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Sandisk Ultra Cruzer Titanium 16 GB

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 20:31
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      Never run out of space with a Sandisk

      I've been at it again, going out buying more and more flash drive/ pen drives/ memory sticks, (what ever you wish to call them), to copy all my data onto instead of buying the old fashioned CD/DVDs, to be honest it would be a lot cheaper to buy the CD/DVDs as they are selling quite cheaply at the moment but I seriously prefer the easier to carry Pen drives.
      I already have a shop load of pen drives as I find them to be a lot more reliable than a disc and a lot easy to transport without fear of scratches or breaks.
      So, after filling up yet another pen drive with all sorts of 'stuff', some of which I really haven't got a clue why I am keeping it, I had to go out and get yet another one so that I could continue to store my data.
      And the pen drive I had my eye on was from the well known Sandisk brand, (with a bit of a macho name attached to it), the Sandisk Ultra Cruzer Titanium with a belly of 16GB to store all your personal stuff.

      ** THE BASICS...

      * To use this pen drive you system should be PC with a Pentium processor, running Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista.
      * For Macintosh you will need OS X v10.1.2+
      And your PC will need a USB port for connection.

      * It's a good size, being approximately 70mm long by 20mm wide by a mere 10mm thick.
      * It has a read speed of around 15MB/s and a write speed of around 9MB/s.

      And it has U3 smart-drive technology pre-installed, (U3 smart is a way of launching a virtual windows O/S via a portable pen drive so that you can take your system with you... sort of), although I don't think much of U3 technology so the first thing I did was delete it from the pen drive, freeing up a little more space for my own data.

      ** MY OPINION...

      It's looks the part, and to be honest, a very similar style to a maxell pen drive which I have been using, with its retractable USB connection easing in and out of the good size body via a lovely little sliding button.
      This one has a sturdy silver plastic casing, which is supposed to be crush-resistant, with the very manly name 'Titanium' etched on the top, along side the brand name 'Sandisk'.
      The retractable USB connecter is firm enough so as not to slide back into the unit when you're trying to slot this into you PC.

      As it has a quite good size storage, being 16GB, so you can safely hold say up to 40000 good size pictures, around 4000 average size songs or hundreds, maybe thousands of videos, depending on there size of course. Plus god knows how much personal data it can hold.

      Anyway, as I said, I have so many of these things, with so many different brand names, some better known names such as Bytestor, Fujifilm, maxell and Transcend. And other not so well known names such as Ricco and Integral, ( although some people may find these brands are well known).
      Also, like all pen drives this one comes in various memory sizes, from 2GB up to the 16GB, which I have, (although I have been looking for a bigger size but have failed to find one as yet)

      The read/write speed is very good indeed, being at a transfer rate that is as fast an any of the more expensive pen drives, so there's no waiting around whilst you do your thing.

      As for the U3 technology, (created by Sandisk themselves in association with Microsoft), well, I have had other pen drives which have had this installed and I personally think it is a waste of space, so I always delete it straight away, although you may feel differently.

      What more can I say about what is essentially a storage device for you data, be it music, files, pictures or whatever. Well, it is a splendid little unit with a big heart, and, if you want to get something that is a lot easier to transport than a bundle of DVDs then you can get one from such places as amazon for around the £30.00 mark, although smaller GB units are a bit cheaper.

      So, those clever people at Sandisk have done it again with yet another brilliantly simple way to store more information with less cupboard space. Giving peace of mind to those of us who like to use pen drives as a way of saving there precious data.


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