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Kingston MicroSD Multi-Kit 2 GB microSD

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2008 03:44
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      Kingston MicroSD Multi-Kit 2 GB microSD - The Swiss Knife of Memory Cards


      So I bought myself a MicroSD for my Nokia 6126 having experienced shortages in memory while taking a video with the cell phone. I didn't read the manual so I wasn't aware that the Nokia 6126 have only 10 MB of internal memory. So when I read the manual and look at the features of my phone I found out that you can extend the memory by adding an external MicroSD card. So I began scouring the internet what a MicroSD is as I was only familiar with a SD card then. And I bought my MicroSD card from Buy.com.

      ~This is really TINY

      This is really small and pretty hard to handle. The is a quarter of the size of a full SD card and very thin. I had the misfortune of having to buy 2 of these because I lost one. It fell from my table and when I was vacuuming it got sucked by the vacuum cleaner. When I tried to get it out, it was broken into 2. Good thing I do backups on my PC otherwise it could have been worse. As they say, the data is more expensive than the hardware.


      I bought two so I have both the USB adapter and the FULL SD adapter. I had the option of choosing what model to buy form Buy.com so in my first purchase I chose the USB adapter and the Full SD adapter on the next. Both are easy to use. For the USB adapter you only need to slip in the MicroSD card and the whole thing works like a regular thumb drive. It has a lanyard that directly connects to the USB adapter and attached to the lanyard is the adapter's casing which slides in and out protecting the device. I have this adapter on my key chain since last year and it has withstood 2 winters and 2 summers already. I bring my key chain with me when I go fishing along Long Island Sound in the coast of New England last summer and this summer and the minor exposure to salt water doesn't harm it. I don't recommend it being washed by salt water though. I used to fish every other week and this thing hangs in my key chain whenever I go. Same thing happens during winters. My key chain hangs on my belt and I sometimes walk in campus during cold weather and sometimes during a snow storm. The cold doesn't seem to have an effect on the USB adapter also.

      When sliding in the MicroSD to the USB adapter you should be careful because the MicroSD is so small as well as the adapter and there is a big chance that the MicroSD will fall. When using the MicroSD on my Nokia 6126, it also operates like the large SD cards of a few years back. When you push it in, you will hear a clicking sound indicating that the card is locked in already. Pushing it again releases the lock and you can get the MicroSD out. This is also hot swappable that means you don't need to turn off the phone when you try to remove or install the card. However, I noted that it takes a few seconds to access files in my cell phone. I don't experience this delay when I am using the USB adapter.

      I don't use the full SD adapter much because the USB adapter is very accessible and reliable. The adapter has a compartment for the MicroSD and works like a regular SD. I find it very useful to use this adapter for Canon cameras as most of the Canon compact cameras work with SD cards. Most laptops have an SD Card reader so having an adapter for full SD may come in handy for some laptop users.


      This is very small and relatively high capacity for its class (2 GB) and you can store enough pictures and videos from your cellphone. And if you use the USB adapter, you have an instant USB thumbdrive using the MicroSD in your cellphone. You can even switch memories from your cellphone to your Canon compact camera (or any camera that uses SD as memory) using the full SD adapter. This is the swiss knife of memory cards. Too bad I haven't found a sony adapter for this one yet. One drawback is the access time is slow in my Nokia cellphone but I havn't tested this with other cellphones so It might be my cellphone causing this and not the card. Access time is normal if I use it as a USB thumb drive or a full SD card.

      *This review is also posted in ciao US by the same authoer


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