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Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Drive 1 GB

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2012 12:14
      Very helpful
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      Convenient way of storing and carrying information


      Two years ago my daughters needed USB flash drives to store and transfer their homework between home and school. Being for kids and money limiting as well I didn't want to invest a lot of money on these flash drives so I shopped around and came across this USB. There were 3 versions then, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB so I settled for the 1GB one and I ended up buying 3 including one for myself. I paid £5.99 for each one.

      ~MY OPINION~

      ~Appearance and Design~

      The USB flash drive is sold packed in cardboard backed package with clear plastic portion on the front which holds the product and also makes it possible to see the product enclosed. The brand name of the product is printed across the top of the packaging on the front. The packaging is simple, light and just ideal for the product.

      The Verbatim USB flash drives come in various colours but I bought blue ones. The Verbatim name and logo are printed in white on the top side of the USB and 1GB is imprinted onto the upper part of the metallic extension. The USB is compact and made of toughened plastic and is about six centimetres long.

      The key feature for this USB like the others in the "Store 'n Go" USB family is the retractable design which is meant to protect the USB connections when not in use. Because of the retractable design, the USB comes without a cap. This means no more searching for lost caps but is this really good?

      The USB has a white button for pushing and sliding the metallic extension in and out of the main frame. The connections are housed within the metallic extension. At the other end of the drive is a triangular hook which can be used to attach a key ring. The flash drive can therefore be attached to your office/home keys making it easier to find in hand bags/laptop bags etc.

      ~Ease of Use~

      Once connected to the computer, a blue LED light flashes to show that the flash drive is communicating with the computer. When the USB is plugged onto the computer for the first time, the computer acknowledges that a new drive is connected and USB operational drives are uploaded onto the computer. A little screen pops up on the bottom right hand corner of the computer telling you that the computer and the USB are communicating with each other. The light also flashes when you open the folders and files and when data is being transferred or saved.
      The auto play function enables the USB to automatically open up once plugged onto the computer so you don't have to search for it. Just in case the USB does not automatically open, you can search for it in "My Computer" and it will be there listed under removable storage devises.
      The flash drive is fairly simple to use. Simply plug into any USB port save files onto the drive or simply drag and drop your folders and files from another source.

      The metallic extension can either retract or can be pushed our using the white button and it comes in standard USB size that can fit in most universal USB ports.

      The flash dive is small, compact and strong. It is an easy and convenient portable way to store and transfer data. It is ok for storing and moving data between computers and in my case this is home work and projects between home and school computers.
      The storage size is ok but may be would have gone for 2 GB but not beyond as the flash drive is mainly just for storing and transferring files from one computer to another. In this day of fancy phones, iPods, my children tend to do quite a lot on their phones and iPods in terms of storing and accessing music, pictures, photos etc so the flash drive tend to be used just for data storage and transfer.
      The storage capacity determines how much you can store on the flash drive and also determines the price.

      Generally the higher the capacity, the higher the price. Prices however do vary with the manufacturer as well. Choosing what capacity to buy really depends on the intended use and for me 1GB was good enough at the time.

      When I bought these flash drives, the 1 GB was still fairly common nut now the minimum available for most flash drives is 2GB and they now go up to as high as 64 GB.

      ***The retractable metallic extension may sometimes bend so ends up not in alignment and this affects the retraction function. The retraction function can also jam at times. If the metallic extension cannot fully eject as expected, this also affects the connections and the computer failing to recognise that there is a USB flash drive in the USB port.

      ***This flash drive comes without a lid, mainly because it is retractable. With time though, dust and dirt may enter or accumulate which may affect the contact points and affect the efficiency of its operation.

      ~Technical bits~

      Verbatim USB flash drives come already preloaded with the software to enable to work as soon as you plug them in the computer.

      The flash drive comes with preloaded password protection software which is optional to use. This when activated allows you to make sure that your files are secure.
      The flash drive is compatible with Apple MacOS 9.0 or later, Linux 2.4.0 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 / ME / XP/ Vista.


      The Verbatim USB flash drive does what is expected from a normal USB flash drive, that is they are removable (can be detached from the computer), re-writable and are great for storing personal and professional data.

      It also comes in good size, good memory and is ideal for personal use. Yes I would recommend it as it does the job.

      Thank you for reading and rating

      © hilda11; April 2012


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