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Bytestor 2 GB Micro SD Card Universal Pack

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    4 Reviews
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      14.06.2015 22:35
      Very helpful


      • "good enough memory size"
      • simple


      • none

      a good micro card for most people

      This in the smaller range of memory card, almost tiny really, being about 6.5 cm x 2.2cm and no more than a mm of two thick. This makes it ideal for smaller devices, such as phones and the like. .
      I just slid this into my phone, formatted it using the phone setting and the card was ready to be used to store all my stuff on.
      It holds a lot of stuff too, I mean, 2GB may not sound a lot but for a phone it is good enough really, especially when it comes to older phones of course.
      It can hold anything on it, videos, images, music, sounds and more, using the phone setting to arrange them where I want to. It means I am completely in control of what goes where on the card.

      I do use and adapter, that came with this, when it comes to stuffing this into my laptops USB. Using this is as simple as used a standard usb. I just slid the micro sd card into the adapter and then slid the adapter, complete with micro card, into the USB port of my laptop. Then I could use the laptop to move fields on the drive around, adding and deleting which ever one I wanted. This is a lot fast than doing it through the phone but it does mean taking the card from the phone to do so.

      I bought my 2GB card for less than £5, with the larger capacity cards selling fro a few pounds more.

      So, if you are after a memory card for your phone this one is a good one.


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      17.10.2011 17:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A Flexible Memory Card Bundle

      I picked one of these up 6 or 7 months ago for about £7 online for my parents. I bought my parents a digital photo frame last Christmas and they have a fairly old laptop which does not have a SD Card slot, so I was looking for a device to convert USB to SD and this does just the job.

      ~How It Works~
      So, the way I use it is to transfer files, primarily photo's from my folks laptop to the SD Card to which they can then plug into the photo frame. Taking the SD card, plug it into the USB Stick. You then plug the USB stick into your laptop or PC and it is available to copy files into as an additional Removable Drive. Once you have transferred the files over, remove the SD Card and it's ready to be plugged back into the digital photo frame.

      You could of course use this device to take the SD Card out of your digital camera for example and transfer the files from your SD Card to your computer. I have used it for this in the past when my parents lost the USB cable that connects the camera directly to their computer.

      This Memory Card bundle also offers a degree of flexibility as the SD Card actually holds a microSD card, which have become more commonly used over the last 12 to 18 months in Smart Phones for example. So, for your £7 you get a USB Device that can be used to transfer files from your computer to your Memory Card. You can then use the Memory card as a SD or mircoSD card depending on the device you are plugging the memory card in to.

      I had never used Bytestor products before, but I was left pretty impressed. A 2GB memory card was big enough to house a handful of pictures that my parents use it for. Depending on resolution of your digital images 2GB can hold 200 pictures of a decent quality. In terms of MP3's you would be talking around the 500 mark.

      I have found that files transfer between my computer and the USB stick nice and quickly and the USB Stick itself it pretty robust. I would definately get another one of these if required.


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      09.11.2010 09:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A must for mobile phones that lack space!

      When I needed a micro SD card for my phone I have to admit I had no idea how to go about getting one, I hadn't even seen one but a friend who had used them before quickly pointed me in the direction of a website that sold the Bytestor 2 GB Micro SD Card Universal Pack.

      What you get in the pack is one micro SD card, a memory card which is about a fifth or sixth the size of a typical SD card, an adaptor which looks like a typical SD card but in fact is designed for the micro card to slip inside and therefore it can be used in anything that takes a normal sized SD card, and you also get a card reader so you can upload things to your micro card or indeed download them there from.

      The USB card reader is small enough to take anywhere with you and it allows for quick upload and download speeds, it can be connected to any PC or laptop with a USB port and Windows will find it automatically so no need to be installing it all the time.

      The pack I bought was the 2GB pack although I believe a bigger 4GB pack is available, this 2GB was plenty room for me and I store tons of music on it without getting close to my limit, the data I put on this card seems to travel every bit as fast to and from it as the data on my much more expensive SD card that I use in my camera so I am very pleased all round with my purchase.

      I paid just £8.99 for this which I thought was excellent value for money and I stand by that but I have heard you can actually get this set for less than £6 in some places which is an absolute give away and a must by if you need extra space for files on your mobile.


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        17.04.2009 22:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Small is sometimes best

        As I have mentioned in earlier reviews I am the owner of several memory storing devices which I use on a regular bases both for work and for pleasure, (they are less bulky and a lot quicker than CD/DVDs or even external hard drives come to that).
        Anyway, one of the devices I hold dear to me is the Bystor Micro-SD card with adapter and USB reader.

        This little devilish device helps me store such things as photographs, videos, music and much more on my mobile phone, more for pleasure than for business.

