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Lexar High Speed 32 GB Class 10 microSDHC

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2011 00:17
      Very helpful



      A mass of storage on such a tiny bit of plastic

      Most, if not all, people who have a modern mobile phone, you know the ones, those which have some internal memory installed but never enough to store all that you need. So you have to find a way to create more storage space so your phone can hold everything that you want it too. Here steps in the micro SD card, which can be installed into your phone and hold as much information as it states on the cover of the card itself, be it 1GB to 64GB and beyond.

      Anyway, the phone I am using at present has a good size internal memory, although not quite enough for what I like to have, but, as with most phones of its type, it has a little slot especially made for a micro-SD card, which boost the GB storage so I can keep piling 'stuff' onto my phone.

      There are one or two 'little' problems with Micro-SD cards which are, A, actually choosing the right one to fit you phone, and B, actually connecting it to your PC so that you can transfer your data to and from it.

      The first problems is quite easy as most modern phones will accommodate micro SDHC cards, (secure digital High capacity cards),having a minimum of 4GB which most modern phones are happy to accept.
      The second problem can be resolved by buying what is called a micro-SD card reader for your Micro SD card can be slotted into it, thus being capable of slotting into a standard USB port.
      But there is an answer to both these problems, which happens to come in one package, that answer being a micro SD card and a SD card reader from the well known company called Lexar which I have been using for a few months now.

      This particular micro-SD card is, as the name states, a small SD card for smaller devices such as mobile phones, although the mass storage is far from small, being a cracking 32GB in size.
      To put the GB into some form of perspective, 32GB can hold at least 10,000 good quality pictures, or maybe you want to store videos instead, well 32GB will hold about 4800 minutes worth of good quality footage. Or, if you prefer songs, then 32GB can store over 3500 of your favourite tracks.

      When I first ordered this from a well known internet site it arrived a couple of days later in a brown cardboard envelope, (not that type of brown envelope), and when I opened the envelope I was greeted with the usual hardened plastic casing that all these types of devices come in. you know what I mean, that horrid finger slicing plastic that is welded to a solid piece of cardboard which even scissors have difficulty getting through.
      But once I'd 'hacked' my way into the package and extracted the prize within I was greeted with two items. The first being a Micro-SD card reader, which basically looks like the lid of a high lighter pen, only slightly longer, plus a solid plastic case containing the actual micro-SD cards itself.

      So when I slotted the Micro-SD card into the card reader, which wasn't as easy as I had hoped to be honest, compared to other card readers I have used, I was ready to transfer my data from my usual mobile phone micro SD card to this new one.
      The good news was that my PC picked up the new software immediately, eliminating the need to search the world for any drivers to get this one going.

      Transferring my data over, the size being just over 10GB, took a matter of twenty one minutes and fourteen seconds, (yes I time it), this timing included taking it off my old micro SD card and putting it onto my PC, then transferring it onto this new Lezar Micro-SD card.
      The fastest timing came when actually placing the data onto the Lexar micro SD card, which I am assuming is down to the fact that this one is a 'class 10'. It was this sudden burst of speed that made me decide to try a few tests on the actual read/write speed of this card, comparing it to some others that I have also used, such as my faithful class 2 that I have been using since 2009.
      So, after my scientific testing, I came to the conclusion that this Lexar is a little quicker for transferring data, although only just faster than some of the cheaper cards of the same class.
      Although I must mention that at some points the speeds did drop to a foot dragging 4- 8MB/s, but this soon shot up without having to kick the PC. (it's either the PC or the dog...).

      So the actual micro SD card is quite a magnificent little gem which allows the transfer of data at the speed of light, (well nearly anyway).

      Now for a bit more about the other item in the package, namely the micro-SD card reader, which to be perfectly honest, was a bit of a let down for me.
      Don't get me wrong, the Micro-SD card itself slides very easily into the reader so that you can transfer your data from spot A to spot B. But to be perfectly honest I did have a few problems with the reader itself, mainly the size of it and not the response. I found it is quite fiddly to connect/disconnect to the USB port itself with it being a little on the small side for my, shall we say, large fingers, and became quite annoying after a while. So I ended up using my old 'Bytestor' micro-SD card reader and adapter, which is a lot less fiddly to use and works just as well with this card, so I was smiling once more.

      As for the price, well, this is a bit on the steep size, but not totally vertical enough to put people off, the cost of this device, being the Micro-SD card and the card reader, is around the £60.00 mark, but remember that a 32GB Micro SD card alone can sell for around £45.00 - £50.00.

      This package is quite good value for money in my books, especially as it's transfer speed is a little faster than some cards and it has a massive 'belly' for information storage, this unit may be worth looking at.

      The card itself comes with some lexar files on it but these can be deleted with a quick format, which I did as all I wanted was the SD card for its mass.


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