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Sandisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      17.04.2008 17:19
      Very helpful



      SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8GB Flash Driver Guide

      **SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive -- 8GB**
      -- USB Flash Drive 8GB --
      Title: 8GB of storage.. I'm not taking the Micro.
      (software installer supplied) Follow on-screen instructions for installation


      SanDisk, is known for having the world's highest volumn as in (sales) for data storage. -- No other data storage business has the retail portfolio that SanDisk has. They are based in California and boasts to be the first company to announce the introduction of the USB Flash Drive. They provide storage and multimedia solutions for the home and small business environments. ScanDisk in 2005, went public in the US. In 2006, their revenue was 3.3 Billion US Dollars.

      Their site is: www.sandisk.com

      Two years ago the company founded by Dr. Eli Harari in 1988; hit on the world's smallest memory card; The memory Keys were to be exported to over 200,000 major retail outlets. Branded the 'Titanium' a new 'Flash Drive' chapter was introduced. ScanDisk is now the biggest supplier of Flash Memory data storage. The innovated USB port added providing a versatile line of USB flash drives.

      The URL's for SanDisk memory keys are>
      -http://www.sandisk.com- (choose your country hq)

      - U3 Technology -

      This technology comes with the USB Flash memory stick. It is self explanatory The Skype program, is included. U3 is enabled with PC's which opporate with Windows 2000 or later. When the Key is inserted in the USB port of your PC the USB Memory start-up window will pop-up.

      - What does USB stand for? -

      USB - Stands for Universal Serial Bus - This is a standard port for computer components to be connected using a single standardised interface socket. Every computer has these ports to improve plug-and-play capabilities by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without restarting the computer, therefore saving time and losing any information through the rebooting process. USB ports are used by external devices such as digital camera's, printers, hubs, extra storage/CD/DVD drives etc.

      - The portable USB Flash Drive 8GB -

      The drive is also known as a key or a stick as seen above in the title. The length is 2 inches long with a socket at the end which goes into the USB port/hub on your PC. The PC recognises this device as an external device and when slotted in as a driver the PC will display the external drive. When clicking on the drive (which is extra storage) the drive which the PC will identitify it as DRIVE E, or DRIVE F or DRIVE G or even DRIVE H ; depending on how many drives your computer is running simultaneously. What is also useful when you have no other USB ports available on your PC is to get an extended port hub, the extended hub costs around 7.00 GBP.

      Many older brands of PC do not have as many ports as newer PC models.

      - 8GB of Flash Memory data storage-

      The 8GB is the amount of space that the USB Drive has in storage capacity. 8GB is twice the size of 4GB memory capacity. The device will allow that amount of memory on the key/stick at one time.

      The SanDisk is notable smaller than many other Flash Drive brands. They are stylish and can clip on your breast pocket or key ring for easy access. It is small enough to be recognised as a bluetooth piece, or microphone, except for the distinctive key shape. The 8GB memory capacity has been available for 7 months (retail); it has been used mostly for transferring uncompressed media files. It is a very valuable tool when sending data to different locations or moving via two workstations.

      - Flash memory drive -

      The Flash Drive 'memory ' is a method of storage speed. This particular drive works twice as fast as a lower spec memory drive. It reads at a transfer rate of 28MB's per second and that is halved when transfering data from the key to another workstation. However, the USB key can communicate from different digital components -- such as MP3 Players -- Digital Cameras -- Handsets -- and most digital devices. The speed won't be noticeable unless you are transferring a file of over 256MB; then the speed of transferring would be an issue. Flash memory facilities are a lot cheaper than other memory systems such as EECOM products. Flash Memory is still relatively new and has already made an impact on memory storage methods.
      During the mid 1990's; Zip drives (portable devices) were used frequently instead; they were 8 times bigger than the memory key and a lot heavier carrying around in a case. Furthermore has less than a third of the storage capacity. The memory stick is a much more friendlier device for compatibility/ travelling and data storage.

      - Colour -

      - Price -

      The SanDisk Cruzer Micro flash memory key for 8GB is £34.99. -- 8/10 value for money. It is worth a shop around as these types of storage memory components have always got a deal on.

      www.amazon.co.uk is a great place to start.

      -Overal opinion-

      The 8GB of capacity space provides much more media files, like hi-definition WAVS and MP3 sound files AVI files MP4 files for mobile content such as video and film clips, to be stored without too many file compression requirements. For years I had invested in software compression applications, before high - speed broadband was introduced. If you deal with multi-media for mobile devices, PC/Mac or on Laptops.

      Thank you for reading this review.

      DOOYOO - 1st2thebar - 2008


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