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Lexar Premium 40x 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 22:43
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      Sony are a bit naughty trying to corner the ProDuo market... but not anymore thanks to Lexar

      Everyone and anyone owns, or knows someone who owns, a memory card, memory stick, pen drive or what ever you want to call them, they all do the same thing, they all store such things as images, music, data, videos and what ever else you can think of storing.
      Most cards, sticks, pens are basically the same, they're either slim and small, being designed to fit into such things as cameras, camcorders and certain games consoles, whilst other memory devices are a little chunkier and designed to slide into a USB port on a PC.
      It is the first on my list that I am going to tell you about today, but not just any old slim and small memory card, not an SDHC memory card and certainly not a micro SDHC memory card. It is in fact a memory card which is specifically designed to fit into one brand of electrical equipment, that brand being the well know name of Sony.

      When Sony brought out some of their small devices they decided that they would not allow a standard SD card to work in most of them, deciding instead to bring out their own 'special' card calling it a memory stick ProDuo, which could only be used in Sony devices, this is a bit naughty of them as most 'standard SD cards are quite cheap but Sony ProDuo decided to sell their new ProDuo's at what can only be described as 'extortionate' prices, which is very naughty of them indeed.
      But luckily, since then, several companies have decide to join the ProDuo market and brought out their own style of card, undercutting the Sony branded cards in the process, much to everyone's delight, (except Sony of course).

      One of those particular ProDuo cards are from another well known company who somehow manage to sell their cards for a fraction of the Sony branded ones. The company that I am talking about is a company called Lexar who price themselves on making reliable and good quality memory storage unit, such as pen drives, flash drives, memory stick, SD cards and more.
      And as I own a Sony Sureshot camera I had to buy a ProDuo memory card, first purchasing a 1GB card from Sony themselves, which did put a dent in my wallet, but worked as it should have done. So when I saw this particular 4GB ProDuo at a much lower price than the Sony equivalent, (the 4GB Sony one being around £22.00), I decided to get it to boost the memory so that I could hold more videos and pictures on my camera without having to keep transferring them onto my PC.

      Anyway, enough of the waffling, it's time to tell you a bit about this particular card.
      Firstly, Lexar are a good brand and, after using there product before, I can safely say that they are a brand that I trust quite well indeed and this little device is no exception.
      It claims to give faster transfer rates and after a few tests I can't see much difference in the transfer speeds than the 'Sony' pro duo, only this one's a lot cheaper.
      And like all memory cards it has a little 'switch' on the side which locks the card and protects the data that is on it from being overwritten.
      On initial use there's no need to find any drives as it finds them itself, taking a few seconds to do so, then you're ready to use it.

      As I said before, it's not the same size as a 'standard' memory card, with it being a little smaller at 30mm by 20mm, but apart from the size the style and design are more or less the same.
      As for putting it into such things as printers or even you PC, it won't go directly in most systems, due to it being a little smaller, although it will go into some. But don't lose faith as there are many adapters out there that will happily accommodate this memory stick and allow it to transfer the data on it onto other devices.

      As for the actual storage capabilities, it's got a good size memory, being 4GBs which for the record can hold about 2000 good quality pictures and several hours of video footage, (although all this depends on how large or small the data is).
      It can be used in several Sony devices, such as games system, camcorders and even some Sony phones, apparently, but I have not tried it out in any of them devices as yet. I use it for my Sony 'Sureshot' camera and I managed to get almost 1500 images onto it with plenty of room to spare, (this was to test it out and to be honest I wish I'd transferred the images as I went along because when it came down to getting nearly 1500 of them transferred to my laptop took me quite a bit of time indeed).
      But on further tests, once I'd transferred the main pictures, I tried moving just 100 at one time, with each image being approximately 1.25MB each, (totalling 132MB),
      it managed to transfer them in less than forty second, which is very good indeed, with he same size folder from the Sony brand work ProDuo card transferring at about the same speed, (although this does depend a bit on your system and your USB speed).
      The card has no problem storing the photo's either, neither does it have any problems transferring the content. With this I mean that I have had some cards that, after taking a picture, when trying to get it onto my PC some images have not been able to transfer, with a message stating that the format is wrong or the file is corrupt, even though the pictures are all the same format.

      In all this is a very cheap way to keep your memory up on your Sony devices, and as it's a lot cheaper that the Sony branded models of the same style, doing exactly the same job, it's well worth spending your money on.
      As for the price, this 4GB version sells on Amazon for a low price of £8.99, which is a price well worth paying


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