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Trekstor USB-Stick CS-D 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2007 22:38
      Very helpful



      If you really need the space and portability, shop around and buy one!

      I have found the trekstor to be yet another essential gadget during my last year at college (along with my phone and my ipod). My previous pen drive had been a 512MB which i was impressed with at the time so I was truly shocked to learn that our I.T department was selling 8GB USB-Sticks and headed straight there. I paid £52 pounds for the trekstor 8GB although this was from my college I.T department. The following site sells the pen drive for £60.49 which is a great price: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=475266

      Having taken up Design as an A level i needed to handle large amounts of digital A3 sheets all full of photos and graphics. I never trusted the college computers so it was extremely useful for me to be able to back up over 1GB of work and put it in my pocket! I was impressed with the speed at which large amounts of data transfer from the USB stick. No speed has been lost in terms of file transfer rates in comparison with my old 512MB stick. As well as work, I store music and films on my pen drive so that i can sneak music into work without having to leave it on my work machine! The reason i can do this is that the USB-Stick is conveniently "plug and play". In other words there is no install disc to carry around if you want to use the stick in multiple computers. How very useful!

      Other than the mass storage ability, I also found the size and weight of the stick impressive. The £60 price tag is all in the micro-chip or "flash drive" that packs the 8GB punch within the same amount of space (about half the length of your space bar) and weight as the 512MB (bearing in mind that there are 1024MB in 1GB).

      Aesthetically the 8GB USB-Stick fits in perfectly with my new phone, my latest ipod and my laptop... essentially it looks the part. it is sleek and modern and almost looks like a space ship component due to its smooth aluminium exteriour and flashing LED light. The green LED fturns on when you connect to the PC and flashes during data transfer, just so you know everything is all working. There is one new feature other than the size that is very useful for people as clumsy as myself. the lid attachment has now been made so that once pushed over the USB end, it is water tight. However this does not mean that u should forget it in your swimming shorts, it just means that it will survive the accidental drop into a puddle or onto the wet pavement. Still very useful!

      If you really need the space or could do with a discrete way to increase the size of your laptop's hard drive then this is a great way to do it. i know that there is 1,2 and 4GB versions availiable. However if the 8GB does not impress you, you can always look into the Trekstor 15 GB although i think it is too scary! Not worth "putting all your eggs in one basket" and it would be a devastating loss considering the amount of info you risk losing there.


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