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Victorinox SwissFlash Laser 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2011 23:04
      Very helpful



      It's not just a handy tool...it's a S A K handy tool,

      A few month ago I was given a little box by a friend of mine who knows how I like 'wacky' things, especially if that 'wacky' thing is a little useful too.
      When she handed me the box I quickly opened it and was a little bemused at the ruby red gift inside, recognising it immediately as a 'Swiss Army Knife', but I already had one of these, which I had been using for a while now, and my initial expression must have shown this.
      But this 'Swiss Army Knife' was a little different to the one I was used to, this was in fact a more useful tool than I first thought, especially with it having two rather nice extra tools attached to it.
      And as I started to take out the 'attachments' from inside the handle I was pleasantly surprised when I un earthed one particular device which I knew would come in very handy indeed.

      This device, which I was given as a gift from my very good friend, is in fact the Victorinox Swiss-Flash with Laser and an 8 GB storage flash drive.

      Firstly, the boring bits...

      ** SPECS...

      * USB Swiss Army Style pocket knife with USB memory stick and laser pointer
      * 8 GB storage space
      * Hi-speed USB interface
      * 30 MB/s read speed and 23MB/s write speed.
      * Write protection slider
      * Ready boast

      Knife section includes...
      * Flash drive (USB 2, although runs well on 1.1)
      * Laser pointer.
      * Small blade
      * Small pair of scissors
      * Nail file
      * Screwdriver
      * Pen

      To use this your PC will need to have installed...

      * MS windows 98 SE, 2000 or above, (may not work on 7)
      * Mac OS 8.6 or later
      * Linux 2.4 or higher

      ** MY OPINION...

      When I was first handed this I wasn't that impressed, (no offence to my friend of course), as it just looked like a standard Swiss Army Knife, being approximately 145mm x 116mm x 22mm and weighing in at a very light 60grams.
      But when I unfolded the few tools attached I realised that this was in fact a bit of an upgrade to the standard S.A.K, (although it hasn't got as many tools as the more complicated ones).

      The knife casing is a ruby red, as red as the laser beam itself, (but it does come in other colours as I have since discovered), whilst the actual flash drive itself is transparent, with the USB connecter itself is a lovely gold colour, (although it's not real gold of course).
      The 'tools' inside the handle are very firm indeed, especially the little scissors, but what would you expect from the boffins who take pride in constructing the 'Swiss Knife, building them to with stand some brute force.
      Then there's the other tools, such as the blade itself, and the lovely little flat headed screwdriver that is on the end of the nail file.
      The little pen, which protrudes from the top of the handle, comes in handy as... well, as a pen of course.
      But the most useful thing on this device has to be the USB storage device, which is approximately 85mm in length and has a useful mass of 8GB, and, to top it off, is detachable so that that it fits easier into the USB port on you PC.

      The flash drive was as easy to use as any other I have used, and after a brief scan of the destruction leaflet I had it connected up to my Laptop and desk top, it being plug and play making it a breeze to flip from PC to PC, so as long as you're running a modern (ish) OS this will work for you.
      In fact, although this particular modal is the 8GB version, there are versions ranging from 128MB up to 32GB.

      As for the price, well, this is the bit that may make you cry a little, but remember that I was given this as a gift from a very good friend. The price for this Swiss Army Knife for the Computer world comes in at around the £85.00 mark, (You may cry now).

      Although it may be a bit on the pricey side, in fact, it costs more than a decent external hard drive to be honest, but for gizmo 'techies' out there this is certainly worth looking at.
      Just remember, it is more useful than a standard USB flash drive, with it being filled with some other rather useful tools which may help you in your day to day lives, (well, it may help some people anyway), such as the scissors and even the pen, but the USB flash drive will be useful for many people indeed.

      But, would I have bought this myself?
      Well, for the price I would have to say NO... considering that you could buy a SAF, one with more tools, for less than £40.00, then get an 8GB USB flash drive for around a £10.00, and attach them together with a bit of string or something.
      So why the high cost for this device is a little baffling.
      But as a gift...well, as they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth.


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