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PNY Attaché 8 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      20.08.2011 18:18
      Very helpful



      Good quality flash drive at a good price

      I bought this smart little flash drive maybe a year ago at Curry's. They had it on special offer for around £8 which seemed a bargain for 8 GB. I'd not heard of PNY but I figured it was worth the price considering how much more other flash drives cost of the same size.

      Like most small electronic items - it was like getting into Fort Knox to open it but at least its secure I guess! The drive is probably a little over an inch in length and about one cm in width and depth. It has a little hook which I guess is there if you want to attach it to a keyring. My flash drive is a bright blue which is hidden by a black casing, you pull the two apart and spin out the bit which goes into the USB slot. Once plugged into your PC or laptop it flashes red whilst it is in use.

      As mentioned I got this about a year ago and its not had heavy usage but it has survived postings and being lent out and it still looks as good as it does the day I bought it.

      Generally I don't tend to use flash drives for anything other than lending them to friends with photos or vis visa. I lent the drive to a friend with about 8 or 9 episodes of Lost on and it seemed to work pretty quickly. It didn't take too long to transfer on to the stick - I'm by no means up on how long it should take but (and I'm not the most patient of people...) I started the transfer and came back about 30 minutes later and it was all sorted. I think that's the only time I've ever managed to fill it up. Normally 8 GB is perfect for my usage and it's handy to know that I can fit more data on there should I wish too.

      All in all I was very happy with the flash drive and still think I got an absolute bargain seeing the current prices of them!


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      04.07.2011 07:27
      Very helpful



      A great piece of kit that does it's job with a nice twist

      USB flash drives are now extremely popular and nearly every household will have atleast one of these now. They are used to store data ranging from photo's to videos to documents.. practically everything that a hard drive on your pc or laptop stores a USB flash drive can but in smaller quantities.

      The advantage of flash drives over things like CD's etc is that they can hold alot more data, and are also very easy to carry around. They also seem to be safer and have less chance of losing data as unlike CD's etc they can't be scratched. Also, USB flash drives will fit into literally every computer/laptop for the last 10-15 years with as they all now have USB drives, so if you had a small netbook you could still use one of these but you couldn't use a CD as they don't have CD drives!

      This PNY USB flash drive cost me roughly £10 from what i can remember, it was 2 years ago. The pakcaging is a simple plastic box wich you cut to open and thats it really, nothing else.

      The design of the product is what is most intriguing about it. There were many other 8GB flash drives right around this one on the shelves, but there was one reason why I chose this over the rest: It was different to the plain old boring ones which you just pulled a lid off. This one has a spin mechanism where you pull it down then twist it 360 degrees to use. This is great as it means you'll never lose the lid and it will always remain safe in that regard. It is also very cool and is quite fun in your hand when your just sitting there reading something on the web and twisting it around. At first it actually took me a while to figure out how to open it as i thought it just need to spin it but it wasn't moving! I didn't realise you had to pull it down then spin it, and when your finished spin it back into position and then push it up.

      There is 2 medium size square holes at the top of the stick which is for attaching it to a neck string or to your keyring. My dad has one of these and uses it on his key ring so he never forgets to take it with him as he never forgets his keys!

      The version I have is 8GB. It is enough for what i need it for which is for documents and essays. In fact for that alone it is way more than enough and really a 2GB one would suffice. However, i got this as i thought I may as well just get it and use it for my stuff but in the future if i need to use it for video's etc then atleast i have one at home. This came true pretty quickly as at the time i bought this i was using an older laptop and since then i have had 3 different laptops so this became extremely useful in transfering things over like music files and software programmes.

      This PNY usb flash drive is very simple to use like every other flash drive out there: simply plug it into your pc or laptop and wait a few seconds for a message to pop up allwoing you to view the folders on the drive. On some pc's or laptop you may have to go into 'My Computer' and click on the flash drive for it to open up so just be aware of that if your not a computer savvie!

      This product is very durable. Various reviews suggest that this can be dropped into water and still work. I haven't tried this myself but it has happened to a different flash drive as i accidently left it in my trouser pocket which went into the washing machine..! That did actually work after so if people suggest that this usb drive is water proof then i do believe them as i have experienced it with a cheaper flash drive. There is also no fear of the twist mechanism of breaking as it just doesn't seem the type to do so unles you actually pull the to ends apart really hard!

