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Hama 1 GB SD Memory Card

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2012 15:32
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      A reliable little memory card.

      When I bought my Fujifilm digital camera it didn't come with a memory card (SD card) included and with a small internal memory on the camera itself I really needed to buy one, at the time I was on a bit of a budget so I decided to just get a 1GB one and hope that this was enough memory until I could get a bigger one. The one that I chose was the Hama Flash Memory 1GB SD card.

      == Hama Flash Memory 1GB SD Card ==

      Firstly, I am not very 'tech minded' in the sense of knowing the detailed specs of things so I will be reviewing this SD card from a 'me' point of view and detail to you the parts that I do understand and make regular use of so therefore have user experience of.

      Looks wise the Hama SD card is pretty basic and simply looks like a small piece of blue plastic with a label stuck to the front. The label is pretty dull and basic and simply states the brand of the card and the size, there is also a small arrow pointing to the top so you know which way round to insert the card.

      On the side of the SD card there is a very small grey slider, this is used to 'lock' the card. When this slider is pushed down the contents of the card cannot be deleted and are therefore locked to the card until you decide to slide the slider back up and then you will be able to delete any files you wish.

      The back of the card is even more basic than the front and is simply blue plastic with the metal contacts exposed at the top.

      == Using The Hama SD card ==

      Using the Hama SD card is really easy. All you need to do is simply slot it into the memory card slot of whatever device you are using it in. The little arrow on the front of the card shows the direction the card should go in and usually the shape of the memory card slot will prevent you from pushing the card in the wrong way around.

      Like I mentioned earlier, I bought this memory card to go in my digital camera, which, at the time was an 8 mega pixel Fujifilm model. In this camera the memory card performed really well and held approximately 400 photos which was ample space for my photography needs. I still use this memory card in my newer 12 mega pixel camera and find that I still have plenty of space with a storage capacity of approximately 270 photos.

      I also use my Hama SD card with my laptop. My laptop has a memory card slot which I find the easiest way to transfer my photos from the card. I simply insert the card into the slot and wait for the 2 tone beep, then almost instantly a window will pop up asking me what I want to do with the files. I usually click the option to view the files and then copy and move them into various folders.

      The speed this SD card operates at is really quick. If I need to transfer files from the card to my laptop and I am in a hurry I can usually insert the card into my laptop, copy the files across and then delete them off the card all within a space of around 5 minutes. When the SD card is in my camera it also works well and when I am viewing the photos on the LCD screen I can move through the files fast with hardly any delay between images loading.

      I know that 1GB of memory isn't exactly a lot, but for me personally I would say that 1GB is absolutely fine at the moment as I have regular opportunities to empty the card, however if I was going away and knew I would be taking a lot of photos without the chance to transfer them then I would probably buy myself a bigger memory as this one wouldn't be sufficient!

      == Other Information ==

      The Hama SD card may only be a small piece of plastic, but it is also a reasonably strong small piece of plastic. I have often carried this card around in my bag without it being in my camera when I have been taking it to get photos printed and it has survived fine. Obviously there is only so much a small SD card can take before it breaks so I wouldn't recommend trying to bend it or standing on it as I don't think it would withstand a great deal of weight or force.

      == Problems ==

      So far I haven't had any problems with the Hama 1GB SD card . I have had it for around 2 years now and I am really pleased with its performance and the speed at which it works and I will continue to use it until I (fingers crossed) get to go on that life time dream trip to Australia when I will almost definitely need a bigger memory!

      == Price ==

      I cannot remember how much I paid for this card at the time, but a quick search on eBay informs me that you can buy a Hama SD card from around £5 for a 2GB memory, they currently have no 1GB (January 2012).

      == Overall ==

      Overall I would recommend the Hama 1GB SD card. I have been using it for a good couple of years now and so far (touch wood) it hasn't let me down. The memory is an ideal size for my needs and I am very pleased with what started off as a budget purchase and lasted much longer than I expected.


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