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Microsoft Xbox 360 Memory Unit 512 MB

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    2 Reviews
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      28.12.2011 22:54
      Very helpful



      Do yourself a favour, get a pen drive instead!

      @ About and Data @

      The whole reason I bought this little device was so I could take my profile, game saves and arcade games round to a friends house and play them there. Clearly 512MB isn't enough, and I bought it 3 years ago when the pen drive update for Xbox 360 systems hadn't been released. The memory unit has the same folders and organisation as a regular hard drive and is recognised by the console as an "External Memory Unit" with no set up at all.

      Very easy to use then but not so easy when it comes to storing data. Microsoft have put a huge lock on what can be copied and transferred. If you move a paid game to the memory unit, you loose it forever, and when you move it back to the original console it came from, it stays as the trial version, and you can't get it back. You loose money and your game.

      It is very handy for moving your profile and that's it. You can't trust this thing to keep your saves because it corrupts and wipes anything with a copyright lock, which you can't get back. This is a fair enough feature I can understand a copyright lock but even when you move it back you don't get your game.

      @ Saving @

      Downloading things to this device normally takes a little longer than it would on your standard hard drive. Filling this thing with something already on your hard drive to the maximum 512MB will take about 4 minutes. Transferring it back takes about the same but it will constantly ask you about items already on the console that you don't want to copy over.

      You have the three options when transferring, it will ask you do you want to overwrite, and you get "yes to all" "yes" and "no" so when you transfer about 40 different halo 3 maps you have to sit there and manually select no for every single one. It takes a lot of time to do since there is no option to say no to all. (It will create an exact copy if you say no, rather than overwrote them.) if you have changed the map and want to save it as a new map, you select no. A very annoying feature.

      @ Overall @

      To live with as an every day device, it's great. The console sets it up, asks if you want to save it everything you load a game. It comes with a small carry case for taking it out and about, it's lightweight simple and durable. After three years of being unplugged, taken around to friends houses and then plugged in again on a regular basis it's been pretty durable and still works.

      The problem I have is the loss of paid games It has locked, the inconvenience of the "no to all" option when you copy back. Microsoft would assume if you say no to all you wouldn't want to copy anything. Wrong, I want it to make an exact copy of the same name (with (1) maybe?) or save the copying file under a different name.

      Do yourself a favour, buy a less expensive, less problematic pen drive.


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        06.07.2010 17:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A Must have for anyone with an Xbox

        A main issue with any game is wanting to be able to take the information with you, allowing you to get help from freinds , sharing photo's or videos.
        The Xbox memory unit takes up this task, allowing you to carry all your game saves , photos, music or videos up to 512mb in solid state form.

        Firstly , the most amazing thing about this memory unit is the size. It's unbelievably small, in comparison to a ps2 memory card its almost half the size and a bit thinner. The actual dimensions are only 3.9cm in width, 3.6cm in height and 1/2cm thick. This will fit easily in your bag or pocket with no issues whatsover.

        The memory unit is a simple , clinical white. With the front having Microsoft and Xbox 360 engraved into it, this looks pretty cool and has a slightly rough texture like the Xbox itself. The top half is slightly indented to let it sit easier in the memory unit slot.
        The back has the id number , barcode and a shiny microsoft holographic sticker.
        On the bottom is a shiny 512mb sticker running along it, this shows when it's plugged in so you can tell which ones which in the slots.
        On top is the grey plug this is smaller than your thumbnail and is what connects the unit into the socket.

        The unit is feather light as you would expect, but it also feels rugged and well made. This could probably take quite a few knocks and not be affected, this is not only because of the material but also its insides.
        The memory unit is something called solid state, this is also used in the memory sticks and SD cards, what this means is that there are no moving parts inside it , so a lot less can go wrong through peices jarring or failing to spin.

        Using it is easy as pie, simply stick it into one of the two memory unit slots on the front of your Xbox. However if you are getting a new Xbox slim, these will not work as they have been replaced by USB slots to transfer information.
        Once plugged into your xbox the contents will be available by going to the drive in the Xbox dashboard, you can then load up the contents. This also applies when saving a game, as you will be offered the option of saving it to either the hard drive or your memory unit.

        I have never had any issues with the unit, it alwasy opens and runs smooth alongside my Xbox and is a must have for both extra memory and taking it on the move.

        It's available for £35 , this is very pricey considering what it is and how much a 512 memory stick would cost. However with the new Xbox due for release on July 16th I can see this dropping substantialy as there will be no need for them.
        A further note is that although the new Xbox will use USB to transfer saves and information, I dont beleive this feature is available on current system as the way information is saved is different.


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      Product Description: Microsoft Xbox 360 Memory Unit - flash memory module - 512 MB
      Product Type: Flash memory module
      Storage Capacity: 512 MB
      Designed For: Xbox 360