      All in all pefect usb flash drive. 8GB is more than enough for most simple things and it is a very durable and solid product. The colour doesn't exactly stand out from the rest as it is just plain black but the mechanism of opening, spinning and using the usb drive is different from the rest and that's why I bought this over any of the other ones available. The price is also good at around £10 as this is the price roughly for other 8GB ones anyway so this is definately worth it!



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      29.01.2008 17:18
      Very helpful



      The 8GB Attache Flash Drive Guide

      PNY Attache - 8GB
      Attache Memory Key - Data Storage - 8GB - DooYoo Review 29/01/08

      ~ Who are they?~

      PNY have been part of computing since their launch in 1985. Most brands have a bit of PNY application either already installed or have a piece of hardware as a complimentary accessory.; their data storage facilities for computer components are well documented. Originally called PNY Technologies Inc; they are better known as PNY. In the mid 1980's, data storage was pre-historic and all the products were 4ft cabinets and weighed a ton; compared with today's data storage products.

      PNY can also boast at being at the cutting edge of storage devices and graphic card accessories, digital cameras and PDA devices. PNY is a continuing growing retail market brand for re-sellers and for the wholesaler market throughout the US, Asia and Europe.

      Web link URL: www.pny.com

      ~ Application solutions ~
      Top of the tree for being one of the first main benefactors within this market for over 15 years. Exceptional performance in application solutions for brands in Laptops and Software. Their PC applications is unsurpassed by any of PNY's rivals.

      ~ Media ~
      The media part of PNY is the most well-known of PNY repetoire. Visual grahic cards to data cards, it is the most used brand globally within computing and portable device terms; Applications include; Flash Media Solutions. This includes media packages such CompactFlashTM, SmartMediaTM, MultiMediaTM, and SecureDigitalTM .

      ~ USB Attache Flash Drive -8GB ~
      USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - The USB is a universal port for all computer component/devices to be connected using a single interface socket. The port is an instant activated port when a new piece of hard-ware is connected so the computer will automatically recognize the hard-ware source; therefore no need for re-booting. The PNY Attache; is a clever device that spins within itselfas a means of protecting the PNY head-pin. No cap is required, as it clicks into place.

      By just pulling out the centre and a swift rotation and a click, the key is ready to be used; along with a very High Speed data reaction speed, your up and running; now all ready to transfer data to and from PNY - Attache memory key.

      ~ PNY - 8GB of memory ~
      The 8GB of memory is the amount of space that the USB Drive has available in storage on that particular drive. Please note that when the drive is full no further files will be able to be transferred and a prompt will appear claiming this. What I have found is that when transferring data across from PC to the key it certainly has a fast transfer rate and this alone could make you unaware of what size files you are transferring, and it is very deceptive, just be aware of that when storing amples of data files.

      ~ Checkout the testimonials ~
      PNY attaché was especially designed for a youthful student market in mind - late night working followed by late nigh socializing. You can do practically anything to this key; it won't break; it is even water resistant as many testimonials claim. It certainly very durable, and if your prone to a few minor accidents yourself and often lose data in a fast spin wash, the attaché could well be a worth a dabble. There is no flashing lights to let you know it's nearly full of data; or bleeps when it is replaced; but at least your friends can drop it in your pint for a laugh and not even a flinch from yourself. The attaché is built like no other key I've test driven.

      ~ Price ~
      The price for a 8GB PNY attaché Flash drive retail price is an affordable £32.99, I got mine from Dixons instead of www.dabs.com just to see what the monetary comparisons were like, I was impressed and the 8GB is a faster drive compared to other brands that do the 8GB of data storage. - 9/10 value for money.

      ~ Verdict ~
      I will give this flash memory device 9/10. It is surprisingly a simple design for a clever contraption. The only thing that it lacks is style and a key ring piece. However, for functionality it ticks all the right boxes, and few extra ones as well.

      Thank you for reading this review.
      copyright - 1st2thebar - 2008


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