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PNY Mini Attaché 1 GB

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2008 15:56
      Very helpful



      PNY - Mini Attache Flash Drive - 1GB

      Titled: PNY - Innovators of product design - .
      Mini - Attache Flash Memory Drive - Storage - 1GB - DooYoo Review 12/06/08
      ~ PNY~

      PNY was established in 1985, and was originally called PNY Technologies, Inc. It's products for the computer developed into a global force; and evolved through the times of fast technological awareness. The great thing about PNY is the their ability to re-invent and develop their product ranges. The vast number of products are a testimonial to 22 years of re-development and still be at the cutting edge of storage devices and graphic card accessories, digital cameras and PDA devices. PNY is a continuing growing retail market brand for re-sellers and for the wholesaler market throughout the US and Europe.
      Web link URL: www.pny.com

      ~ Data Solutions ~
      PNY is the main market leaders for the memory device era for over 15 years, due to it's high performance within storage data, PNY is compatible to many major brands in Laptops PC/Mac including software applications; so far no other company has surpassed PNY's achievements in adversity. Underling PNY as the most globally used product/company in computing and portable device terms.

      ~ FLASH MEDIA Solutions ~
      Because PNY is the most used brand globally within computing and portable device terms; their capabilities are vast in Flash Media Solutions. This includes media packages such CompactFlashTM, SmartMediaTM, MultiMediaTM, and SecureDigitalTM . Therefore, enabling the best form of flash media devices; which is priceless in a media hungry Western World. PNY vast Flash media solutions are compatible with most hand-held digital devices.

      ~ PNY-- Mini Attache Flash Drive -1GB ~
      The drive is an external drive that has a mandatory socket device that is able to connect via USB. The computer instantly recognises the addition and is prompted into action. No need for re-booting. The PNY Attache; is a clever device that swivels within itself as a means of protecting the head-pin. No cap is required, as the whole memory key is an all in one device. The main difference is the smallness; the Mini Attache is 7.2cm long; perfect to fit onto your key-ring without it sticking out like a sore thumb. The adjustable swivel motion is unique to all PNY products; and they are leading by example; this along with a very quick driver reaction speed, it's a quick starter when transferring files via USB 2.0

      ~ The 1GB of memory flash data~
      The 1GB of memory is the amount of space that the USB Drive has available in storage on that particular drive/key. Please note that when the drive is full no further files will be able to be transferred and a prompt will appear claiming this. What I have found is that when transferring data across from PC to the key it certainly has a fast transfer rate and this alone could make you unaware of what size files you are transferring, and it is deceptive.

      ~ Built to last testimonials ~
      PNY attaché is especially designed for a young student market in mind - late night working followed by late nigh socializing. You can do practically anything to this key; it won't break; it is even water resistant for those who like to play practical jokes, your out of luck. It certainly is very durable, and if your prone to a few minor accidents yourself and often lose all your data in a fast spin wash, the attaché could well be a friend for life. I would like to see some flashing lights for good measure; well, no flashing light to let you know it's nearly full of data; or bleeps when it is replaced; but at least your friends can drop it in your pint for a laugh and not even a flinch from yourself. The attaché is built like no other key I've test driven.

      ~System Requirements~
      Windows: 2000, XP, Vista; is recommended. This product is compatible on all computer platforms - PC/MAC. Check on specifications on the outer packaging for further details.

      ~ The PNY Price ~
      The price for a 1GB PNY attaché Flash drive at retail price is still a respectable £5.99. -- 6/10 value for money.

      ~ PNY - Verdict ~
      Initially, I found the PNY on the side irritating, I'm sorry it is just due to the fact I've done so many reviews based around these devices that it is a form of product identity recognition for myself. I will give this flash memory device 9/10. It is surprisingly a simple design for a clever contraption. The only thing that it lacks is style. It's clumsy look is awkward, though it is a clever piece of design. However, for functionality it ticks all the right boxes, and few unexpected ones as well. I'm excited at what else PNY has in store for us consumers. I must add the 1GB is not enough now for a storage device, so you can't store any media type files; or if you do, do it sparingly.

      Thanks for your reads.
      copyright - 1st2thebar - 2008


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