        **WHAT IS IT..?

        It is basically a small memory module, about 1/6 the size of a normal SD card, which fits into several different types of mobile phones to help expand the memory on your phone.
        It comes in various storage sizes dependent on what your actual mobile phone is capable of taking.
        This particular module is known as a micro SD card as it is, well, small, tiny in fact, so it can fit nicely into the phone.
        The good thing about this actual kit is that it comes with an adapter for the micro card to slot into, (which looks like a standard size SD card) and a USB reader so you connect to your PC via the USB ports.

        The USB reader measures approximately 65mm long by 22mm wide by 10mm thick, the micro adapter is the same size as an SD card and the micro SD card is roughly 1/6 of that size.

        * NOTE: If your PC has a SD card reader slot then you do not really need the USB adapter.

        * ANOTHER NOTE: There are no need for drivers to be installed as the device is plug and play, the only thing you need to do is format the Micro SD card via you Mobile phone prior to use.

        ** FORMATTING ...

        Before beginning any data transferring you first have to format the micro SD card, this is done by slotting the card into your mobile phone and following the phone instructions on formatting, (each telephone may have a different method to do this).
        But once formatted you Micro SD card should now have five separate folders...
        * Images
        * Videos
        * Music
        * Sounds
        * Other files.
        Each folder is now ready to be filled in your very own personal way.

        ** HOW DO I USE IT..?

        This is the clever bit which makes it so easy that even a child could use it. You simply slot the actual micro SD card into the adapter, then slot the adapter into the USB reader, finally, push the adapters USB connecter into one of your USB ports on your PC...
        Now you're ready to start filling up your SD card with music, photos and the like, so you can carry the information on your mobile phone.

        ** TRANFERING DATA...

        Firstly, with the USB reader now containing the SD card adapter, which in turn contains the actual SD Micro card, push the entire lot into a chosen USB port on your PC, (sounds a little complicated but it's not).
        Once the adapter is pushed into the USB port it will be recognised as an external device, (example is KFAT1 (F: ) ), open this file and you should be presented with the fives files stated earlier. (if not then the card needs formatting via you mobile telephone- see formatting {above})

        If the five files appear then you are ready to transfer your chosen data from the files on your PC by either 'drag and drop' or 'send to', as both ways work well.

        *NOTE: You can get away with not using the USB adapter and simply use the card adapter if your PC allows it.

        Once you have transferred the data you require it is then a matter of dismantling the unit, taking the Micro SD card from the adapter and the USB reader, then placing the now filled micro SD card into your mobile device.

        Job done, you're now ready to take your data with you.

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        The simplicity of this little beauty is without doubt the most enticing point that drew me to buying it, although the price had a good hand in it as well

        Once the package was delivered, and I battled with the standard finger slicing packaging, (why do companies insist on this way of packing there products? Don't they realise that this could be a health and safety issue?),
        Then after finally getting through the packaging I was confronted with the white USB reader and a small plastic box which contained the Micro SD card and the adapter.
        Putting everything together was childs play, with each piece fitting together like a three piece jigsaw puzzle, (ow come on, three pieces, how easy can it get?).

        Once formatted, via my mobile phone, which took a matter of minutes, I was ready to transfer my chosen data, music, videos and images onto the little device, although I must state that when opting for videos I had to convert the files to 3GP for them to work on my particular phone, but there are several conversion programs on the market to do this).
        The images and songs drag and dropped over with such ease, soon filling the rather large 2GB which the micro SD card offers.

        It takes a matter of minutes to take the micro card from your phone, place it into the adapter, then either place the adapter straight into the SD card slot in your PC or into the USB reader, which goes into your PC.
        Transferring the actual files you want takes a matter of minutes as well, I tend to use the 'send to' method, as for me it seems quicker than the 'drag and drop', but either way is as good as the other so I suppose it is up to the individual.

        This little beauty really does make transferring almost anything to my mobile phone.
        I mainly use it for songs as I tend to spend a lot of time on my own (it's part of the job), so I like to have my favourite songs with me so I can relax.
        I do know that songs can be held quite nicely on an MP3 player or an ipod but my clients tend to frown upon me having little wires dangling from my ears whilst they're trying to tell me what needs doing, but as my phone allows that little beauty called 'Bluetooth', I can listen to my choice of music without anyone knowing. (although my stupid smile may sometimes give the game away).

        If you feel you want to get this lovely little device you can pick one up for around £6.50 from www.amazon.co.uk under the name ByteStor 2GB Micro SD Card Universal Pack (includes USB Reader + Adapter).
        For this you get...

        2GB micro SD card,
        SD card adapter
        USB reader

        And the actual micro SD card and the SD card adapter come in a nice plastic casing of there own to keep them neat and tidy.

        A bargain for such a useful tool for any mobile device.


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