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Sandisk Cruzer Titanium U3 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2010 14:17
      Very helpful



      Great for those who need a large amount of storage on a small stick

      The Sandisk Cruzer is my boyfriend's but I've used it that much myself I probably know more than him about it!!

      It's a nice silver in color (titanium - duh!) and the material titanium allows for it to be 4 times as protected a any plastic USB stick out there - and it works. The number of times it's been stood on or dropped and it works fine! It was on offer at the time, £15 I'm led to believe, but it cost him nothing as it was a present for College. They retail at about £20 now, which is almost worth the money really as it's not only very protected but it also has a rather large memory for a USB stick.

      At 8gb you can fit an awful lot on there; hundreds of documents, pictures, music files, even up to 10 films (with an average of 700mb per film) so it really is a useful little memory pen. We've even managed to fit all episodes of a full TV show on it that a friend had downloaded; it was only 3 series long but you get the gist of what it can do. It's roughly the shape and size of a normal memory stick, like carrying a small Clipper lighter round with you, but it is a lot heavier than the plastic ones. Personally I don't think I've ever noticed it sitting in my pocket until I actually needed it, but it does feel very heavy to touch.

      This memory stick is easy to install too; take it out of its awkward, plastic packaging (one of those where there is no way of getting in without scissors!) slot it into a USB port and away you go. The 'Installation Wizard' of your PC will talk you through the rest, and after a quick format (recommended!) you can copy and paste or drag and drop up to 8gb's worth of stuff to carry around!

      Although it was simple to install, it's been a bit of hard work trying to keep it working to be honest. After stealing some more music and films off his friend, my boyfriend managed to almost break it just by plugging it into his PC - we're still not entirely sure what happened, but the second time he used it after getting home it came up with that irritating 'error: must be formatted' message and that was it, everything lost! Of course after formatting it it was fine, and I myself think that it 'broke down' because he has a habit of putting it into everyone else's PC but not ejecting it safely, causing problems. I'm apparently wrong though, it just broke (=

      On that same note though, it is an idea if you're switching PCs often that you opt to eject safely, or just eject really. This can be done by opening the area of My Computer, right-clicking the USB name/drive and selecting 'eject safely'. Usually a pop-up appears with 'safe to remove hardware' but sometimes you have to eject it on another window before that message appears. This memory stick in particular (although I am wrong, don't forget) tends to need formatting more often than usual if taken from place to place and moved from PC to PC, so once a month I secretly copy everything and format it to make it run a bit better, and it does work because it hasn't decided to drop dead in the past few months so worth doing really.

      Of course, with the other types of storage devices you can get nowadays this may not be your first choice, but as something just for work or education it's really worthwhile. I think it would suit a teacher or a Uni student myself, just because it's easy to carry around and can hold a lot of info, and I think those are the two types of people to need something like this the most, other than the business men who like to carry their laptops around with a terabyte of space on them... Pocketwise, a good buy, and not too much space that you're worrying about it not being worth the money. Anyone, after a few moths at least, would be able to get enough on that USB stick for it to be worth it, guaranteed.

      Well worth a buy if you're needing a stick, but it's not for those who literally just want to carry a few Word documents around with them - anything under 2gb would be better for that, but looking at prices now you would be better off going for the biggest you can get in your price range. I have just found that a 1gb memory stick is the same price as a 16gb memory stick - work it out! They're well protected so it's well worth the investment in the long run, just don't forget to eject it safely!


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