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PNY Optima 16 GB Class 4 microSDHC

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2012 22:11
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      trust this brand and this particular product.

      Micro SD cards are the new best thing when it comes to electronic internal memory. Before Micro we had standard SD, a larger component (still very small scale) which was used in the same type of devices as the newer - mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc. The SD cards were limiting the development of device technology, hindering how small the designers could make new products - and in this industry, the smaller the better. The new Micro SD is used in ALL new mainstream electrical products (which give the option to the consumer to add their own external memory card for added memory size). Ultimately, more memory space equals more songs, videos, programs, and applications for the consumer to enjoy.

      Many products still utilise standard SD ports, but the cards are being produced less and less and it's now cheaper to buy the new Micro alternative. Because of this, companies produce an adapter you can buy, it is basically a standard SD sized frame with its own port within to attach a Micro card inside. Bare this in mind if you are looking to purchase the 'PNY Optima 16 GB Class 4' and don't know if it will fit.

      Though there are many SD manufacturers, 'PNY' is probably my favourite. They always seem to stock their products at competitive prices and in healthy supply. Also, they always stock the largest memory unit sizes on the market at any time - when new technology is released, they make sure they produce it.

      This particular model has 16GB of memory, that is a hell of a lot for such a small piece of plastic - just a few years ago this kind of memory size would only fit in a large USB fed external hard-drive for attaching to computers - but now phones have the processing power and software packages capable of making use of it. 16GB is enough space to hold 20 feature length movies at DVD quality, or 12,000 photos, or 4,000 good quality songs - and remember, you wield the freedom to mix and match your media items within the chosen device (regarding it has the ability to run them).

      The PNY micro card is made from a durable plastic which is extremely light-weight, rigid and scratch resistant. If you drop the thing it doesn't have the ability to pick enough velocity to do any damage to its self on impact - no matter how hard the surface. The metal components within the device are well shielded within the housing, though they can be seen on the surface and shouldn't be exposed to moisture or high temperatures. In this way, the card is vulnerable and might become unreadable; losing all the data you have placed on it.

      'Class 4' is a part of the devices title. It is the SD cards 'speed class', and 4 is a respectful number. The classes possible are 2, 4, 6 and 10, and class 4 means the card is able to write 'full HD video recordings' at a rate of about 8 MB/s. The card can also read items at 16MB/s - so something of file size 1600 MB (like a high quality film which isn't in High Definition) will take 1 minute 40 seconds to read from the card.

      Cards can be found to have 32 GB of space on now (an unthinkable value); these trusty 16GB cards however will remain useful for years to come. There are only so many songs and videos you can watch and listen to on a small portable contraption like a phone, and this quality product holds a hell of a lot of them. The device is a sound investment for anyone in need of a memory unit today.


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