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Play.com 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2011 19:17
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      A fantastic yet essential purchase for your camera

      For my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive an SLR camera. As is standard with pretty much any digital camera, an SD memory card was needed to store all photo's and footage from my new camera. I do own several 2GB SD cards which have served me well for many years, but I thought, new camera... new card! Whilst reading my camera's manual, I found that SD cards actually have a class system according to quality/speed, and the recommend class system for my particular camera was a "Class 10" card. My current SD cards were infact only Class 2, so this meant I definitely needed a new memory card to ensure I was going to make the most out of my camera, and get the best possible results.

      I also decided that I wanted to seriously upgrade on my previous SD cards, in terms of memory capacity. 2GB/4GB is okay and acceptable, however I found that when I filmed anything it would eat up the memory like a kid drinking a milkshake. As SLR camera's produce even *greater* quality images and HD film, a bigger card was an absolute must.

      The search began on Amazon, and I originally looked at brands I was familiar with, such as SanDisk. However, there were some negative reviews such as "this card said it was a class 10 but it's actually a class 2!", not to mention prices of at least £32+, which for me as a student just seemed way too excessive for something so tiny (even if it was an essential purchase). I was on the brink of paying over the odds, until a friend of mine who also owns an SLR camera, directed me to the play.com memory cards. I had no idea that play.com even did memory cards, but I was most impressed that a 16gb class 10 SD card would set me back just £12.49 including delivery!

      Tech Specs:

      * High Speed memory, perfect for Digital SLR cameras and the latest compact digital cameras
      * Ideal for Full HD camcorders
      * 'Class 10' Speed SDHC
      * Up to 20MB/s transfer speed*
      * Protective Case included
      * 5 year warranty
      * *Up to 20MB/s transfer speed. Based on internal testing
      * performance may be lower depending on host device.

      I was quite dubious buying from play.com, as although I had been recommended by a friend, I thought surely their cards couldn't be as good as the likes of SanDisk. What really swung it for me apart from the price, was the 5 year warranty which I think is pretty excellent, and shows they are committed to quality. The reviews on the site also seemed to back this view up, with every person giving this product 5 stars so far.

      I have been using this card for almost 6 weeks now, and in that time I have taken a lot of high quality (and memory) images, as well as trying out the HD video settings. So far, I have been really impressed as the card seems to respond really well when inserted into the laptop, transferring files quickly without errors or corruptions. Transfer rate does also depend on the laptop/computer itself of course, but so far I have found no problems.

      As for how many images/hours of footage this card holds, that really does depend on what camera you are using and on what settings. I currently have 259 files on this card, mostly consisting of photographs I have taken with my Canon 500D, as well as several HD videos. These 259 files currently use 1.4GB of the possible 16GB, so as you can see my experimenting of photographing pretty much everything insight, has barely touched the cards capacity. Again, this is something I am really impressed with, as the reason I ended up with so many 2GB SD cards is because they filled up so quickly. This is not a problem which would come up for a very long time with this sized card.

      If it hadn't of been for my friend pointing me in the direction of play.com, I would have never of bought this product, and I am so glad that I did. I had myself convinced for years that only the likes of San-Disk were worth purchasing, and I can happily tell you how wrong that is to think! This 16GB Class 10 SD card is literally a quarter the price of it's competitors, and none of these have outstanding reviews and a 5 year guarantee like this card has. If you are looking for an SD card, I would really point you in the direction of play.com


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