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Transcend Jetflash V10 8 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2009 09:01
      1 Comment



      You don't have to worry to lose your cap of flashdisk if you have this product on you pocket

      I bought this USB Flashdisk about 5 months ago. At first, i don't really know that there were a brand named Transcend, all i know about USB Flashdisk brand name is Kingston. And my previous USB Flashdisk is Kingston 512Mb, white color, red stripe. Actually, i have bad experience with my old Kingston. Actually, my old Kingston Flashdisk has a good design. But my old Kingston, unfortunately for me, is a Flashdisk with a cap. And just one week from i bought my old Kingston, the cap already gone. Then i promised to my self, if someday i bought a new Flashdisk, i don't want a Flashdisk that have cap to protect it USB head.
      And then, 5 months ago, i decided that i need a new USB Flashdisk, that has a bigger memory size, and the design should be a capless one. And then i met this black gadget of Transcend. The memory is big enough, 8 Gigs. And the other good side of it is that this USB Flashdisk uses a sliding design! No cap at all! So i bought it, even i don't really know that there is a Transcend brand. I just fall in love at the first sight with this product! And the price is good also at that time.
      My experience with this USB Flashdisk, i don't have any bad experience! It works at it best every time i use it. I give this product 8/10 point.


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        12.02.2008 12:48
        Very helpful



        an 8gb flash drive with a lifetime warranty to keep all your documents and all file types :)

        I bought this 8GB Transcend Jet flash V10 a few days after the New Year. As you know I'm the sort of person who likes to walk around with lots of memory around me as I got loads of junk to keep.

        With the January sales flying around I had to walk around the shops and surf the net looking for real bargains. That's when I came across the 8GB Transcend Flash Drive for only £24.99 on Moby memory website, which is an internet shop that's sells a lot of gadgets mainly to do with mobiles and digital cameras. I did not stop their, I quickly added my 8GB Transcend Flash Drive to the basket and checked out, although I had to pay extra money for the delivery which was rather cheap.
        I really did not want to miss the chance of buying this 8GB Transcend V10 Flash Drive for the reason that I knew it would keep thousands of files including all my music, videos, pictures, word documents, presentations etc.

        When I got my 8 GB Flash drive within 3days I couldn't wait to open. It came in a strong plastic coated package, which I had to use a scissors to open as it was too thick to rip with my bare hands. The package was rather attractive indeed as it was black and blue in colour.
        The 8 GB flash drive was black in colour and had a white strip on the middle of its front with the manufactures logo (transcend).
        When I took the 8 GB flash drive out, it was really soft to the touch and rather slick to the eye. It was rather light as well; after all it only weighs around 10g, which isn't heavy at all.
        In the package was also a neck strap which I knew was going to be useful in keeping my 8 GB flash drive safe from getting lost as it would always be around my neck (well not all the time).

        First time I used the 8 GB flash drive, it was all simple and easy. All I had to do was take off the cap of the flash drive which covered the flash drive's USB 2.0 connection.
        I inserted the flash drive into my laptop's USB 2.0 connection port. Within a second of inserting the flash drive, a pop up came up on my laptop screen telling me a new hardware had been find. It didn't stop there, after another five seconds it told me that the flash drive was ready to be used. This was possibly the quickest I've seen a new hard drive being installed.
        After the installation it asked me if I wanted to set up a password for my 8 GB flash drive. I actually did not know it had a password protection; this was therefore a big bonus. It did gave me a peace of mind as I now did not have to worry a lot if I lost the flash drive for the reason that no one could really access my top secret documents or use the flash drive for their own personal everyday use etc.

        It's not only the password that protects this flash drive but also the PC lock software it comes with, this lets you lock your Pc whilst you go somewhere else, thus stopping people to look in your files etc. I have used this function once and it's all Easy to use, when you want to unlock the Pc all you do is enter your password and off you go again. I was rather impressed with his function, it really does save you from stressing out a lot and saves you time of having to switch off you computer and then come back five minutes later to turn it on. It's probably a good function mainly to those people with nosey kids whom touch everything after (I think mothers know what I'm on about) kids don't really think what they are doing, therefore could delete all you files (this has happened to me once, it's a terrible feeling).
        The 8 GB flash drive also has the boot-up function that protects the flash drive and the pc at the same time, making the flash drive more secure.

        Accessing the flash drive on my laptop was very easy; the transfers were very fast which saved me time.
        When you transfer your files the LED light helps you to note the status of the flash drive e.g. whether it is busy, in use etc. This has always been useful to me as I don't have to take out the flash drive before my files have finished transferring which could cause technical problems of course e.g. the flash drive could crush or maybe the PC etc.

        I would definitely recommend this 8 GB flash drive to those who want to keep their documents secure at all times. The flash drive is very small at only 6cm thus making it easy to fit in your pocket or handbag (if you don't want to use the neck strap).
        I don't exactly know how long the flash drive is supposed to last, but because it came with a life time warranty it basically means forever (unless you lose it).
        The flash drive is very easy to use, it might sound so complicated when you look at the name but it's not so complicated when it comes to using the flash drive.
        What is the V10 in the name all about? Well it basically means the Flash drive is a V-series, which is like the new series out in town in the jet flash generation, it suggests that it's faster than the previous models and has a better performance, though you could hardly notice the difference if you have an older version jet flash drive.

        I should say transcend has been around for a couple of years, but I hardly took note of them. However, after my experience with this flash drive I know what I will expect from them in the future, they do manufacture good products (maybe).


        ---The jet flash is compatible with many operating system including windows vista, XP, 98(second edition), 2000, Apple Mac O.S 9.0 or above, Linux 2.4.2 or above.

        ---I have not really seen this in many shops, the first time I bought it was the first time I had heard of it, but I did check it out on Amazon after I bought it to see if I had got a bargain and yes it was there for a cheaper price.
        However I am sure you would possibly find it in many electrical shops, however the price could be higher than the price I bought it at for the reason that the January sale is all gone now and the original price before was £39.99 for this 8GB Transcend V10 Flash Drive

        ---It has a life time warranty and it's black in colour.

        ---It also come in other memory sizes and colour (from 1 GB up to 16gb).


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