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Sandisk Cruzer Micro Skin 2 GB

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2012 10:48
      Very helpful



      A great little memory stick.

      About 3 years ago I felt the need to purchase a new memory stick or as they are also known, a flash drive. I wanted it mainly for moving files between my old and new laptops and for the occasional time I might need to take a file with me somewhere. I wasn't expecting to use it everyday and I wasn't expecting to want to store a lot on there either, so I figured 2GB of memory should be enough. Not being too technical minded when it comes to PC's and computer accessories I literally went to my local Curry's store and purchased what I thought sounded good and was within my price range. This turned out to be the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB flash drive with a Micro Skin.

      == SanDisk Cruzer Micro Skin, USB flash drive - 2 GB ==

      Firstly, I am not very 'tech minded' in the sense of knowing the detailed specs of things so I will be reviewing this flash drive memory stick from a 'me' point of view and detail to you the parts that I do understand and make regular use of so therefore have user experience of.

      Looks wise the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB pretty basic and like your standard memory stick. It is silver in colour and simply says 'SanDisk' on the front of it. On the reverse there is a small label for you to write on if you are using it as a permanent storage device or even just your name so you know it is yours! This label also tells you that it is a 2GB flash drive.

      This memory stick has a clear rubbery skin covering it, which I think feels rather nice. When I bought the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB it came with a little cap to cover the part that plugs into the USB port. I have however managed to loose this somewhere along the line. When I did have it though it clipped into place easily and removed easily. The cap fitted securely and very rarely fell off. I think I lost it due to my own misplacement rather than it falling off somewhere.

      The memory stick came with an instruction sheet written in English.

      == Using The SanDisk Cruzer 2GB ==

      Using the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is simply remove the cap and plug the memory stick into your preferred USB port on your computer. The novelty part of this memory stick is that when it is connected the end of the memory stick will glow in a nice orange colour! Yes, I know... small things!

      But anyway on with the review, I have a windows PC and upon inserting the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB I usually hear a little 2 tone beep which lets me know it is connected, I then wait only a few seconds and a little box will appear asking me what I want to do with the memory stick. Personally I always click 'Open Folder to View Files' as 9 times out of 10 I am swapping files around. Once I click this a new window opens showing me all of the files I have on the memory stick.

      The first time you use the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB it may take a little longer to pop up with the window as it will take around a minute to install any necessary drivers needed for the memory stick to work. This is usually all done automatically and you wont need to click anything.

      The speed this memory stick operates at is really quick. I use it a lot these days and I often transfer a lot of files at the same time which on my old memory stick used to take ages, however with this one I have found that the longest times I seem to wait is around 2 minutes and this is only when there are a lot of files.

      2GB of memory isn't exactly a lot these days I know, but for me I would say that 2GB is absolutely fine as it is usually smaller files like photos or Word documents which I am moving around and I rarely keep files on here for longer than 10 minutes!

      I have recently been using the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB on an Apple laptop and I can happily say I have had no problems with compatibility or speed, if anything the memory stick seems a little faster when I use it with the Apple. The only real difference I have noticed between using this memory stick on my Windows laptop and the Apple laptop is that when you plug it into the USB port on an Apple you don't get the window popping up asking you what you want to do with it, instead an icon appears on the desktop which you need to double click on to view the files. I have no personal preference to either the window or the icon as my main objective is to access the files and both methods are fast.

      == Other Information ==

      The SanDisk Cruzer 2GB is durable and strong. When it is plugged into my laptop I generally have no worries about it getting knocked or breaking when I pull it out as it is quite clear to see that it has been well made and it would take a reasonable force to break it.

      The SanDisk Cruzer 2GB dimensions are approximately 5.5cm x 2cm x 0.6cm which makes it easy to take everywhere with you. The memory stick also comes with a lanyard and clip which attach to the end through a secure plastic loop.

      == Problems ==

      So far I haven't had any problems with the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB. I have had it for around 3 years now and I am really pleased with its performance and the speed at which it works.

      == Price ==

      I paid £9.99 for this memory stick from my local Curry's store around 3 years ago. At the time I think this was a reasonable price, however I wouldn't pay this much for it now as I know you can get a larger memory for this price.

      == Overall ==

      Overall I would recommend the SanDisk Cruzer 2GB. It is little and hardwearing, I have had it for 3 years and it still performs well for my needs, plus I still like the orange glowing light ;)

      Thanks for reading :)


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      06.08.2010 11:48



      A good buy just abit small for me

      I've had countless usb drives over the years and this is one the of the better ones.
      The body is a solid piece of metal with the connector coming out of one end with a rubbery like skin. The drive size is a bit fatter than the connector width and the same depth the usb for its length. The case feels nice to the touch and it slides off so you can write on the label area of the drive, the label is selective about what will write on it. The cap is not attached to the main drive so unsurprisingly lost after a few days.
      The drive is fast and doesn't appear to slow down even near capacity, I use it regularly for usb boot disks. Even with almost daily use the wear leveling is working and no bad sectors yet.
      It looks like Sandisk (one of the better brands) are not making this in anything bigger than a 4gb which is annoying I would love to have a 16gb version if it was built just as well and speedy.
      These drives are near the middle of the price brackets making them affordable yet almost disposable.


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