it doesnt there is probably a fault with the Flash drive or the devices are blocked via the control panel. I can save everything I need to the Attach'e in the right format, as long as you save and open in the same format, there will be no changes to the original and should work.


        The design for the Attach'e is a swivel, allowing you to move the USB 360 degrees and the case can also protect the USB from damage. It can either go into the case so it is hidden, or can be swiveled 180 degrees so it is facing away from the case and into the Computer.

        Overall i give it (4)****out of (5)***** stars


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          04.12.2009 11:39
          Very helpful
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          Worth buying

          To keep pace with the rapid speed of modern life and the increasing application of computer technology it has become imperative to have gadgets which could be used to carry data along with you while traveling, going for an attendance in an important meeting or just making the fun of sharing your memorable moments with your friends.
          There was a time even in the nearest past when people were happy writing their required data on CDs and DVDs for which softwares are required and naturally time became a factor. And again the data that you can write or store on a CD or a DVD is limited to a large extent. The commercial part of it also became a factor. There are re-writable disks but even then ultimately due its disadvantages, technologist started to look for different sort of portable storage devices and hence the advent of flash drives.

          Now what are flash drive?? Lets look into it with technology in mind. A flash drive is a SSD (solid state drive) using flash memory. Hence it has all the attributes of a hard disk drive interface. A SSD using SRAM or DRAM is often called RAM-drive. The non volatile flash memory is used to develop tough and compact devices. The best part of it all is that they don't require any batteries and hence very handy like 1.8" to 3.5" in size. Also since flash memory is non volatile sudden power outages do not in anyway hinder its performance. In fact they perform better than hard drive due to their negligible seek time.

          Flash drives are compatible with PC/MAC laptops and desktop computers. The best part of a flash drive is the ease of use, just jack it to your computer and start transferring data, picture, video files, no softwares required.

          The attaché in discussion has a storage space of 2 GB (gigabyte) just think of it how much data you can carry along in your pocket. I really loved the look of it, very sleek indeed. Excellent device.

          As an after thought it's better to add a note of caution, flashdrives are prone to viruses since its an open device, so before starting to use it please be patient and format it, just right click and choose "format" from the drop down menu, enough.


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            10.01.2008 11:55
            Very helpful



            PNY Attache - 2GB Memory Key Guide

            Titled: PNY 'The' data device comPaNY'
            Attache Memory Key - Storage - 2GB- DooYoo Review 10/01/08

            ~ PNY Technologies, Inc - The start-up ~

            Well known for it's data storage facilities for computer components PNY was launched in 1985, and was called PNY Technologies, Inc. It's products for the computer grew and evolved through the times of fast technological growth. Today, more or less everyone who has used a computer has had a PNY product nearby, and this is why it is a leading manufacturer for computer aided products. Their endless number of products are used for applications that are used in high-end computing; the internet users uses PNY to help with applications to load up notebooks and intranet servers. PNY can also boast at being at the cutting edge of storage devices and graphic card accessories, digital cameras and PDA devices. PNY is a continuing growing retail market brand for re-sellers and for the wholesaler market throughout the US and Europe.

            Web link URL: www.pny.com

            ~ PNY - Vast Memory Solutions ~

            PNY was one of the main benefactors within this market for over 15 years, due to it's high performance the compatibility to many major brands in Laptops and Software and PC applications is unsurpassed by any of PNY's rivals; making PNY the most globally used product/company in computing and portable device terms.

            ~ PNY - Vast FLASH MEDIA Solutions ~

            Because PNY is the most used brand globally within computing and portable device terms; their capabilities are vast in Flash Media Solutions. This includes media packages such CompactFlashTM, SmartMediaTM, MultiMediaTM, and SecureDigitalTM . Therefore, enabling the best form of flash media devices; which is priceless in a media hungry Western World. PNY vast Flash media solutions are compatible with most hand-held digital devices.

            ~ PNY-- USB Attache Flash Drive -2GB ~

            USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - The USB is a universal port for all computer component/devices to be connected using a single interface socket. The port is an instant activated port when a new piece of hard-ware is connected so the computer will automatically recognize the hard-ware source; therefore no need for re-booting. The PNY Attache; is a clever device that swivels within itself as a means of protecting the head-pin. No cap is required, as the whole memory key is an all in one device. By just pulling out the centre and a swift rotation and a click, the key is ready to be used; along with a very quick driver reaction speed, and your up and running; now all ready to transfer data to and from PNY - Attache memory key.

            ~ PNY - The 2GB of memory ~

            The 2GB of memory is the amount of space that the USB Drive has available in storage on that particular drive. Please note that when the drive is full no further files will be able to be transferred and a prompt will appear claiming this. What I have found is that when transferring data across from PC to the key it certainly has a fast transfer rate and this alone could make you unaware of what size files you are transferring, and it is deceptive.

            ~ PNY - Built to last testimonials ~

            PNY attaché was especially designed for a youthful student market in mind - late night working followed by late nigh socializing. You can do practically anything to this key; it won't break; it is even water resistant as many testimonials claim. It certainly very durable, and if your prone to a few minor accidents yourself and often lose all your data in a fast spin wash, the attaché could well be a friend for life. Still it has no flashing light to let you know it's nearly full of data; or bleeps when it is replaced; but at least your friends can drop it in your pint for a laugh and not even a flinch from yourself. The attaché is built like no other key I've test driven.

            ~ The PNY Price ~

            The price for a 2GB PNY attaché Flash drive at retail price is still a respectable £12.99, I got mine from Dixons instead of www.dabs.com just to see what the monetary comparisons were like, I was impressed. You can get the same product from the US for just 16.00 USD (£8.00) plus P&P - Worth every penny -- 9/10 value for money.

            ~ PNY - Verdict ~

            Please note: If, you have found the PNY on the side irritating, I'm sorry it is just due to the fact I've done so many reviews based around these devices that it is a form of product identity recognition for myself. I will give this flash memory device 9/10. It is surprisingly a simple design for a clever contraption. The only thing that it lacks is style and a key ring piece. However, for functionality it ticks all the right boxes, and few extra ones as well.

            Thank you for reading this review.

            I'm happy to answer any questions.

            copyright - 1st2thebar - 2008


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          • Product Details

            New Iconic design for the popular Attaché! User-friendly and high performance, the PNY Attaché is the first to feature an invaluable rotating cap and a sleek, minimalist new design!

            User friendly, enjoy the capless concept and no longer care to loose your cap while using the rotating function! Keep all your data in your pocket!

            Technical Data

            Product Description: PNY Attaché - USB flash drive - 2 GB
            Product Type: USB flash drive
            Storage Capacity: 2 GB
            Interface Type: USB 2.0
            OS Required: Apple MacOS 8.6 or later, Linux 2.4 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / 2000 / XP
            Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty