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Trekstor USB-Stick SE 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2011 13:59
      Very helpful



      Not a great product at all.

      From the images and videos I've seen, the majority of 'Trekstor' products seem to be at the top-end of the technology market, with the likes of the stylish 'AudioDock Cocoon' Ipod dock and speaker set and the 'Trekstor TV' digital television service system. But with this little product however, it seems the inventive brains of the company have failed to share the extent of their technological knowledge. The 'Terkstor USB-Stick SE 2 GB' is both under-powered and un-aesthetically pleasing in my personal opinion.

      What features does the memory stick have?
      With the 'SE' there is little in the way of any stand-out features not already existent in alternative memory sticks. The generic body of the device is used in many USB-sticks I've seen, and involves a rotatable silver plastic cover which is constently discovered at the bottom of your bag in completely the wrong position, not protecting the head at all (as it should). The back end of this device (unlike some alternatives) is a dark blue, semi-transparent component which attempts to make the stick look more impressive, but fails instantaneously. One simple feature the 'SE' has got right is the inclusion of a ring for the threading of string or wire to make the device easier to spot and transport.

      How does the device perform?
      This is a very standard rendition of a USB-stick and therefore it contains a data transferring unit which is also very standard - and consequently not very good in comparison with other alternatives. Despite the description on the site saying that the stick is a 'Hi-Speed' product, personally I have found that transferring data from computer to stick and vice versa is relatively slow - it still takes about 20-30seconds per 100-150 MB of data.
      One positive point about the devices performance is in regard to its 100% reliability in every aspect of operation - the device will never let you down, and if removed properly and 'safely' from the computer each time will last for years (by which time it will be unbelievably out of date and useless!).
      The device is only 2 GB in size, and when there are similar sticks with 32 GB of storage, this seems too little.

      The durability of the device is also unfaultable. As it weighs next to nothing and is made from very few, simply assembled components it can withstand multiple falls from large heights without taking a single bit of damage.
      For obvious reasons, this is NOT a water-proof object and it will fail instantly after being exposed to moisture at any level.

      Overall I think there are plenty of better alternatives out there, but if someone gave you one of these for free then do take it and make good use of it! - but watch for viruses what ever you do.


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