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Sony Micro Vault Ultra Mini 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 16:40
      Very helpful



      Reliable pen drive but poor design makes it awkward to use

      I do a lot of photography so I always used to keep extra copies of files on pen drives so I could do
      a bit of editing when I was bored at work and then save the files to a pen drive and finish them at
      home. Although I have a portable external hard drive it usually sits at home as a back up so all my
      files get carried around on pen drives which are slightly more pocket friendly.

      One of my main reasons for buying the Sony at the time was I wanted to buy a known brand that I trusted after losing a pile of half edited photos due to a cheap Technika pen drive failing on me.
      Although I had all the original photos it meant going back to the start and editing them all again as although I was allowed to use the PC at work for editing my own stuff when we were quiet I wasn't allowed to save files on it.

      One of the things I liked about the Sony was the fact it doesn't have a lid it just slides out from
      the main casing as I've never managed to keep a lid for more than a month on any pen drive
      this seemed like a great idea. The downside of the slide feature is after a few weeks use it gets
      very loose and the tiny plastic slider is impossible to hold as you try to insert the pen drive into
      a USB port so as you insert it the USB connector is sliding back into the casing. This task is made
      even harder if the USB ports are slightly recessed or in an awkward place.

      The plastic casing also makes this slightly more awkward to use as it's pretty chunky and doesn't
      allow enough room for the pen drive to fit in some recessed USB ports particularly if there's anything
      in the USB ports next to it.

      The Sony works the same as any other pen drive just plug in and play with USB2.0 Hi Speed USB
      and a maximum read/write speed of 12mb/s 7mbs/s. As with most pen drives a portion of the 4GB
      memory is taken up with the driver software files so you don't quite get the full 4GB to play with
      leaving you 3.74GB of usable space.

      As a pen drives go this worked pretty well the file transfer is reasonably fast and more importantly it's never eaten any of my files:) After 4 years of rolling around in my bag or stuck in my pocket getting hit
      by everything else it still works fine although for some reason it won't work properly with my Vista
      laptop it still works perfectly with my other machines which are all still on XP. When I use this in
      the Vista laptop I can still view and transfer files but Vista is convinced the drive has malfunctioned
      or is not installed correctly so I get continual error messages I could probably update the drivers or whatever to fix this but as I don't use this much now I've never bothered.

      I usually clip my pen drives into the key clip inside my bag or hooked on my keys so I don't lose them
      but there isn't any way to put it on a keyring on the Sony. It does have a tiny recessed loop set in the
      end but it was so small it was impossible to thread even a thin wire through let alone a keyring.

      I bought the Sony 4GB USB Flash Drive in a sale around 4 years ago and at the time I was really
      pleased to get it for £16 which shows how much prices have dropped for USB pen drives considering
      4 years later you can buy a 32GB pen drive for £20.

      The Sony 16GB version of this is currently available from Amazon for £14.99. While I won't fault the
      reliability of the Sony as it has never let me down I would struggle to recommend it due to the
      casing design and slider mechanism making it awkward to insert in many USB ports.


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