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Trekstor USB-Stick 2.0 CS 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2008 17:37
      Very helpful



      High Speed USB For Everyone

      The Trekstor USB stick 2.0 is the 2GB memory stick version in this range. I actually didn't consider really the brand name as I had never really heard of Treakstor before and wasn't one hundred percent sure if they were reliable. However when I bought it in Currys last year and they had on offer many different memory capacities, ranging from 512Mb to 16Gb.

      About It
      Bascially 2GB can hold around 550 songs, 400- 700 photos (depending on size of photos) and an hour of video. Of course this all depends of the sizes and quality but these are for the average person. This however was exactly what I needed as I wanted to carry photos, documents and songs. I was going to get the 1GB stick however I changed my mind as there wasn't much of a price difference so went for the bigger size.

      It had quite a lot of plastic packaging which was quite a put off but it didn't need it at all. It was in a big oval shape which was a lot bigger than it needed to be. It was covered in different languages and flags on the back as well. But I did recycle it, but it is a bit annoying. It also comes with an extension cable which I never used so just sold it on ebay for about 99p and a neck strap which is always attached to it. Nice. After getting over the packaging issue, I decided to try it out.

      It is really quite small and light. At only 7cm breadth, height of mm and a depth of only 8.5 mm it proves how small it is. Most USB sticks are like this however this was really handy as I can just put it in my pocket, or using the hook, on a lanyard. Since it is quite small however, it is quite easy to loose so beware on the front. I have lost it under lots of paper which is a bit frustrating but that will happen to everyone who has USB sticks.
      It is coated in metal (aluminum) which is really shiny and nice looking. I can't really get scratched which is good as if it is going to be in a pocket with my house keys! It has a lid which unlike my last annoying USB stick that kept falling off and damaging the port, stays on very securely. And of course you have the Trekstor logo, which after 6 months of use, has started to wear off which is kind of expected.

      Ease Of Use
      This is what I love about this USB stick. I took the cap off and stuck it into my USB port. The computer recognised it almost immediately and it came up on the right bottom hand side of the screen. I decided to try it straight away so got to work finding documents I needed (for homework etc) to take up to the main computer in the house which has the printer. What I had to do was just drag the document to the USB icon and it started to download it on.
      This was really fast and it did claim it was around, for read files 10 MB/s and write 5.5 MB/s. So basically to download it a 10Mb file onto it would take 1 second. Now thats fast.

      Can It Be Used On Any Computer?
      My notebook is a Mac Notebook (which I adore so much) and out main computer is a Windows Vista Dell. I did check that it was compatiable with both. It is supported by the operating systems Linux from kernel 2.4, Mac OS X from 10.3, Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista. So there is a huge range which is a big advantage as it can be used on so many computers and notebooks.

      I inserted the little USB stick into the other computer and I was away and ready to download files off it. The read performance is very good. The larger files, and large collections of small files can be read excellently and very quickly. The write performance wasn't bad for the large files for example MPEG4's, JPEG's and large ZIP files. However it is not very fast when downloading large collections of smaller files. I had this when I was downloading photos onto it, which had many photos. It did take a while but this was a bit of a let down. However it was a lot better than a lot of other USB sticks which would have had you waiting for hours.

      Price/Where To Buy It
      I bought mine at Curries for around £15. I'm not sure if they are avaliable now as I bought mine last year. I really enjoy using this USB and will keep on using it. You can buy it from Amazon still but many shops have stopped supplying this one. If you see it on Amazon, Ebay etc then go for it as it is a great buy.

      I was very impressed by this little 2GB stick. Even just 5 years ago, 2GB storage devices were quite big and now they are very small and just convient. I would recommend this to anyone wanting something reliable and fast. If you use a computer and don't have a USB stick then get one fast!

      Copyright- Scotlandizdabest on DooYoo!


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